The Administration’s Cuba Family Sanctions: Time for Repeal Mr. Chairman, members of the Subcommittee: Thank you for inviting me to address the issue of U.S. sanctions that limit Cuban American visits and aid to their family members in Cuba. I oppose all restrictions on American travel to Cuba, [Read More...]
Our Failed, Punitive Policy Fidel Castro’s leaving office on his own terms is not the kind of change that successive American presidents have envisioned for Cuba. In fact, it’s a sign that U.S. efforts to isolate that country and bring down its socialist government [Read More...]
Issue #26 Will Raul Castro Reform Cuba’s Economy? Talk to anyone who worked with Raul Castro, or anyone clued in to the process that produced Cuba’s economic reforms in the early 1990’s, and you get the same story: that he supported those reforms and is not averse to [Read More...]
“True Believer” Leaves Many Questions Unanswered The 16-year career of Ana Belen Montes as an agent of Cuban intelligence came to a prosaic end the morning of September 21, 2001. Her supervisor at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), where she was the top Cuba analyst, directed [Read More...]
Issue #25 Eight Months and Counting Fidel Castro’s apparent recuperation sets the stage for a different scenario than that imagined when he fell ill eight months ago. Rather than slowly fade from authority while his successors assume their roles, his return to office now seems possible. [Read More...]
Cuba — How Scared Should We Be? According to a defector, Cuba has a secret, underground laboratory southeast of Havana called ”Labor Uno,” where biological agents — ”viruses and bacteria and dangerous sicknesses” — are being developed for military use. The administration calls Cuba a ”state sponsor [Read More...]
Issue #24 Thank You and Farewell Thank You and Farewell The Council of State Havana, Cuba December 2006 The Honorable George W. Bush The White House Washington, D.C. Dear Mr. President: My final battle is nearing its end. I have led the revolutionary struggle for so [Read More...]
Issue #23 Happy New Year 2007 Unable to offer the medical analysis and speculation that everyone wants, we are instead passing on some of the more interesting statements from the year just ended. # # # # # Eight workers in a butcher shop won $22 [Read More...]
Issue #22 Who’s To Blame For Corruption? Reporters from the Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde went to El Manzanares, a Havana cafeteria, in search of petty corruption. They found it easily. Patrons who paid for one-third of a liter of beer were routinely being served a quarter liter. [Read More...]
Debate: U.S. Engagement with Post-Castro Cuba U.S.-Cuban relations have been virtually nonexistent since 1961, when the United States assumed a two-pronged policy of economic embargo and diplomatic isolation, neither of which substantially weakened Fidel Castro’s rule. Now that Fidel has transferred power to his younger brother, [Read More...]
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