Why We Should Watch The Electric Grid Blow Up For years, a bevy of national security, cybersecurity, energy, and other experts in important government agencies have strongly and clearly warned about the cataclysmic dangers facing America from cyberattacks on the electric grid. Hostile nation-states and others could wipe out [Read More...]
Big Data Essential For Oil & Gas Industry To Become Cleaner (From RealClearEnergy) The oil and gas industry has a long track record of making its operations cleaner and more efficient. By unleashing information technology, data analytics, and related cloud storage throughout operations, progress can be accelerated in these areas. This will benefit [Read More...]
Champion Energy Storage For Improved Grid Reliability Energy storage is often touted as integral for promoting renewable power generation and thus saving the planet from climate change. But energy storage, particularly at the utility level, can also significantly strengthen the electric grid’s reliability. Advocates for energy storage [Read More...]
End China’s Infection Of The US Power Grid (From RealClearEnergy) China poses many, unacceptable threats to the U.S. power grid. It can already shut down the grid through a cyberattack and has become a major provider of transformers and other key grid components to U.S. utilities. It is imperative that [Read More...]
Grid Workers: The Unsung Heroes Of Hurricane Laura There is some inspiring news in Louisiana and the Deep South which has been pounded by Hurricane Laura: an army of electricity grid workers is in the region and will be working 16-hour days non-stop until electricity is restored. They [Read More...]
Zealous Rush To Renewable Energy Is Hurting America’s Poor (From InsideSources) The cost of electricity is having significant, negative effects on the working class and poor. A 2018 U.S. Department of Energy study found that 21 percent of American households, at least once a year, must forego necessities like food, rent [Read More...]
Time To Ease Unnecessary LNG Export Burdens (From RealClearEnergy) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports are an important way U.S. energy companies access global markets. That is especially important today, with COVID-19 reducing U.S. energy demand and layoffs mounting in the energy sector. Environmental regulations can hinder these export efforts. [Read More...]
Initial Steps Being Taken To Protect Electric Grid From Electromagnetic Pulse Events Over the past two years there have been several positive developments to protect the electric grid from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) events – manmade or natural phenomenon that could incapacitate large sections of the power grid. Solar storms, nuclear detonations and [Read More...]
Lessons From New Jersey On Power Grid Protection (From POWER Magazine) Protecting the electric distribution grid from cyberattacks is vitally important, and largely overlooked. That needs to quickly change and a good place for some answers is New Jersey. After Superstorm Sandy pummeled the state in 2012, there was a concerted [Read More...]
The Coming Crunch On Electric Bills And Shutoffs (From InsideSources) Millions of Americans could lose their electricity this summer. More than 40 million people have filed for unemployment insurance since the pandemic began. Even before that, 31 percent of U.S. households were finding it hard to pay the electric bill. [Read More...]
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