Moscow’s Competitive Strategy Executive Summary Click here to read the full report as a .pdf Since at least 2005, Russia’s leadership has believed itself to be at war with the West. This war is not primarily one of kinetic combat though recent moves [Read More...]
Lexington Summer Intern: Marley Smith-Peters Hello, My name is Marley Smith-Peters and I am entering into my senior year of college at California State University, Chico. I have a major in Political Science with a focus in Legal Studies, as well as a minor in [Read More...]
Trump Drone Decree Signals Arms Exports Are Now A Key Feature Of U.S. Economic Policy (From Forbes) On April 19, the White House gave the defense industry long-sought relief from regulations limiting the export of drones.  A presidential memorandum loosened restrictions and committed the federal government to playing a more active role in promoting U.S. arms exports.   [Read More...]
U.S. Army Stryker Upgrades Show Just How Fast Industry Can Move (From The National Interest) A poster child for fast acquisition of relevant capabilities for the Army is General Dynamics’ Stryker Combat Vehicle Program. The Stryker was initially intended as an interim solution to the need for a light yet lethal armored vehicle that could [Read More...]
Remembering Pete Howton The Lexington Institute mourns the recent passing of an American patriot and good friend, Harry (Pete) Howton, the Chairman of Kingfisher Systems. Pete was an early and strong supporter of our think tank, and an excellent advisor full of strategic [Read More...]
One-Year Waits For Security Clearances Are Costing Washington Billions (From Forbes) The backlog of security clearances being processed by the Office of Personnel Management has grown to 570,000.  On average, it takes over 500 days for OPM to make its initial determination as to whether it will grant a Top Secret [Read More...]
The U.S. Military’s Master Plan To Fight Russia And China In A War Is Already Here (From The National Interest) When faced with adversaries who seemed able to match or counter U.S. military-technological superiority, the Department of Defense began an intensive effort to invest in a new generation of capabilities designed to restore U.S. military preeminence or overmatch. This effort [Read More...]
VIDEOS: CAPITOL HILL EVENT – Army Rapid Equipping Forum – 2.27.17 The Lexington Institute organized a Capitol Hill forum on Monday, February 27th to discuss U.S. Army rapid equipping needs. Topics discussed at this forum included enhanced lethality, force protection, aviation upgrades, battlefield communications, and electronic warfare. Click on the names [Read More...]
Making America Great Again in Space The Trump Administration, in a matter of a few days, is setting in motion major policies and plans promised during the presidential campaign. “Make America Great Again” and “America First” are being transformed from political slogans to economic, national security, [Read More...]
Lexington Spring Research Assistant: Brandon Gutierrez Hello, My name is Brandon Gutierrez, and I am a research assistant at the Lexington Institute. As a member of the California State University DC Scholars Program, I am excited to gain practical political experience in the nation’s capital. I [Read More...]
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