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Electronic Warfare Is Becoming The Most Lethal Counter Drone Technology (From RealClearDefense) There is a new urgency to the search for cost-effective counters to the growing threat posed by unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones. Large, high-flying UASs can be countered by anti-aircraft systems, although this is an expensive solution. But new [Read More...]
Building A More Credible And Capable NATO Deterrent In The East Executive Summary Read the full report here. The growing threat from Russia requires a new NATO strategy that directly addresses the range of challenges Moscow presents. NATO must continue to transition from a tripwire deterrent built around relatively small forward [Read More...]
Poland Is Becoming the Keystone of NATO’s Evolving Security Architecture (From RealClearDefense) The Republic of Poland is rapidly becoming the critical member of the NATO Alliance in its increasing efforts to deter Russian military threats and counter Moscow’s attempts to subvert European democracy. Poland is no free rider when it comes to [Read More...]
Identifying Banned Chinese Electronics On DoD Networks (From RealClearDefense) Last year, Congress directed the U.S. government to remove all Chinese-made surveillance cameras from their networks and security systems. Congress and many experts believed that these devices or their components had so-called back doors that allowed the companies that made [Read More...]
Creating the Army After Next, Again (From RealClearDefense) Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, the U.S. Army began an effort to re-invent itself in anticipation of changes in the political, operational and technological environments. The “Army After Next” (AAN) program [Read More...]
Why a U.S.-China War in the Pacifc Would Be a ‘Knife’ Fight (From The National Interest) A large portion of the U.S. defense establishment is operating under the mistaken belief that a future conflict involving a great or middle power in the Pacific will be a long-range missile duel. China is building a formidable conventional military [Read More...]
Army Futures Command’s Report Card After Its First Year (From RealClearDefense) Army Futures Command (AFC) was stood up on July 1, 2018. It achieved full operational capability on July 31, 2019. In that time, AFC has made some remarkable strides, particularly considering the U.S. Army’s inherent conservatism. Even before the location [Read More...]
Marine Corps’ Vision of Future Conflicts Will Require Improved Amphibious Forces (From RealClearDefense) In an era of great power conflict, U.S. amphibious warfare forces are the Nation’s first line of defense. But many senior military leaders, including the new Commandant of the Marine Corps, General David Berger, believe that large-scale, multi-brigade opposed landing [Read More...]
How To Protect The Growing Internet Of Battlefield Things (From Fifth Domain) Soon, everything and everyone on the battlefield will be connected, often carrying multiple sensors, computers and communications devices. This emerging Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT) will transform the American way of war. But at the same time, it could create [Read More...]
The Warfighters Need a War Cloud Now (From RealClearDefense) Advances in networking and computing are driving modern warfare away from its centuries-old segmentation based on domains – land, sea, air, outer space and, most recently, cyber – and towards what has been called multi-domain operations (MDO). To win a [Read More...]
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