The Power Of A Growing International F-35 Community (From RealClearDefense) The United States is rapidly building an international community based around the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The military value of such a community is indisputable. The F-35 will be one of the pillars supporting the creation of a new, sensor-rich [Read More...]
Five Ways GAO Fails To Understand Defense Industry Independent R&D (From Forbes) Independent research and development (IR&D) is a type of defense innovation in which companies are reimbursed for work that the government did not request. Its goal is to give companies broad latitude to innovate, exercising judgment and expertise the government [Read More...]
Raytheon Presses Case For Replacing Lockheed Martin Radar In Missile Defense Of Japan (From Forbes) Japan’s decision to cancel construction of a land-based missile defense for the home islands has opened up a new competitive battleground between rivals Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies. Both companies manufacture state-of-the-art missile defense radars, but Raytheon’s SPY-6 is the [Read More...]
When It Comes To Military Launches, SpaceX May No Longer Be The Low-Cost Provider (From Forbes) On August 7, United Launch Alliance and SpaceX won the competition to provide launch services to the Space Force through 2027. However, a curious thing happened with pricing. ULA got $337 million to perform two missions during the first year, [Read More...]
Why The Plan To Reengine B-52 Bombers Could Cement Pratt & Whitney’s Status As The Air Force’s Top Propulsion House (From Forbes) Over the last 20 years, the Pratt & Whitney unit of Raytheon Technologies has won contracts to provide engines for the Air Force’s newest fighter, tanker and bomber. You could say it has won the Triple Crown of Air Force [Read More...]
Despite Pandemic, The U.S. Army Is In Its Best Shape In A Generation. Here’s Why. (From Forbes) The U.S. Army was a mess when Donald Trump became president in January of 2017. Only two of its brigades were in a high state of readiness, its modernization plan was faltering, and the Army seemed trapped in wars in [Read More...]
Helmet Mounted Displays Are a Key Combat Advantage for U.S. and Allied Pilots (From RealClearDefense) What are the capabilities or technologies that distinguish advanced fighter aircraft from their predecessors? Any list should include electronically-scanning radar and other sensors, high-performance engines, advanced avionics, and maybe precision munitions. For fifth-generation aircraft, the F-22 and F-35, supercruise power, [Read More...]
Why The Pentagon’s Ground-Based Midcourse Defense System Needs To Be Upgraded And Expanded (From Forbes) North Korea is expected to increase the size and sophistication of its nuclear arsenal in the years ahead, including its weapons capable of hitting America. The Trump Administration was planning to upgrade the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system in response; GMD [Read More...]
Can Japan Continue To Grow Into The Military Ally The U.S. Needs? (From The National Interest) The security environment in the Western Pacific is becoming more challenging for the U.S., its friends and allies. China seeks to dominate the region and project power globally. North Korea is expanding its arsenal of ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads. [Read More...]
Air Force’s ‘Skyborg’ Robotic Wingman Will Revolutionize How Air Warfare Is Waged—And How Weapons Are Bought (From Forbes) The Air Force Research Laboratory is developing a family of robotic air vehicles designed to work with manned aircraft in heavily contested airspace. The program, known as Skyborg, will leverage autonomous vehicle technology, seamless connectivity and open architectures to suppress [Read More...]
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