Here Is One Big Way Trump Can Boost the Economy: We Need More Aviation Workers (From The National Interest) In February, some 40 aerospace industry associations sent a letter to the Secretary of Transportation and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget warning that “the U.S. aviation industry is facing a technician and pilot shortage that threatens [Read More...]
United Technologies, Raytheon Are in Deal Talks (From Bloomberg) Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson commented on the merger between United Technologies and Raytheon for Bloomberg.  “Clearly, Greg Hayes has decided that he wants to fashion the biggest aerospace and defense enterprise in the world” Thompson told Bloomberg about the United [Read More...]
Defense Contractor L3 Technologies Surges As It Prepares To Enter Big Leagues (From Forbes) After spending much of its corporate history as a very-low-visibility supplier to America’s military, L3 Technologies is stepping out on the eve of its merger with Harris Corporation.  The resulting combination will be the sixth-biggest military contractor in the world, [Read More...]
JEDI Will Be A Cloud Like No Other (From RealClearDefense) The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract will create a cloud like no other, private or public. The Department of Defense (DoD) envisions a “worldwide, highly available, exponentially elastic, secure, resilient cloud computing and storage environment that seamlessly extends from [Read More...]
Philly Shipyard’s Struggle Signals Jones Act Isn’t Enough To Secure U.S. Sealift (From Forbes) Philly Shipyard, one of the few shipbuilders in America focused on making large commercial vessels, has run out of orders.  Most of its workforce has been furloughed.  This is bad news for America’s military, which relies on the domestically-built and [Read More...]
New Navy Ocean Attack Plan Combines Air, Surface And Undersea Drones (From Fox News) Should an enemy submarine surface well beyond undersea or surface drone detection range and send intelligence to attack platforms — U.S. Navy platforms could be vulnerable in some instances. Fortified by targeting data from well beyond the horizon, enemy subs, [Read More...]
Navy’s ‘Extra-Large’ Attack Drone On Track; 50-Ton ‘Orca’ Built By Boeing (From The Washington Times) Lexington Institute’s Kris Osborn and his WarriorMaven article from May 31 are quoted in an article from The Washington Times about the “Orca” attack drone. “Extra Large UUVs, such as Boeing’s Orca, are certainly large enough to accommodate weapons payloads, [Read More...]
Navy Starts Building New Massive, 50-Ton Undersea Attack Drone (From Fox News) The Navy is planning to launch a massive, 50-ton undersea drone to expand mission scope, increase attack options, integrate large high-tech sensors, further safeguard manned combat crews and possibly fire torpedoes — all while waging war under the ocean surface. [Read More...]
F-35 Program With Hundreds Of Jobs Gets OK To Move To Wright-Patt (Dayton Daily News) Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson comments on the decision to move an F-35 management program to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, in an article for the Dayton Daily News. Thompson called the news “a major day for the base and [Read More...]
A New Joint Doctrine For An Era of Multi-Domain Operations (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. military is in the midst of the most profound reconceptualization of the ways it will fight future conflicts in more than 30 years. To the three traditional domains of warfare – land, sea and air – space and [Read More...]
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