The Postal Service’s Strategic Plan – Five Things To Know Yesterday the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) issued a legally required five-year strategic plan. Key information in the report and related observations are below. This is the most candid the Postal Service has ever been about its financial challenges. On [Read More...]
Three 2020 Resolutions For Washington On The Drug Epidemic (From InsideSources) With the opioid crisis continuing to ravage America, it is time for Washington to double down on fighting this epidemic. In 2020, this should include closing a law enforcement loophole that could make it easier for knock-off fentanyl products to [Read More...]
Congress Should Make Postal Reform A Priority (From InsideSources) It is more important than ever for Congress to undertake comprehensive postal reform. The Postal Service remains indispensable to the economy and continues to be under financial pressure. The foundation for reform is in a comprehensive December 2018 U.S. Department [Read More...]
Postal Service Threatened By Senate Inaction This Week The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) could soon suffer a body blow if the U.S. Senate does not confirm Robert Duncan to another term on the USPS Board of Governors by December 8. And while there have been positive developments toward [Read More...]
Prepared Remarks Of Paul Steidler To U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors November 14, 2019 Meeting Postmaster General Brennan, members of the Board of Governors, thank you for your service. You face harder, more consequential and important challenges than a corporate board. As was discussed earlier, and a related reminder, Title 39 [Read More...]
The Next Postmaster General: Three Must Haves The next Postmaster General, who will be appointed by the Board of Governors of the Postal Service, faces formidable challenges, the likes of which few CEOs or political appointees today must confront. An iconic American institution, the Postal Service is [Read More...]
Lessons From America’s September Trade Win Over China (From InsideSources) The United States just won a significant trade victory over China. No longer will we and other countries subsidize the international shipment of e-commerce and other small packages from China. This helps U.S. manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce companies and the U.S. [Read More...]
UPU Statement From The Lexington Institute In conjunction with today’s agreement at the Universal Postal Union on international postal rates, Paul Steidler, Senior Fellow with the Lexington Institute, issued the following statement. “This agreement will significantly help U.S. manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce companies and others. It is [Read More...]
Seven Reasons Leaving The UPU Won’t Impact Overseas Voting A handful of special interests who benefit from our trade deficit with China have joined with some progressive advocates to stoke fears that overseas troops and other Americans may not be able to vote this year if the U.S. leaves [Read More...]
Stay Strong To Win On Trade (From InsideSources) The Trump Administration has established the foundation for a significant trade win over China by mid-October, with or without China’s cooperation. At issue is the shipment of international packages. This will either be fixed within the Universal Postal Union (UPU), [Read More...]
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