Pentagon’s Cloud Migration About More Than JEDI Contract The Pentagon’s recent decision to award the hotly contested contract for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) system to Microsoft is seen by many observers as a major setback for Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is protesting the decision. But [Read More...]
NATO’s Anniversary Summit Was A Success For The Alliance And President Trump (From RealClearDefense) In early December, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) celebrated its seventieth anniversary at a summit in London. Public reports of discord among NATO leaders dominated the headlines. Much of the U.S. press focused on President Trump’s sometimes critical attitude [Read More...]
Top Five Steps Trump Has Taken To Prepare The U.S. Military For Whatever Comes Next (From Forbes) Nobody knows what’s coming next for America’s military.  What is known is that President Donald Trump has made the military more prepared for a diverse array of potential contingencies.  Since he was inaugurated, Trump has increased funding for readiness; invested [Read More...]
2019 Wasn’t Boeing’s Worst Year. Not Even Close. (From Forbes) The year just ended was not kind to Boeing. Two crashes of its new 737 Max jetliner resulted in continuous criticism of Boeing management, products and culture. But 2019 was far from being the worst year in the company’s history. [Read More...]
The F-35 Is A Success Story That Keeps Getting Better (From The National Interest) Press reports on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) have tended to downplay how much progress the program has made on multiple fronts, including on lowering those costs and the contribution that the JSF is already making to U.S. national [Read More...]
Trump Reelection Likely Despite Impeachment, Buoying Defense Industry Outlook (From Forbes) President Trump is certain to avoid removal from office when the Senate holds its trial early next year pursuant to articles of impeachment. Not only that, he is likely to win a second term as chief executive, because incumbents seeking [Read More...]
Pentagon’s Flawed Approach To Homeland Missile Defense Puts Nation At Risk (From RealClearDefense) There are reports that Pyongyang may be restarting its nuclear weapons program, and Kim Jong-un has promised some kind of ballistic missile Christmas surprise. Iran likewise continues to develop its long-range ballistic missile capabilities. Yet, this is the time the [Read More...]
Will Commandant Berger’s Planning Guidance Mean The End Of The Marine Corps? (From RealClearDefense) In his Commandant’s Planning Guidance, Marine Corps General David Berger proposes the most radical redesign of the Marine Corps in more than half a century. According to the new Commandant, “the Marine Corps is not organized, trained, equipped, or postured [Read More...]
Air Force’s Future Clouded With Space Force On Track To Separate (From Forbes) It now seems certain that the nation will be getting a sixth branch of the military, the Space Force. Initially housed within the Department of the Air Force, it will eventually be completely autonomous–depriving the Air Force of its former [Read More...]
Why Italy Is Pivotal To U.S. Strategy In The Mediterranean (From Real Clear Defense) As founding members of NATO, the United States and Italy have enjoyed a productive security relationship since the end of World War Two. But in recent years, the post-Cold War strategic status quo in the Mediterranean has been eroded by [Read More...]
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