JLTV, Successor To Humvee, Tests U.S. Army’s Ability To Stick With A Plan (From Forbes) The Army and Marine Corps are buying a successor to the venerable Humvee light truck that is more survivable, versatile and reliable. Called the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, it is a response to threats encountered fighting insurgents in Southwest Asia [Read More...]
Creating the Army After Next, Again (From RealClearDefense) Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, the U.S. Army began an effort to re-invent itself in anticipation of changes in the political, operational and technological environments. The “Army After Next” (AAN) program [Read More...]
Why a U.S.-China War in the Pacifc Would Be a ‘Knife’ Fight (From The National Interest) A large portion of the U.S. defense establishment is operating under the mistaken belief that a future conflict involving a great or middle power in the Pacific will be a long-range missile duel. China is building a formidable conventional military [Read More...]
How The U.S. Army Can Play A Much Bigger Pacific Role Deterring China (From Forbes) In the Pentagon’s planning for great-power conflict, Europe is generally considered an Army-Air Force arena, while East Asia is considered a Navy-Marine Corps arena. But the U.S. Army may have a bigger role to play in deterring Chinese aggression than [Read More...]
Why China Can’t Target U.S. Aircraft Carriers (From Forbes) Critics of U.S. aircraft carriers have been warning for decades that the warships were becoming vulnerable to attack by long-range anti-ship missiles. The latest source of this threat is said to be China. However, the missiles aren’t of much use [Read More...]
A Boeing-Northrop Team May Be The Only Way To Fix The Air Force’s Flawed ICBM Competition (From Forbes) Boeing has informed the Air Force it will not bid on a contract to develop the nation’s next ICBM, leaving only Northrop Grumman in the running. That won’t do: most of the nation’s relevant expertise resides within Boeing, and the [Read More...]
Army Futures Command’s Report Card After Its First Year (From RealClearDefense) Army Futures Command (AFC) was stood up on July 1, 2018. It achieved full operational capability on July 31, 2019. In that time, AFC has made some remarkable strides, particularly considering the U.S. Army’s inherent conservatism. Even before the location [Read More...]
Aerojet Rocketdyne Cuts Costs, Builds Infrastructure To Compete For Engines On Future ICBM (From Forbes) Aerojet Rocketdyne is one of only two companies left in the U.S. that can build large solid rocket motors. Whether it is able to remain a high-rate producer depends on winning a berth as supplier for the Air Force’s Ground [Read More...]
Defense Against Hypersonic Attack Is Becoming The Biggest Military Challenge Of The Trump Era (From Forbes) Russia and China are testing weapons that can fly several times faster than the speed of sound — in other words, over a mile per second.  In addition to their extreme velocity, these “hypersonic” weapons fly below sensor horizons, are [Read More...]
Marine Corps’ Vision of Future Conflicts Will Require Improved Amphibious Forces (From RealClearDefense) In an era of great power conflict, U.S. amphibious warfare forces are the Nation’s first line of defense. But many senior military leaders, including the new Commandant of the Marine Corps, General David Berger, believe that large-scale, multi-brigade opposed landing [Read More...]
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