Proposed Revamping of USPS Retirement Obligations Is Good News, But Highlights Need for Better Financial Issue Brief With the recent accounting revelations proposed by the Treasury Department and the Office of Management and Budget, $30 billion of U.S. Postal Service retirement debt goes up in smoke. A mere $5 billion debt remains, financed over 40 [Read More...]
Postmaster General Reports Good News, But it’s a Trifle Thin Issue Brief The crucial issue for the Postal Service, to stem the tide of further postage increases amid mail volume and revenue loss, is to maximize its productivity. That was the message Postmaster General John Potter correctly stated in a [Read More...]
The Postal Service’s Business Strategy: Spend Savings Now, Raise Rates Later Issue Brief When is a penny saved not a penny earned? When the penny isn’t really saved at all, but rather “reinvested in other areas.” And so it goes with the U.S. Postal Service’s recently-announced reductions in labor hours. The [Read More...]
Increased Productivity Key to Postal Service’s Success Op Ed When your ship’s taking on water, that’s not the time to scrub the deck. But with the Postal Service facing chronic billion-dollar losses, the “solutions” being tossed about by USPS management and others would ignore its most serious [Read More...]
The U.S. Postal Service, $300 Million in Executive Bonuses, And Some Funny Accounting Issue Brief President Bush has spoken banefully of CEOs who receive tens of millions of dollars in bonuses as their companies incur large-scale losses. “Corporate officers who benefit from false accounting statements should forfeit all money gained by their fraud,” [Read More...]
Postage Rates Go Up — What Comes Down? Issue Brief Confronted with mounting deficits, the Postal Service has cut expenditures, reduced work hours (mainly in mail processing), and implemented a substantial postage rate increase June 30th. However, the Service’s latest quarterly figures indicate these stopgap measures will still [Read More...]
Universal Postal Service: Without Competition, the Tail Wags the Dog Issue Brief Why does a credit card company or a mail-order vender receive a government guarantee that its billings or solicitations will be delivered at a uniform price, even to every mailbox in the country? Because 90 percent of the [Read More...]
Renewed Mail Volume Growth No Panacea For Postal Service’s Financial Woes Issue Brief The Postal Service claims that its legislated business model is outdated and must be transformed. It blames its current financial crisis on what it sees as the decaying state of first-class letter mail. This mail, it argues, is [Read More...]
To Fix the Listing Postal Service, Don’t Forget to Plug the Holes Issue Brief When the ship’s taking on water, that’s not the time to scrub the deck. But with the Postal Service facing chronic billion-dollar losses, some prominent “solutions” would ignore its most serious problems. Postal management suggests that the Service’s [Read More...]
5 Ways to Fix the U.S. Postal Service Issue Brief With the release of their Transformation Plan, the Postal Service is effectively trying to distract attention away from the true nature of its problems: Namely, its management’s unwillingness to accept that the main mission of the Postal Service [Read More...]
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