As Defense Budgets Tighten, A New Engine Is Critical To Us Army Aviation’s Future (From DefenseNews) The U.S. Army needs to plan for flat or even declining defense budgets. One area that would be particularly hard-hit if budgets tighten is Army aviation. The Army currently operates some 2,000 Black Hawk and Apache helicopters, both which are [Read More...]
Air Force Push For Better Pilot Protection Upsets Competitive Landscape In Ejection Seats (From Forbes) As the Air Force’s flying community becomes more diverse and its headgear becomes heavier, the service is seeking to improve the protection provided to combat pilots by ejection seats. Ejection seats have saved hundreds of lives, but they subject the [Read More...]
The Pentagon’s Move To The Cloud Is Right But Presents Unique Challenges (From RealClearDefense) Moving government IT activities to the cloud is imperative. Operating in the cloud holds out the promise of improved cybersecurity, better data management and information sharing, faster access to cutting-edge technologies and reduced costs. Yet, despite the top-down pressure to [Read More...]
Tanks: Vital to Defense Executive Summary Click here to read the full report as a pdf. In 2013, a year before Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States came within months of shuttering the last plant in the Western Hemisphere capable of building main battle [Read More...]
If America’s Military Loses World War III, Low Readiness Will Likely Be The Reason (From Forbes) A congressionally-mandated commission on defense strategy has released its report, warning that the U.S. might lose a multi-front war in the future if it does not restore its military edge. One area that needs close attention is readiness, which seems [Read More...]
Capitol Hill Federal IT Remarks The Lexington Institute organized a Capitol Hill forum on Federal IT on November 9, 2018. The forum consisted of a series of back-to-back ten minute presentations by subject matter experts. The comments made by some of the speakers are available [Read More...]
BAE Systems Leverages Industrial Network As Ramp-Up Of Armored Vehicle Production Approaches (From Forbes) In recent years, BAE Systems has won so much armored-vehicle work from the U.S. Army and Marine Corps that a government study recently speculated it might be facing capacity constraints at its main assembly plant.  However, the company has long [Read More...]
Capitol Hill Forum On The Future Of Federal Information Technology – 11.09.18 The Lexington Institute is hosting a Capitol Hill Forum on the future of federal information technology (IT). The event is Friday, November 9, from 12:00 – 3:00 pm. We hope you will be able to join us. Speakers to date [Read More...]
Democratic Takeover Of House Could Be End For Trump Defense Buildup (From Forbes) The successful Democratic Party bid to gain control of the House of Representatives in Tuesday’s elections is not good news for President Trump’s planned defense buildup. Even before the election, there were signs the administration would curb military outlays to [Read More...]
The M1A2 Abrams Is The Tank Of The Future (From The National Interest) The U.S. Army faces a monumental modernization challenge. It is looking to acquire new aircraft, armored fighting vehicles, long-range fires systems, communications networks, electronic warfare capabilities, soldier systems and air and missile defenses. Fortunately, the Army does not need to [Read More...]
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