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More U.S. Military Equipment Will Help NATO Send Moscow A Message (From The National Interest) Europe is closer to war today than at any time since the collapse of the Soviet Union. During his recent press conference, U.S. president Joe Biden asserted that Moscow had the necessary forces in place to conduct a major conventional [Read More...]
China’s Missiles Are A Major Threat: Advanced Modular Radars Could Help (From 1945) The U.S. military faces an unprecedented challenge to its ability to operate in the Indo-Pacific. The proliferation of long-range, precision-guided ballistic and cruise missiles puts large, fixed facilities and significant force concentrations at a growing risk. Yet the geo-strategic realities [Read More...]
Russia Has A Clear Reason To Invade Ukraine Now If Talks Fail (From 1945) This week, the U.S. and Russia are engaged in diplomatic talks regarding the escalating tensions on Russia’s border with Ukraine. It is a mistake to think that U.S. and NATO concessions regarding Ukraine will satisfy Moscow. President Putin is pursuing [Read More...]
In The Face Of Moscow’s Threats To NATO, The U.S. Must Support Polish Rearmament (From RealClearDefense) Putin has spent more than a decade building up the Russian military and positioning it to be, at the very least, a military Sword of Damocles over the heads of Europe. His recent proposals for an agreement with the West [Read More...]
To Benefit From Commercial Tech, DoD Will Have To Solve The Problem Of Security (From 1945) At one time, the Department of Defense (DoD) was the engine for the United States’ development of innovative technologies. Today, the commercial sector has displaced the Pentagon. This is particularly the case with respect to information technologies, software, cloud computing [Read More...]
TRANSCOM’s Award of Household Goods Contract Risks Welfare of Military Families (From RealClear Defense) For the second time in two years, U.S. Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) has awarded the massive Global Household Goods Contract (GHC) to one of three competing team, this one led by KBR and Tier One Relocation. The GHC contract will be [Read More...]
Why The U.S. Marine Corps Needs A Larger Amphibious Warfare Fleet (From 19FortyFive) The Corps is restructuring itself in order to generate what it describes as “stand-in forces” (SIF) that can operate within range of prospective adversaries’ weapons. This force would consist of small, lethal formations equipped to counter modern power projection forces, [Read More...]
How To Counter The Chinese Missile Threat: More Missile Defense? (From 1945) The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is rapidly building a world-class military that could dominate the Western Pacific. As part of its near-meteoric rise, the PLA is rapidly becoming a missile superpower, capable of threatening the U.S. homeland as well as [Read More...]
Air-Launched Effects Are the Second Step In U.S. Army Aviation’s Transformation (From RealClearDefense) U.S. Army Aviation is poised for a transformation even more profound than that which introduced the Black Hawk and Apache helicopters four decades ago. The focus of attention has rightly been on the products of the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) [Read More...]
How To Ensure Russia Can’t Beat NATO In A War: Forward Deploy The U.S. Army (From 1945) Wars are about seizing, holding, or conversely, liberating territory. This is true even for insurgencies such as the ones in Afghanistan and Vietnam. The greatest geostrategic crises of the past decade involved efforts by Russia and China to expand their [Read More...]
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