Key Decision Transforms Intelligence Collection Issue Brief Senior Pentagon officials have decided to equip a new satellite system with the ability to take high-resolution pictures through clouds and darkness. The satellite, called the Space-Based Radar, was originally conceived as an orbital platform from which to [Read More...]
Not Much Money, But Plenty of Soldiers Article Published in The Wall Street Journal “Not Much Money, But Plenty of Soldiers” The Wall Street Journal October 15, 2003 By Daniel Goure Alix Freedman focuses mostly on one reason why poorer countries are often the source of peacekeeping [Read More...]
Don’t Overlook Importance Of Alliances With Small Gulf States Issue Brief Some of America’s most valuable military partners in the global war on terrorism are not those with large populations, GDPs or military establishments. Their value is not in their capacity to field great armies, although some do possess [Read More...]
India: The Potential Ally Issue Brief It would be an overstatement to call India an ally of the United States, although they have flirted with that status. At least, India is not the kind of ally that we can currently rely upon to put [Read More...]
Pentagon Plans Huge Round Of Base Closures Issue Brief Back when George W. Bush was running for President, he promised that if elected he would give his defense secretary “a broad mandate to challenge the status quo and envision a new architecture of American defense.” The person [Read More...]
Australia: The Proven Ally Issue Brief U.S. Deputy Secretary Rich Armitage put it best back in July, when he said “Australia punches above its weight.” For decades Australia has been a proven and reliable American ally. They are the only country to have fought [Read More...]
Turkey: Still A Valuable Ally Issue Brief As the baseball season roars into October, we are reminded time and again that the sweet pastime is really a study of averages. While even the most reliable players can disappoint in high-pressure situations, managers keep them in [Read More...]
Poland: A “Niche” Ally Issue Brief Poland is one of several new U.S. allies who are not as big or powerful as our traditional teammates, such as Britain, Germany or Turkey. With limited resources, the Poles have more of a “niche” role to play [Read More...]
The Future of the Defense Industry Issue Brief It’s official: defense stocks are a boring investment. So say several Wall Street analysts who issued dour assessments of the sector last week. The most respected, Morgan Stanley’s Heidi Wood, said sector equities would perform in line with [Read More...]
Bush Doctrine Begins Fifth Year Issue Brief Today marks the fourth anniversary of the most important speech that George W. Bush ever gave about national defense. The irony is that he wasn’t even President when he gave it. It was a campaign speech delivered at [Read More...]
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