Key Challenges Confronting Naval Shipbuilding II Research Study The Navy’s shipbuilding budget is underfunded. As a result, the service is only building enough vessels to sustain a 200-ship fleet over the long run, rather than the 300 ships called for in the 1997 Quadrennial Defense Review. [Read More...]
Naval Air Power, 2001 Research Study The U.S. Navy’s twelve aircraft carriers and ten carrier air wings are the most powerful expression of American military might in the post-communist era. Combined with other sea-based forces, they have the capacity to sustain prolonged and lethal [Read More...]
Key Choices Confronting Naval Shipbuilding I Research Study Aside from aging aircraft, shipbuilding is the biggest question mark in the new administration’s military investment plans. The 1997 Quadrennial Defense Review recommended a naval force structure of about 300 surface ships and submarines, supposedly the number needed [Read More...]
The Marine Corps’ Common-Sense Approach to Fire Support Research Study The Marine Corps’ decision to field the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), along with the Lightweight 155mm Howitzer are yet more examples of the Corps’ common-sense solutions to its tactical challenges. Years ago, when the Corps had [Read More...]
“Most Expensive Fighter in History” – – The Making of a Myth Research Study The Air Force is developing a stealthy fighter called the F-22 Raptor. It is the only stealthy air-superiority fighter the U.S. is developing. The Navy’s F/A-l8 E/F Super Hornet is a fighter, but it isn’t stealthy. The Joint [Read More...]
The Marine Corps’ Common-Sense Approach to Helicopters Research Study Today’s video games offer a stunningly realistic simulation of modern aerial combat. Many of these games place a player in a virtual cockpit of some of the most advanced warplanes in the world, with nearly identical controls, weapons [Read More...]
Mr. Rumsfeld’s Five Most Urgent Investment Challenges Issue Brief President-elect Bush’s choice of a seasoned manager as Defense Secretary was a smart move, because the challenges the Pentagon faces are daunting. The Clinton Administration’s combination of global engagement with a “procurement holiday” has produced a rapidly aging, [Read More...]
The Attack Submarine and Network-centric warfare Research Study Submarines are the oldest major weapon system still in the U.S. military inventory, predating both fixed-wing aircraft and heavy armor. Their continued utility in modern warfare is attributable to a remarkable capacity to adapt to new warfighting requirements. [Read More...]
The Air Force Rethinks Global Strategy Issue Brief While the political system has been distracted by a seemingly interminable presidential campaign over the last several months, the U.S. Air Force has begun a transformation of its global warfighting strategy. It’s a safe bet the defense advisors [Read More...]
Coast Guard Aviation: Running Out of Time Issue Brief One day earlier this year, the Coast Guard air station in Miami received a mayday call. But, because of maintenance problems — mainly due to age, wear and tear, and parts shortages – not one of the station’s [Read More...]
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