Why President Trump Will Likely Be Reelected, And What It Means For Global Security (From Forbes) President Trump is so widely derided in the media that his reelection prospects may appear bleak.  In fact, they are strong. Candidates who win election to the White House once tend to win it a second time if they choose [Read More...]
Pentagon Is Exploring Potential of F-35 Fighters To Defeat ICBMs In Boost Phase (Warrior Maven) The tri-service F-35 fighter is proving to be the most versatile tactical aircraft ever, in part because it can survive in environments that might prove fatal to other aircraft. Now that survivability is lending credence to the idea that the [Read More...]
Moving Tanks Over Ocean To War – How Will The Pentagon Revitalize Sealift? (From WarriorMaven) The United States is a global military power. The effectiveness and credibility of that power rests on the ability to reliably move equipment and supplies by sea from U.S. ports to distant parts of the world. The overwhelming majority of [Read More...]
Army Backstops Futuristic NGCV Program With Prudent Armor Upgrades (From RealClear Defense) It is clear that the U.S. Army is going all in for its modernization priorities. It hopes to have an array of transformative capabilities ready for deployment by the mid-2020s. But the Army has missed the mark on previous technology [Read More...]
Shanahan Struggles To Navigate The Storm Of Criticism Over Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Edict (Washington Examiner) In writing about the chances Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan has in being confirmed if nominated, Jamie McIntyre’s “Daily on Defense” for February 21 includes statements from Lexington Institute’s COO, Loren Thompson. “Shanahan is a gifted engineer and problem [Read More...]
DRS Daylight’s Spero Microscope Leverages Breakthrough Technology For Big Biomedical & Defense Gains (From Forbes) When the U.S. arm of Italian defense giant Leonardo bought a small tech startup called Daylight Solutions in 2017, almost nobody noticed. Two years later though, the logic of the acquisition is becoming increasingly clear. DRS Daylight Solutions, as it [Read More...]
Does Anyone Want To Be Secretary Of Defense? (Foreign Policy) Lara Seligman’s February 20 article in Foreign Policy cites Lexington Institute’s COO, Loren Thompson, in addressing the difficulty of finding a permanent replacement for former Secretary of Defense James Mattis. “The sacrifices associated with becoming secretary of defense deter most [Read More...]
NASIC Stands To Benefit As Trump Signs Directive For Space Force (Dayton Daily News) In Max Filby’s February 20 article for the Dayton Daily News, Lexington Institute’s Loren Thompson talks about the funding that Space Force creation will bring to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in [Read More...]
Intelligence Community Migrates To Cloud Technology At Lightning Speed (From Fox News) U.S. intelligence agencies are accelerating the movement of data resources to the cloud, leveraging technologies provided by Amazon Web Services under a 2013 agreement. Intelligence Community insiders say that progress to date has been transformational, enabling big gains in the [Read More...]
How Do U.S. Soldiers Prepare For An Unpredictable Future? Army Leaders Have A Plan. (From Forbes) The U.S. Army today is headed by an unusually thoughtful and experienced group of senior leaders. But they will need all of their skills to keep the Army’s campaign plan to win the future on track through the very difficult [Read More...]
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