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“True Believer” Leaves Many Questions Unanswered The 16-year career of Ana Belen Montes as an agent of Cuban intelligence came to a prosaic end the morning of September 21, 2001. Her supervisor at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), where she was the top Cuba analyst, directed [Read More...]
La Patria Es de Todos Cuando usted termine de leer este documento, nos podr√° apoyar si coincidimos en el planteamiento inicial: El hombre no puede vivir de la historia, que es lomismo que vivir del cuento; se necesitan bienes materiales, satisfacer su espiritualidad y de [Read More...]
Europeans on Cuba’s foreign investment regime [July 2002 statement by EU embassies in Havana] The Legal and Administrative Framework for Foreign Trade and Investment By European Companies in Cuba Since Cuba began to decentralize its foreign trade and allow foreign investment, European companies have been its [Read More...]
Congressional Policy Review Cuba Working Group A Review of U.S. Policy Toward Cuba U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC May 15, 2002 “I support improving the relations between Washington and Havana because‚Ķthis can help us in our fight.” – Vladimiro Roca, May 13th, [Read More...]
Wall Street Journal editorial: “Bush’s Cuba Pickle” Editorial When Congressman Jeff Flake looks at the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba, he sees Fidel Castro “laughing himself to sleep each night.” Not only has Fidel outlasted the eight U.S. Presidents who’ve upheld it; he must enjoy watching the [Read More...]
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