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Funding What Works East Valley Tribune (AZ) The 2015 budget signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer last month contains one important provision some school reformers believe represents a true gamer in the struggle to improve the educational outcomes for all students. With [Read More...]
International Postal Update — July 2014 U.S. EXPRESS DELIVERY SERVICES FACE BARRIERS ABROAD The 2014 National Trade Estimate Report by the U.S. Trade Representative identified barriers it says hinder market access for U.S. express delivery companies across the globe. In Brazil, the government charges a flat [Read More...]
What It Will Take to Advance the Growth of High-Quality Charter Schools in New Jersey, Washington, DC and Virginia Click here to download the full study as PDF. Executive Summary As the public charter school movement in the United States approaches its 25th year, its intensified emphasis on high-quality options and outcomes stands to benefit students across the educational [Read More...]
Brazil’s Diverse (and Popular) Postal Services Click here to download the full study as PDF.   Studies on the Changing Postal Marketplace: Volume 2 Executive Summary Brazil’s national postal operator, Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (ECT or Correios) is the country’s designated provider of universal [Read More...]
China’s Postal Services: Which Path Forward? Click here to download the full study as PDF.   Studies on the Changing Postal Marketplace: Volume 1 Executive Summary This report represents the first in a series examining the postal and delivery sectors of the world’s major economies. It [Read More...]
Tie School Funding to Performance: Corbett’s Ready to Learn Plan Would Encourage Improvements Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Governor Tom Corbett’s 2014-15 school budget proposal contains an important provision some observers believe represents a game-changing concept in the struggle to improve the educational outcomes for all students.  With $240 million proposed for the Ready to Learn [Read More...]
U.S. Electric Grid Needs Improved Cybersecurity The ability to generate and move electric power is the centerpiece of any civilization. Without power there would be virtually no communications, water supplies, food harvesting, processing or storage, or industrial production. This is why the security of the power [Read More...]
Is Renewable Energy Investment Set to Recover its Momentum? Global investment in renewable energy has declined in recent years, down 23 percent since 2011 to total $214 billion last year (excluding large hydro-electric projects). Only $5 billion of that investment came from direct government R&D spending, according to Bloomberg [Read More...]
National Electric Power Grid Must Be More Secure And Resilient Almost everyone from across the political spectrum can agree on at least this one thing: the nation’s electric power grid must be made more resilient. The grid has so many vulnerabilities and problems that there is something for almost anyone [Read More...]
Why School Internet Matters Providence (RI) Journal A small, but growing number of schools around the country are showing that they can leverage technology in classrooms to drive potent improvements in student outcomes.  But now a new division between haves and have-nots among students [Read More...]
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