Alliance Radio Interview I did a 15 minute radio interview today on KURV Radio in the southern Rio Grande valley of Texas. The reporter, Fred Cruz, was concerned that the French-German-Belgian military alliance announced this week was going to lead to the unraveling [Read More...]
Strategic Warning: The Promise And The Problem Issue Brief On April 11 the New York Times published a remarkable interview with Dr. Stephen Cambone, the Defense Department’s new Under Secretary for Intelligence. Cambone is the first person to occupy the position, created in recognition of the central [Read More...]
Iraq War Plan: Why Rumsfeld Was Right Issue Brief It appears there are only two places in America where Donald Rumsfeld is still held in high regard: the White House and everywhere outside the Washington Beltway. The latest complaint capital insiders level against Rumsfeld is that he [Read More...]
After Iraq: Risks to U.S. Airliners Rising Fast Issue Brief Former Centcom Commander Gen. Anthony Zinni (USMC-Ret.) once observed that Saddam Hussein was just about the only foreign leader stupid enough to challenge America where it was strongest — on a conventional battlefield. Zinni was talking about Iraq’s [Read More...]
Homeland Security: Measuring Success Issue Brief Are we safer now than were on September 11th? At one level this is an existential question to which no concrete answer is possible. At another level it is an eminently practical question that demands detailed response. The [Read More...]
Iraq: A Different Kind Of Ground War Issue Brief The success of the U.S. military campaign that begins this week in Iraq will depend on ground forces. Air power can defeat enemies, but it can’t occupy territory or impose a new political order. On the other hand, [Read More...]
Defending The Friendly Skies Issue Brief The effort by the Transportation Security Administration to make U.S. commercial airliners safe from hijacking and bombs is only the beginning. The attempt to shoot down a commercial airliner in Africa on February with two infra-red (IR) guided, [Read More...]
Iraq: How The Air War Will Unfold Issue Brief This year marks the 100th anniversary of manned flight. When the Wright Brothers first flew their fragile aircraft at Kitty Hawk in 1903, weapons of mass destruction, world wars, fascism and what Churchill later called the “foul baboonery [Read More...]
Iraq: The Cost Of War Will Be Low Issue Brief The “sitzkrieg” phase of Gulf War II — the waiting — is nearly over. That’s a good thing, because the Bush Administration seems to be losing ground diplomatically with each passing day, and military forces in the Gulf [Read More...]
The U.S. Army Meets Star Wars Issue Brief The United States Army is preparing to propel itself forward on beams of energy into a new realm of warfare. Already, the Army has made great strides in bringing directed energy weapons to the battlefield. The Army, in [Read More...]
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