Trump Embraces Politics Of Defense Spending In Battleground Ohio (Defense News) In writing for Defense News, Joe Gould quotes Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson column for Forbes regarding President Donald Trump’s visit to the U.S. Army tank plant in Lima, Ohio. “Having said that, the main driver behind work currently being performed [Read More...]
‘I Didn’t Get A Thank You’ For Approving John McCain’s Funeral, Trump Says (Roll Call) In writing for Roll Call, John T. Bennett references Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson writing about President Trump’s visit to Lima, Ohio. Trump took credit for keeping the U.S. Army tank open there. As Bennett wrote, “Trump was referring to the [Read More...]
Trump Lauds Ohio Military Plant And Blasts Gm For Closed Factory (Crains Cleveland Business) Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson is quoted in a Crains Cleveland Business article about President Trump’s visit to the U.S. Army tank plant in Lima, Ohio. Work at the plant there “began really surging after Trump was elected,” Thompson said. “There [Read More...]
The A-29 Super Tucano Is The International Market Leader For Light Attack Aircraft The U.S. Air Force’s program to acquire a light attack aircraft appears to be on hold indefinitely. One issue that contributed to the decision to cancel its planned procurement and to re-open the OA-X experiment with alternative platforms was uncertainty [Read More...]
President Trump Visits The Last Tank Plant In America, Which He Helped Save (From Forbes) The Joint Systems Manufacturing Center at Lima, Ohio is the last factory in the United States capable of building main battle tanks.  President Trump is visiting there this week to highlight his military plans and efforts to revitalize American manufacturing.  [Read More...]
US Missile Defense Breakthrough: Navy Ships to Destroy Enemy ICBMs (From Warrior Maven) The Pentagon plans a “first-of-its-kind” test of an unprecedented weapons capability to intercept and destroy an enemy Intercontinental Ballistic Missile *ICBM” — from a Navy ship at sea using a Standard Missile-3 Block IIA. The concept, as articulated by Pentagon [Read More...]
Plan To Retire USS Truman Early Makes No Sense–Which Is Why The Navy Doesn’t Really Want To Do It (From Forbes) Congress is pushing back on the wrongheaded proposal to retire one of the Navy’s large-deck aircraft carriers prematurely. That probably won’t upset the sea service, which was pressured by the Office of the Secretary of Defense to reduce the carrier [Read More...]
From Out Of The Skies: The Revolution In Precision Airdrop Delivery Since the advent of military aviation, armies and air forces have been working on ever more sophisticated ways of airdropping personnel and supplies from moving aircraft. While the largest air landing operations were in World War Two, they have been [Read More...]
Raytheon’s Case For Building Army Radar Grounded In Deep Knowledge of GaN Technology (From Forbes) The U.S. Army is accelerating its search for a new Patriot air defense radar that can detect diverse threats approaching from any direction at any altitude. Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon will compete in a “sense-off” this spring to [Read More...]
The Abrams Tank Going “Nowhere” Soon – To Fight Into The 2030s And Beyond (From Warrior Maven) — Kris Osborn is a Senior Fellow at The Lexington Institute — Should a mechanized column of heavily armored Russian vehicles launch an aggressive, forward-leaning assault into Eastern Europe 10 years from now, complete with air and artillery support – [Read More...]
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