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Hugonomics: Venezuela’s fight against poverty, and against the private sector Research Study Hugo Chavez was elected President of Venezuela in 1998 and has proceeded to lead and symbolize a new variant of the Latin American political left. His Bolivarian Revolution and his push toward socialism have been characterized by strong [Read More...]
Raulonomics: Tough Diagnosis and Partial Prescriptions in Raul Castro’s Economic Policies Cuban President Raul Castro has been at the head of Cuba’s government for nearly three years, as acting President since July 2006 and as President since February 2008. His time in office has been marked by stark assessments of Cuba’s [Read More...]
Options for Engagement: A Resource Guide for Reforming U.S. Policy toward Cuba For nearly fifty years, the United States has been expecting and, in diverse ways, actively planning for the collapse of Fidel Castro’s government in Cuba. Numerous efforts – from the botched Bay of Pigs and Operation Mongoose (a covert action [Read More...]
Cuba’s Small Entrepreneurs: Down But Not Out School’s out in Havana, and Ricardo, a mechanic who quit his government job, gets busy in his driveway making milkshakes and money. Students in uniform line up as he spoons mango slices, powdered milk, ice, water, and sugar into his [Read More...]
Cutting Losses: Cuba Downsizes Its Sugar Industry The May 2002 announcement that Cuba would dramatically downsize its sugar industry made definitive a change that had been coming for years, and was forced by international market conditions. With sugar prices falling steadily, and having lost the Soviet bloc [Read More...]
Models of Engagement: How Foreign Projects Work in Cuba International engagement with Cuba is limited by many factors: the relatively narrow scope of projects of interest to Cuban authorities, the lack of independent Cuban organizations that can enter international partnerships on their own, Cuban centralization and bureaucracy, and the [Read More...]
International Tourism: The New Engine of Cuba’s Economy Cuba’s budding tourism industry, built during the 1990’s, has replaced sugar as the island’s top foreign exchange earner. In contrast to sugar, tourism is based on sound competitive advantages, and it has the potential to generate additional growth, income, and [Read More...]
Survival Story: Cuba’s Economy in the Post-Soviet Decade One decade ago, the demise of the Soviet Union and its socialist economic bloc plunged Cuba into an economic crisis that many observers believed it would not survive. The Soviet subsidy to Cuba’s economy, one fourth of Cuba’s national income, [Read More...]
Cuba Goes Digital On the spectrum of telecommunications and information technology development, Cuba is found at both extremes. In terms of the reach of its basic residential telephone network, Cuba ranks near the bottom among Latin American countries. Yet Cuba is incubating a [Read More...]
State Enterprise Reform in Cuba State enterprises, the backbone of Cuba’s socialist economy, are being overhauled. Perfeccionamiento empresarial, the policy of state enterprise reform, has no exact analogy in capitalist economies and is not borrowed from other socialist countries’ models of reform. Perfeccionamiento empresarial is [Read More...]
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