Air Force Technology Chief Roper Responds To An Unfolding Crisis In The U.S. Industrial Base (From Forbes) The Air Force’s assistant secretary for acquisition & technology, Will Roper, has taken a series of steps to shore up the defense industry since he established a COVID-19 task force within the service’s acquisition community on March 25. Perhaps the [Read More...]
Five Reasons Raytheon Technologies Is Destined To Dominate Aerospace & Defense (From Forbes) On April 3, the merged enterprise of Raytheon and United Technologies begins trading of shares, minus legacy non-aerospace and non-defense properties. The entity, called Raytheon Technologies, will be an electronics and propulsion powerhouse, ranked number-one or number-two in virtually all [Read More...]
Will Commandant Berger’s New Marine Corps Be a High-Tech Forlorn Hope? (From RealClearDefense) The Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, General David Berger, has just released his long-anticipated Force Design 2030. It proposes a transformation of the Corps’ force structure, types of ships, the mix of platforms and weapons systems, and operational concepts [Read More...]
Coronavirus Highlights U.S. Strategic Vulnerabilities Spawned By Over-Reliance On China (From Forbes) The coronavirus crisis has renewed concern about whether the U.S. has become too dependent on China for manufactured goods, particularly goods with potential defense applications. The most immediate concern is drugs such as antibiotics; even when they are not made [Read More...]
Non-Traditional Defense Companies Can Provide The Military With Unique Capabilities (From RealClearDefense) Over the past few years, the Department of Defense (DoD) has undertaken a major effort to encourage non-traditional defense companies to do business with the Pentagon. These are firms of all sizes and types that do not provide defense-specific goods [Read More...]
Lockheed Martin Shores Up Supply Chain, Continuing Hiring Amid Coronavirus (From Forbes) Lockheed Martin, the nation’s biggest military contractor, disclosed steps this week to cope with the spread of coronavirus. Chairman & CEO Marillyn Hewson said the company will sustain production of defense items while protecting workers and making its capabilities available [Read More...]
Why The Pentagon’s THAAD Missile Defense System Is Becoming Critical To Protection Of The U.S. Homeland (From Forbes) The complexity of nuclear threats posed to the U.S. homeland by North Korea is expected to grow, requiring military planners to add a second layer to the nation’s missile defense architecture. If each line of defense in a two-layer architecture [Read More...]
SOCOM Has Solved The Military’s ‘Tower Of Babel’ Problem (From RealClearDefense) According to the Bible, all humanity once spoke the same language. But when the people sought to build a tower that would reach to the Heavens, God responded by causing them to suddenly speak different languages so they could not [Read More...]
Coronavirus Threatens To End America’s Long Run As A Leader In Commercial Aviation (From Forbes) U.S. companies participating in the production of jetliners are facing a liquidity crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. Aircraft deliveries have ceased, the supply chain is breaking down, and many companies face the near-term prospect of bankruptcy. Without federal assistance, [Read More...]
Sanctions Won’t Bust Russia-Venezuela Relationship (From RealClearWorld) Washington recently issued new sanctions against the Venezuelan state airline, CONVIASA, and Russia’s state oil company, Rosneft, in the hope of severing some of Venezuela’s ties to Russia as one of the authoritarian Maduro government’s major financial supporters and political [Read More...]
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