Lockheed Martin’s Purchase Of Aerojet Is A Modest Transaction With Major Benefits (From Forbes) Lockheed Martin disclosed on Sunday that it plans to acquire Aerojet Rocketdyne, pending shareholder and regulatory approvals. Unlike some other mergers in the aerospace sector, this deal is likely to bolster competition. There are only two domestic producers of the [Read More...]
Biden Defense Team Needs To Speed Consolidation Of Pentagon’s Vulnerable Cloud Architecture (From Forbes) Two years after the Pentagon released a strategy directing that defense users migrate to an enterprise-wide cloud computing architecture, little progress has been made. The next-generation JEDI program remains mired in legal wrangling, while various defense components retain over 500 [Read More...]
To Avoid A Bloodbath, The U.S. Army Needs To Demonstrate Its Relevance In The Pacific (From The National Interest) The rise of China is the one overarching national security challenge for the foreseeable future, and it will be vital to continue maintaining stability in the Indo-Pacific region through deterrence measures. Complicating those efforts is the need to modernize and [Read More...]
Love Him Or Hate Him, President Trump’s Defense Legacy Is Profound (From Forbes) The various controversies surrounding President Trump should not be allowed to obscure the important changes he made to the nation’s defense posture. Among other things, he kept us out of new wars, refocused national strategy on the China threat, forced [Read More...]
Geospatial Intelligence–‘Geoint’–Becomes A Focus Of Military & Economic Competition (From Forbes) After dominating the use of geospatial intelligence for decades, the United States is beginning to fall behind other nations, particularly in fostering a commercial ‘geoint’ industry. The science of using satellites to relate human activity to geography is equally useful [Read More...]
Why Lloyd Austin Is A Superior Pick To Run The Defense Department (From Forbes) President-elect Biden’s reported decision to nominate retired Army general Lloyd Austin to become Secretary of Defense is a wise move. Neither Biden nor the other announced members of his national security team have any intimate understanding of what modern war [Read More...]
Applying Science and Analytics To The Exploitation of Open Source Intelligence (From RealClearDefense) Through the COVID-19 pandemic, a commonly heard phrase has been “trust the science.” The same can be said in the realm of intelligence. The more that scientific wisdom and quantitative analytic tools can be applied to the collection and analysis [Read More...]
Army’s Newest Long-Range Fires System Isn’t New, But It Will Be Effective (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. Army’s highest-priority modernization effort is long-range precision fires. The Army’s current program envisions an array of fires systems–cannons, rockets and missiles that, taken in totality, will be able to engage targets at ranges from the close-in battlefield to [Read More...]
Pratt & Whitney’s Geared Turbofan Is Poised To Emerge From The Pandemic In Great Shape (From Forbes) Nobody at Pratt & Whitney, the engine business of Raytheon Technologies, is going to remember 2020 as a good year for the company. Commercial sales are way off. But the military side of the house is going gangbusters with engines [Read More...]
Five Reasons Return Of Boeing’s 737 MAX To Service Is Important To National Security (From Forbes) Aerospace is one of the few technology areas where America still unquestionably leads the world. Maintaining that edge is vital to national security. However, many observers don’t grasp the connection between the return of Boeing’s 737 MAX to service and [Read More...]
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