Cuba’s Small Entrepreneurs: Down But Not Out School’s out in Havana, and Ricardo, a mechanic who quit his government job, gets busy in his driveway making milkshakes and money. Students in uniform line up as he spoons mango slices, powdered milk, ice, water, and sugar into his [Read More...]
Issue #21 His Own Funeral, with a Front-Row Seat Did you ever wish you could attend your own funeral to see what people say and do when you’re gone? When the world learned last week that Cuban President Fidel Castro’s surgery forced him to pass some duties to his [Read More...]
U.S. Sanctions Against Cuba: A Just War Perspective “U.S. Sanctions Against Cuba: A Just War Perspective” Presented to the XVI Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (Miami) by Philip Peters August 5, 2006 A friend who worked in the Administration told me [Read More...]
Issue #20 Transition: A Second Crack Why is it necessary for the Administration’s inter-agency committee on Cuba policy – the “Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba” – to issue a second report this year? Cuba is not a burning issue in U.S. foreign policy, and [Read More...]
La Patria Es de Todos Cuando usted termine de leer este documento, nos podrá apoyar si coincidimos en el planteamiento inicial: El hombre no puede vivir de la historia, que es lomismo que vivir del cuento; se necesitan bienes materiales, satisfacer su espiritualidad y de [Read More...]
El club de los enganados Para ”proteger nuestro sistema de educación” del espionaje cubano, el representante estatal David Rivera propone prohibir los viajes académicos de las universidades floridanas a Cuba. No importa que los dos profesores de la Universidad Internacional de la Florida que preocupan [Read More...]
Issue #19 Migration Policy and Politics Cuba’s national baseball team was initially refused U.S. permission to travel to Puerto Rico to play in the World Baseball Classic. The decision was later reversed, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said January 20, because “the President wanted to see [Read More...]
Issue #18 The Long Arm of the Law The Bush Administration voiced not a word of disapproval, but it sent an unmistakable signal to a recent conference held in Mexico City where American executives and Cuban officials discussed business opportunities in Cuba’s energy sector. It found a way [Read More...]
Issue #17 Like a New Man The American press reported a CIA assessment that Fidel Castro has Parkinson’s disease, and the Cuban president responded last November 17 with a four-hour speech that showed stamina and a sense that this comandante en jefe, at age 79 and [Read More...]
Ambiguous Policy Has Clearly Bad Results Now that lawyers for two deceased Cuban migrants may sue the U.S. Coast Guard in federal court, it is worth looking at migration across the Florida straits from the Coast Guard’s point of view. The loss of Isabel Menendez, 74, [Read More...]
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