Bush Doctrine Begins Fifth Year Issue Brief Today marks the fourth anniversary of the most important speech that George W. Bush ever gave about national defense. The irony is that he wasn’t even President when he gave it. It was a campaign speech delivered at [Read More...]
Lessons of Iraq: Strategic and Joint Implications Research Study 1. Inept Enemies Offer Unclear Lessons Since the end of the Cold War, America has faced weak, incompetent adversaries. — Noriega (1990) — Saddam (1991) — Milosevic (1999) — Taliban (2001) In OIF, Saddam’s forces didn’t seem to [Read More...]
Operation Iraqi Freedom: Lesson One: The Importance Of Aerospace Supremacy Issue Brief Operation Iraqi Freedom was unique in a number of ways. One of these was the rapidity with which coalition air and space forces established aerospace supremacy over Iraq. Air supremacy is defined as the ability to go anywhere [Read More...]
Pity The Poor Chinese Navy Issue Brief China has been busy trying to develop a military that can isolate Taiwan, and, if necessary, hold the U.S. at bay. The PLAN’s one hope for success in a campaign against Taiwan is to blockade the island and [Read More...]
Wanted: Medium-Weight Land Forces Issue Brief One lesson to emerge from Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) is that, at times, U.S. ground forces proved to be too powerful. This seems counterintuitive when the war was won in approximately five weeks with minimum casualties. Yet, there [Read More...]
Spy Satellites: Who Ruined FIA? Issue Brief In the months before America went to war with Iraq, the intelligence community repositioned its spy satellites to provide maximum coverage of Saddam’s military. There are two types of spy satellites: those that eavesdrop on enemy communications for [Read More...]
The State of Homeland Security: Assessing Progress in Securing the United States Against the Threat of Terrorism Research Study When the terrorists struck on September 11, 2001 it fell to the Bush Administration to take the nation to war. This is a war fought on many fronts and in distant lands from Iraq and Afghanistan to Yemen [Read More...]
Sea-based Missile and Air Defenses Research Study Robust sea-based air and missile defenses will constitute a key strategic capability for the U.S. Navy in the 21st Century. Today the Navy is confronting a serious anti-access threat that will only grow over time. The proliferation of [Read More...]
Iraq: The Problem Isn’t Terrorism Issue Brief There’s a lot of confusion in the national media about how well pacification efforts are faring in Iraq. Yesterday, the Pentagon’s regional commander in the Middle East added to the confusion by asserting that terrorism is becoming the [Read More...]
Does The Nation Need A Bigger Army? Issue Brief Last week, defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld traveled to Texas to brief President Bush on military transformation and discuss whether the nation needs a bigger military. Much of the conversation focused on the Army, which is so heavily committed [Read More...]
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