Is The Air Force “Accelerating” B-21? – To Bring NextGen Stealth To War Faster (From Warrior Maven) The Air Force appears to have completed its Critical Design Review of the emerging B-21 bomber, inspiring confidence and optimism that a new-generation of stealth will be ready for war by the mid-2020s, and beyond. The apparent program progress does, [Read More...]
Hypersonic Weapons Are Coming. The Pentagon Needs To Spend More On Defending Against Them. (From Forbes) Ever since Russian president Vladimir Putin announced last year that his country had successfully tested a hypersonic weapon, the Pentagon has been growing its investment in such technology.  Hypersonic munitions are being developed for the Air Force, the Army and [Read More...]
Twelve for Twelve: Congress Needs to Fund Another National Security Cutter (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. Coast Guard is in the midst of an unprecedented modernization effort. It is completely replacing its existing ships, acquiring new heavy polar icebreakers, expanding procurement of the Legend-class National Security Cutter (NSC), beginning production of the Offshore Patrol [Read More...]
Micro Nuclear Reactors to Change Future War (From Warrior Maven) To date, the U.S. military has not had a major problem getting to a military contingency. The problems emerge once U.S. forces arrive. A particular vulnerability is created by the need to resupply far flung bases and outposts. Each convoy [Read More...]
Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems Rewrites The Rules For Defense Technology (From Forbes) Raytheon is one of the biggest military contractors in the world, but it didn’t get there by bending metal. Instead, it mined core competencies in sensors, networks, smart munitions and electronic warfare to fashion an enterprise continuously on the cutting [Read More...]
Why The Pentagon Must Have The B-21 Bomber Soon, And Shouldn’t Let Other Programs Slow Its Pace (from Forbes) Development of the Air Force’s super-secret B-21 bomber appears to be making steady progress, which is a good thing because none of the bombers in the current fleet will be able to address all of the necessary targets in the [Read More...]
General McConville for CSA Means Army Modernization Will Continue (From RealClearDefense) On Tuesday the White House announced the nomination of General James McConville to be the next Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army (CSA). In his current position as Vice Chief of Staff, McConville has been helping to lead the [Read More...]
Pence Gives Boeing’s Super Rocket Thumbs Up, Directs NASA To Accelerate Moon Work (From Forbes) Vice President Pence, chairman of the National Space Council, this week directed an acceleration of work to return U.S. astronauts to the Moon. In the process, he confirmed that a super-rocket Boeing is developing will remain the centerpiece of NASA’s [Read More...]
Why President Trump Went To The Tank Plant In Lima, Ohio (From RealClearDefense) Last week, President Trump visited Lima, Ohio. Lima has one other distinguishing feature. It is the home of the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC), the only factory in the United States capable of building main battle tanks. The Trump Administration [Read More...]
Army Budget Cuts Hit Pennsylvania Hard As Trump Reelection Bid Gears Up (From Forbes) The same week that workers at the Army’s Ohio tank plant learned their programs were getting more money, workers at a helicopter plant in Pennsylvania learned that their Army program was being canceled. It’s a big deal at the Boeing [Read More...]
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