Moving Tanks Over Ocean To War – How Will The Pentagon Revitalize Sealift? (From WarriorMaven) The United States is a global military power. The effectiveness and credibility of that power rests on the ability to reliably move equipment and supplies by sea from U.S. ports to distant parts of the world. The overwhelming majority of [Read More...]
Army Backstops Futuristic NGCV Program With Prudent Armor Upgrades (From RealClear Defense) It is clear that the U.S. Army is going all in for its modernization priorities. It hopes to have an array of transformative capabilities ready for deployment by the mid-2020s. But the Army has missed the mark on previous technology [Read More...]
DRS Daylight’s Spero Microscope Leverages Breakthrough Technology For Big Biomedical & Defense Gains (From Forbes) When the U.S. arm of Italian defense giant Leonardo bought a small tech startup called Daylight Solutions in 2017, almost nobody noticed. Two years later though, the logic of the acquisition is becoming increasingly clear. DRS Daylight Solutions, as it [Read More...]
Intelligence Community Migrates To Cloud Technology At Lightning Speed (From Fox News) U.S. intelligence agencies are accelerating the movement of data resources to the cloud, leveraging technologies provided by Amazon Web Services under a 2013 agreement. Intelligence Community insiders say that progress to date has been transformational, enabling big gains in the [Read More...]
How Do U.S. Soldiers Prepare For An Unpredictable Future? Army Leaders Have A Plan. (From Forbes) The U.S. Army today is headed by an unusually thoughtful and experienced group of senior leaders. But they will need all of their skills to keep the Army’s campaign plan to win the future on track through the very difficult [Read More...]
Why 2019 Needs To Be The Year The U.S. Army Picks Up The Pace On A New Long-Range Assault Aircraft (From Forbes) It has been decades since the U.S. Army fielded a genuinely new combat rotorcraft. During that time, aerospace technology has advanced by leaps and bounds while threats have changed dramatically. The Army needs to get moving on fielding new airframes, [Read More...]
Pentagon Continues To Move Forward On Transformative Cloud Contract (From RealClearDefense) Sometimes, no news really is good news. This is the case with the Pentagon’s plan for its Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud program. Proposals from many of the big cloud providers – Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM – were [Read More...]
F-35 Will Cost Less To Operate Than Older Fighters. Here’s Why Some Policymakers Don’t Get That. (From Forbes) Having successfully completed the most extensive flight tests in history, the F-35 fighter is well on its way to setting the global standard for tactical air power. Nearly 500 of the planes in three different variants will be delivered by [Read More...]
Pentagon To Send Up-Gunned, Drone-Killing Strykers To Europe To Deter Russia (From Fox News) The U.S. Army is strengthening its forces in Europe in response to a growing military threat from Russia. A key feature of that effort is deployment of a more lethal version of the Stryker armored troop carrier. Stryker provides troops [Read More...]
Why the Navy Needs More Amphibious Assault Ships – Faster (From WarriorMaven) U.S. amphibious warfare forces are this Nation’s first line of defense. They are a unique strategic and operational capability. The demand for amphibious warfare forces by Combatant Commanders routinely exceeds their availability. At present, the U.S. has 32 amphibious warfare [Read More...]
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