Postal Reform Should Reduce Cost of Postal Labor Force Issue Brief Labor costs have remained near 80 percent of total costs over the history of the Postal Service. Increases in the price of labor are, consequently, a crucial determinate of the Service’s financial health. The Postal Service in its [Read More...]
Standards Needed For Postal Service Performance Reporting Issue Brief The Postal Board of Governors’ 2001 announcement that the Postal Service was on the brink of financial disaster, expecting to lose multiple billions of dollars, was a major surprise to most postal observers. The expectation of impending financial [Read More...]
GAO Reports Urgent Need for Postal Reform as USPS Celebrates Achievements Issue Brief A February 2002 General Accounting Office report concludes “The U.S. Postal Service’s ability to fulfill its mission by providing the current level of universal postal service at reasonable rates on a self-supporting basis is at increasing risk.” Among [Read More...]
Postal Management Seeks Greater Flexibility As its Reward For Mismanagement Issue Brief Since attempting to change its business profile to one of a more innovative and competitive entity in the mid-90s, the Postal Service has garnered a string of negative assessments of its performance. The Service’s Inspector General deemed the [Read More...]
Despite a Deteriorating Financial Condition, Business as Usual for the Postal Service Issue Brief The U.S. Postal Service had a traumatic beginning to its FY 2002, according to first quarter financial statements released at the Board of Governors’ January meeting. The year began with an expected loss of upwards of $2 billion, [Read More...]
Postal Reform Should Start Now By Capturing Forgone Productivity Gains Issue Brief With a reported loss of $1.7 billion for fiscal year 2001, and an expected loss of $2 billion or more during FY2002 announced before the events following September 11, postal management is now seeking a taxpayer bailout of [Read More...]
Postal Management to Receive Bonuses Despite the Inspector General Finding that the Formula is Inappropriate Issue Brief The USPS Board of Governors announced at their December 3rd meeting that the Postal Service lost $1.7 billion for the fiscal year just completed. The Service is also presently seeking a taxpayer bailout from Congress of more than [Read More...]
NSA’S DOA for USPS Issue Brief The United States Postal Service has been promoting the idea of Negotiated Service Agreements (NSA’s) for its biggest customers. Proponents suggest that NSA’s would provide variable pricing that would encourage greater volume and would reward the Service’s best [Read More...]
Alternatives to Taxpayer-Funded Postal Bailout Issue Brief The United States Postal Service and some of its biggest customers are calling for a taxpayer bailout of anywhere from $5-$20 billion dollars to finance security upgrades and to compensate the Service for lost revenues following the September [Read More...]
Beware a Taxpayer-Funded Postal Bailout Issue Brief Even before anthrax was discovered in the U.S. mails and the economy was socked by the events of September 11, the United States Postal Service was in financial distress. It expected to lose $1.35 billion in fiscal year [Read More...]
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