White House Study of Defense Industrial Base Will Find A Decaying ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ (From Forbes) On July 21, President Trump signed an executive order directing a “whole-of-government” assessment of the U.S. industrial base.  The goal is to determine where deficiencies and dependencies exist that might undermine military effectiveness in future conflicts.  The news will not [Read More...]
How The F-35B Will Lead The British Navy Into The 21st Century (From RealClearDefense) The Times, one of the U.K.’s premier newspapers, recently  published a series of articles on an investigation into British procurement of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). The Times’ reporting levied three basic criticisms of the F-35B. First, the JSF [Read More...]
How Secretary Tillerson Could Reshape The State Department (From Defense News) One of Secretary Rex Tillerson’s highest priorities is to reform the Department of State. If all he proposes is a smaller organization with fewer senior “straphangers,” the Secretary will have missed a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine the role of the [Read More...]
The Air War That Is Defeating ISIS (From RealClearDefense) News reports regarding the campaign to defeat ISIS tend to focus on the ebb and flow of ground wars in Iraq and Syria. What has been little recognized and certainly under-reported is the successes of the air campaign run by [Read More...]
Why America Must Expand Its Amphibious Warfare Capabilities (From The National Interest) There is too much talk among U.S. national security experts about America’s waning ability to withstand the multitude of threats it faces. The U.S. Armed Forces possess a number of asymmetric advantages. While it is important to shore up areas [Read More...]
Five Fast-Track Options For Blunting North Korea’s Missile Threat To America (From Forbes) Diplomacy is getting U.S. leaders nowhere in slowing the North Korean missile program, so now Washington will need to consider its military options.  Beefing up missile defense of the homeland is much less dangerous than taking offensive action against North [Read More...]
OA-X: An Air Force Program Warfighters And Taxpayers Can Do Without (From Forbes) After studying the concept for over a decade, the Air Force this summer will host a flight demonstration to determine whether off-the-shelf light attack aircraft have anything useful to offer in the way of future capabilities.  Officials are thinking mainly [Read More...]
New Artillery Rounds Will Help Restore America’s Conventional Deterrence (From The National Interest) Once upon a time, the U.S. was the world’s sole military superpower. Commentators coined the phrase “the American way of war.” This term referred primarily to the employment of superior air and space capabilities to dominate the initial period of [Read More...]
BWXT Becomes The Nuclear Industry’s Civil-Military-Commercial Growth Company (From Forbes) Lynchburg, Virginia-based BWXT has emerged as the domestic nuclear industry’s most outstanding growth story, thanks to its cradle-to-grave dominance of addressed markets.  In addition to being the sole source of naval reactors for aircraft carriers and submarines, it is the [Read More...]
Why The F-35 Fighter Will Be The U.S. Army’s Best Friend In A Future European War (From Forbes) U.S. Army leaders are worried about war in Europe.  Russia’s military has been modernizing while America was fighting in Southwest Asia over the last 16 years, and Moscow enjoys tactical advantages from operating close to home.  So the U.S. Army [Read More...]
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