Japan Needs To Reconsider Its Decision To Suspend Its Aegis Ashore Deployments (From RealClearDefense) This week, Japan’s Defense Minister, Taro Kono, surprised the world by announcing the decision to suspend construction in his country of two missile defense sites. This decision could not have come at a worse time for both the security of [Read More...]
Restive Workforce Aggravates Competitive Challenge At Bath Iron Works, A Key Navy Supplier (From Forbes) Negotiations over a new three-year contract between the management at Bath Iron Works and its biggest union have reached an impasse. If the local votes to go out on strike, it could add to construction delays the yard is already [Read More...]
Five Reasons James Taiclet Is An Ideal Successor To Lockheed Martin’s Marillyn Hewson (From Forbes) This is the week that Marillyn Hewson relinquished the helm of Lockheed Martin to her handpicked successor, James Taiclet. As President & CEO of the world’s leading military contractor, Taiclet will have some big shoes to fill, because Hewson is [Read More...]
The NATO 2030 Agenda Needs to Include Strengthening U.S.-Polish Defense Relationship (From RealClearDefense) Earlier this week, NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, launched a new initiative, NATO 2030, to strengthen the Alliance and prepare it for new challenges over the next several decades. NATO 2030 could not come at a more important moment for [Read More...]
ManTech ‘Space Range’ Simulates Cyberattacks On Satellites & Ground Stations To Bolster Defenses (From Forbes) Senior defense officials are increasingly concerned about the vulnerability of U.S. space assets, and it isn’t hard to see what the most immediate danger is. It’s cyberattacks. Now ManTech has come up with a novel solution. On May 4 it [Read More...]
Pentagon Could Benefit From Border Security Advancements Lost amid the near-daily complaints about the Trump Administration’s attempt to secure America’s southern border is the fact that, by every metric, illegal border crossings have dropped significantly in recent months, because crossing is no longer as easy as it [Read More...]
Claims Of Aircraft Carrier Vulnerability Are False, But The Versatility Is Real (From Forbes) There has been a persistent drumbeat of concern since the Cold War ended about the supposed vulnerability of the U.S. Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. The nature of the threat and the likely perpetrators change over time, but somehow the danger [Read More...]
Five Principles For Building A New U.S. Amphibious Warfare Fleet (From RealClearDefense) As part of his new Force Design 2030, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General David Berger, proposes to radically reshape the Navy’s fleet of amphibious vessels. Large amphibious warfare vessels are considered too vulnerable to future long-range precision strike [Read More...]
To Help the Coast Guard Congress Must Fund a Twelfth National Security Cutter (From RealClearDefense) The Coast Guard, like the other uniformed services, is working hard to cope with a perfect storm of domestic and international challenges. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic confronted it, the Coast Guard was challenged by the need to respond to [Read More...]
Fog Of War: How Clever Technology Enables Military Pilots To See Through Smoke, Dust, Mist & Smog (From Forbes) “Fog of war” isn’t just a metaphor for warfighters. It’s a real problem when battlefields are covered with smoke, dust, mist, smog and other obscurants. The Pentagon says most of the helicopters it lost in Afghanistan and Iraq suffered mishaps [Read More...]
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