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How To Ensure Russia Can’t Beat NATO In A War: Forward Deploy The U.S. Army (From 1945) Wars are about seizing, holding, or conversely, liberating territory. This is true even for insurgencies such as the ones in Afghanistan and Vietnam. The greatest geostrategic crises of the past decade involved efforts by Russia and China to expand their [Read More...]
Are U.S. Missile Defenses Vulnerable To Cyberattacks? (From 1945) The Chinese hypersonic missile threat has made the United States rethink its missile defense approach. U.S. defense officials recognize that America’s missile defense capabilities, while formidable, are designed to track and shoot down traditional ballistic missiles and would struggle with [Read More...]
Why Congress Should Stop Targeting Big Tech (From The National Interest) It seems that one of the few things on which Democrats and Republics in Congress can agree is they want to put constraints on the U.S. technology sector. Members of both the House and Senate have put forth at least [Read More...]
Fire The Lasers? The U.S. Military Wants To Make Sure It Can Kill Enemy Drones (Form 1945) The greatest challenge facing the U.S. military may not be Chinese nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles or Russian hypersonic weapons. Rather, it may come from unmanned aerial systems (UASs), or drones, in the hands of foreign militaries and violent extremist groups. The [Read More...]
The A-29 Super Tucano Is Transforming the Way Nations Fight Violent Extremists (From RealClearDefense) Airpower provides a decisive advantage in the fight against violent extremists. Airpower offers a speed of response, an ability to collect information, and precision effects capability unavailable in other types of military capabilities. These effects can be tailored to the [Read More...]
Why The U.S. Navy And Marines’ ARG/MEU Is America’s Premier Stand-In Force (From 1945) In an era marked by the proliferation of lethal, long-range weapons, , the U.S. military is looking for ways of ensuring that its forces deployed within range of these new threats can operate effectively both in peacetime and in the [Read More...]
The Evolving Carrier Air Wing Will Keep The CVN Relevant For Decades (From RealClearDefense) The on-again/off-again debate regarding the future of the aircraft carrier has been reanimated. The approximate causal factor is the proliferation of long-range precision-guided ballistic and cruise missiles. In response to the threat, the Department of Defense (DoD) has sought to [Read More...]
With All Eyes On China, US Army Must Ensure It’s Prepared To Deter Russia In Europe (From Breaking Defense) It has become almost an article of faith in the Department of Defense that China is rapidly becoming the threat of greatest concern to the U.S. Some defense officials have even offered the opinion that the balance of military power [Read More...]
For JADC2 To Work, DoD Needs An Enterprise-Wide Cloud Immediately (From 1945) The key to a new American way of war is not a platform or a weapons system. It is a network: the Joint All Domain Command and Control System (JADC2). It is intended to be a single integrated enterprise-wide network [Read More...]
Can The U.S. Army Transform Without A New Approach To Warfare? (From Breaking Defense) The Army is proceeding full speed ahead with its modernization efforts, the so-called 31+4. Over the next few years, the Army says it will achieve initial fielding of capabilities from at least 22 of the 35 programs. These include a [Read More...]
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