Winning Future Wars: Modernization and a 21st Century Defense Industrial Base (From The Heritage Foundation) The United States desperately needs to modernize its military forces and the industrial base that supports it. Great power competition has returned as a driving force in inter¬national relations. While this country spent 20 years in the modernization wilderness, in¬vesting [Read More...]
Could Air Force Bargain Hunting In Weapons Competitions Backfire? (From Forbes) The Air Force seems to have gotten a good deal on its next-generation training system, awarding the program to Boeing for a price that is less than half of what the program was expected to cost.  It got a similar [Read More...]
The Improved Turbine Engine Program Is Key To The Army’s Modernization Plan Sometime in the next few months, the U.S. Army will make an award in one of its most critical modernization efforts: the Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP). In 2006, the Army began an effort with the aerospace industry to design [Read More...]
Five Ways U.S. Nuclear Strategy Might Fail — Maybe Soon (From Forbes) U.S. nuclear strategy seeks to deter aggression by threatening attackers with massive retaliation.  It seems to work, but deterrence is a psychological state and we aren’t mind readers, so there are uncertainties.  Even if it is working as intended, there [Read More...]
Pentagon Plan To Slash Industry Payments Appears At Odds With Trump Strategy and Economic Philosophy (From Forbes) The Department of Defense is proposing a major change in the way in which military contractors are paid for the work they do. The change ostensibly would link payments more closely to performance, but it would also discourage risk taking, [Read More...]
F-35Bs And More: Why U.S. Amphibious Forces Must Dominate the 21st Century (From The National Interest) Earlier this month, the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), deployed aboard the Essex Amphibious Ready Group (ARG), began operations in and around the Horn of Africa. For the first time, the Marine aviation unit deployed on the Essex amphibious assault [Read More...]
“Mad Dog” Defanged: How A Missing Missile Defense Report Explains Mattis’ Impending Departure (From Forbes) During his first month in office, President Trump directed separate reviews of the nation’s offensive nuclear posture and ballistic missile defenses.  The offensive forces review was done on time, in January of this year.  The missile defense review never was [Read More...]
Will The Air Force Please Make Up Its Mind About OA-X (From RealClearDefense) It’s a trainer. It’s a close air support platform. It’s a sensor node in a multi-domain command and control network. It’s a test of the Air Force’s ability to do rapid acquisition. It’s a means of providing partners and allies [Read More...]
Why Does The U.S. Army Need Ten Years To Begin Fielding A New Recon Helicopter? (From Forbes) The U.S. Army retired its last Kiowa scout helicopter last year, nearly 50 years after Kiowa first joined the force.  But the Army didn’t have a dedicated armed reconnaissance helicopter to replace the venerable airframe, because three attempts to find [Read More...]
Asian Missile Defense Is The Next Lever To Move Kim Jong-un On Denuclearization When South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in visits North Korea next week, hopes for a concrete step towards denuclearization will soar. The denuclearization of North Korea could put presidents Trump and Moon in the history books. But President Trump is in [Read More...]
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