The U.S. Military’s Master Plan To Fight Russia And China In A War Is Already Here (From The National Interest) When faced with adversaries who seemed able to match or counter U.S. military-technological superiority, the Department of Defense began an intensive effort to invest in a new generation of capabilities designed to restore U.S. military preeminence or overmatch. This effort [Read More...]
VIDEOS: CAPITOL HILL EVENT – Army Rapid Equipping Forum – 2.27.17 The Lexington Institute organized a Capitol Hill forum on Monday, February 27th to discuss U.S. Army rapid equipping needs. Topics discussed at this forum included enhanced lethality, force protection, aviation upgrades, battlefield communications, and electronic warfare. Click on the names [Read More...]
Making America Great Again in Space The Trump Administration, in a matter of a few days, is setting in motion major policies and plans promised during the presidential campaign. “Make America Great Again” and “America First” are being transformed from political slogans to economic, national security, [Read More...]
Lexington Spring Research Assistant: Brandon Gutierrez Hello, My name is Brandon Gutierrez, and I am a research assistant at the Lexington Institute. As a member of the California State University DC Scholars Program, I am excited to gain practical political experience in the nation’s capital. I [Read More...]
Richmond Policy Briefing: Improving Educational Opportunities for Military-Connected Students The Lexington Institute is hosting a briefing to discuss new research on the educational opportunities of military-connected students on Wednesday, February 8 at 2:30 PM in the Virginia State Capitol.  We hope you will be able to join us. Findings [Read More...]
How the Trump Administration Should Lead on Education (From Forbes) Should Americans expect the incoming Donald Trump Administration to have much impact on the nation’s schools? President-elect Donald J. Trump and Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos will soon find themselves setting the national dialogue on education. They will be [Read More...]
How Trump Can Invest In Infrastructure And Make America’s Military Great Again During his winning campaign and in the month since, President-elect Donald Trump has promised to make America great again by, in part, massive infrastructure spending and rebuilding the U.S. military.  History provides a valuable lesson for the incoming administration on [Read More...]
How Honest is the Postal Service’s Lance Armstrong Lawsuit? The federal government’s lawsuit against former cycling champion Lance Armstrong could potentially cost the fallen icon nearly $100 million in damages.  But the U.S. Postal Service, on whose behalf the government is seeking to collect, has shown it knows a [Read More...]
Connecting Microgrids With Public-Private Partnerships To Meet Critical Needs Click here to download the full study at PDF. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Moving forward with plans to address the modernization needs of the nation’s electric grid is a vast undertaking, estimated to require some $2 trillion of investment over the next [Read More...]
Improving Virginia’s School Standards to Support Achievement and Innovation August 23, 2016 Submitted to the Virginia Board of Education, Committee on the Standards of Quality   President Cannaday and Members of the Virginia Board of Education, We are writing to provide the input of the Lexington Institute as the [Read More...]
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