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What Does Valuable Federal Leadership for Personalized Learning Look Like? Personalized classroom learning integrating technology is drawing growing interest from educators, leading more schools around the country to begin adopting its many variations. This transformation of classroom practices began in public charter schools, where pioneering blended learning models were developed.  [Read More...]
Tips for Schools to Fund Blended Learning Initiatives With the broad attention that personalized blended learning is receiving around the country, public school superintendents and other decisionmakers are registering increased interest. While the powerful outcomes reported by the early adopters of these models are inspiring to many, responsible [Read More...]
An Education Reform No One is Talking About – But Should Be Real Clear Education An improving economy is showing promise for America, but new thinking about how to improve education – the economy’s core – is sorely needed as policymakers gear up for legislative warfare over existing policies. Most education reform [Read More...]
Disrupting an Aging Industry to Improve Teaching and Educational Outcomes RICHMOND (VA) TIMES-DISPATCH A new initiative announced recently by Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction Steven Staples has the potential to substantially upgrade the content taught in schools across the commonwealth, and empower classroom teachers in ways that strengthen student outcomes. [Read More...]
A Dynamic Model for Catholic Education Published by the Catholic Education Resource Center Faith-based education institutions are closing as quickly as alternative education options open; charter school students now outnumber those enrolled in Catholic schools as government funding streams recognize reform and innovation in the public [Read More...]
Lexington’s Don Soifer interviews Horry County (SC) Schools leaders This interview with Horry County Schools’ Chief Academic Officer Cynthia Ambrose and Principal Robin Jones highlights the progress of their innovative Personalized Digital Learning initiative. Soifer discusses observations about how the district has adapted industry-leading blended learning design, targeted professional [Read More...]
Clean Sweep: F-35 Fighter Confounds Critics With Perfect Performance In First Tests At Sea (From Forbes) The Navy’s carrier-based version of the stealthy F-35 fighter has just turned in what look to be the most positive results ever reported for initial testing at sea.  The results were so good that two weeks of scheduled testing were [Read More...]
School Choice’s Big Gains Provide New, Quality Opportunities From the Daily Caller Demand for school choice has never been higher, as new, high-quality opportunities are being offered in the area most traditional public schools have struggled with most: career and technical education for high school students. Vouchers, scholarship [Read More...]
The Cristo Rey Network: Serving Sustainable Success – New Lexington Study Download Full Report – The Cristo Rey Network: Serving Sustainable Success   One of the nation’s most powerful urban education success stories of the past decade, the Cristo Rey Network serves exclusively economically disadvantaged students with its Catholic mission to [Read More...]
International Postal Update — October 2014 ELECTION-RELATED REVENUE BOLSTERING POSTAL FINANCES Election mail is becoming a major source of income for postal operators around the world and appears to be improving voter participation rates. Voting by mail is gaining popularity in the United States. In California, [Read More...]
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