The KC-46 Is On The Cusp Of Transforming U.S. Air Mobility (From RealClearDefense) Last week, the KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling aircraft passed one of its two final milestones prior to entering service with the U.S. Air Force. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted the platform a supplemental type certificate, the second of two [Read More...]
SpaceX Abandons Plan To Make Astronaut Spacecraft Reusable; Boeing Sticks With Reuse Plan (From Forbes) Elon Musk’s SpaceX has backed away from plans to build a reusable spacecraft that can carry astronauts to the International Space Station and then return to Earth in a powered touch down on land.  Instead, its Crew Dragon space capsule [Read More...]
As U.S. Army Rethinks How Soldiers Will Communicate In Future Combat, Harsh Realities Loom (From Forbes) The U.S. Army faces big challenges in trying to sustain tactical communications links during future conflicts.  Army leaders would like connectivity similar to that of an iPhone, but can’t count on access to cellular towers or buried fiber in war [Read More...]
U.S. National Security Requires a Viable and Reliable U.S.-Flagged Commercial Fleet (From RealClearDefense) The U.S.-flagged sealift fleet has been allowed to erode to the point that it is of only barely sufficient size and capability to meet the demands created by relatively small contingencies such as those conducted in this century in Southwest [Read More...]
Why Belgium’s Pick Of Its Next Fighter Is Pivotal For Europe’s Future Security (From Forbes) Belgium is about to select a replacement for its aging F-16 fighters.  As chance would have it, the same companies that built the F-16 airframe and engine — Lockheed Martin and United Technologies/Pratt & Whitney — also build the F-35 [Read More...]
JDAM: How Boeing’s Low-Cost Smart Bomb Revolutionized Strike Warfare (From Forbes) This year marks the 20th anniversary of the day in 1998 when Boeing delivered the first production model of the GPS-guided Joint Direct Attack Munition to the U.S. Air Force.  JDAM has transformed strike warfare by enabling pilots to hit [Read More...]
Ten Ways A Space Force Will Make America Weaker (From Forbes) The Trump administration has proposed that a Space Force “separate but equal” from the Air Force be established. This idea is widely opposed in the Pentagon and would likely waste billions of dollars while making the joint force weaker. Among [Read More...]
Over Our Heads: How the Great Power Competition Is Extending Into Space (From RealClearDefense) The great power competition is extending into space, making it necessary for the U.S. to consider new technologies that will protect its assets and its current lead in space. The president’s proposal for a Space Force earlier this summer included [Read More...]
What If the U.S. ‘Pulls the Plug’ on Afghanistan? (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. may be approaching a crucial decision concerning its military involvement in Afghanistan. Secretary of Defense James Mattis says U.S. activity there won’t end anytime soon. The question is, will President Trump stick with a plan that does not [Read More...]
The New Military Competition Under The Seas It is a generally accepted view among Western foreign policy and defense elites that a new era of great power competition has begun. According to the new National Security Strategy: “After being dismissed as a phenomenon of an earlier [Read More...]
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