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President Obama and Cuba Palabra Nueva Article by Philip Peters in the March 2010 issue of Palabra Nueva, the magazine of the Archdiocese of Havana. Follow these links to the original article in Spanish, the article in English translation, and the Palabra Nueva website [Read More...]
Hapless in Havana Published in, February 23 2010 Alan P. Gross of Maryland recently had the rare experience of being thrown in jail for doing his job. On Dec. 4, Cuban authorities arrested the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) contractor at [Read More...]
Time to Lift the Ban on Travel to Cuba Statement before the Committee on Foreign Affairs United States House of Representatives Mr. Chairman, Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen: I applaud you for convening this hearing and I’m pleased to state my strong belief that an end to Cuba travel restrictions is squarely [Read More...]
TV Marti: An Idea Whose Time Has Come – and Gone Mr. Chairman, members of the Subcommittee: I appreciate the opportunity to join you today to discuss TV Marti in the context of U.S. policy toward Cuba. I support public diplomacy in the large sense of that term, encompassing information and [Read More...]
Diplomacy with Cuba and U.S. National Security Mr. Chairman, members of the Subcommittee: Thank you for this opportunity to discuss the security aspects of American policy toward Cuba. I believe that a shift toward a policy of engagement with Cuba would serve U.S. interests at a time [Read More...]
Options for Engagement: A Resource Guide for Reforming U.S. Policy toward Cuba For nearly fifty years, the United States has been expecting and, in diverse ways, actively planning for the collapse of Fidel Castro’s government in Cuba. Numerous efforts – from the botched Bay of Pigs and Operation Mongoose (a covert action [Read More...]
The Administration’s Cuba Family Sanctions: Time for Repeal Mr. Chairman, members of the Subcommittee: Thank you for inviting me to address the issue of U.S. sanctions that limit Cuban American visits and aid to their family members in Cuba. I oppose all restrictions on American travel to Cuba, [Read More...]
Our Failed, Punitive Policy Fidel Castro’s leaving office on his own terms is not the kind of change that successive American presidents have envisioned for Cuba. In fact, it’s a sign that U.S. efforts to isolate that country and bring down its socialist government [Read More...]
Cuba — How Scared Should We Be? According to a defector, Cuba has a secret, underground laboratory southeast of Havana called ”Labor Uno,” where biological agents — ”viruses and bacteria and dangerous sicknesses” — are being developed for military use. The administration calls Cuba a ”state sponsor [Read More...]
Debate: U.S. Engagement with Post-Castro Cuba U.S.-Cuban relations have been virtually nonexistent since 1961, when the United States assumed a two-pronged policy of economic embargo and diplomatic isolation, neither of which substantially weakened Fidel Castro’s rule. Now that Fidel has transferred power to his younger brother, [Read More...]
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