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Force Multiplier: U.S. Fleet Of Air-Capable Amphibious Warfare Ships (From RealClearDefense) The Navy and Marine Corps are proposing radical changes to their force structures in line with new concepts for maritime and expeditionary operations. All eyes are on what is new, such as the Navy’s desire for fleets of unmanned surface [Read More...]
Army Modernization’s Day Of Reckoning Is At Hand (From RealClearDefense) Despite its successes, Army modernization now faces a day of reckoning. Regardless of who wins the November election, the flow of resources which has undergirded modernization is almost certain to decline. The Army’s leaders will have to conduct serious triage [Read More...]
Why The U.S. Military Needs Long Range Precision Fires (From The National Interest) Long Range Precision Fires (LRPF) are the U.S. Army’s number one modernization priority. The immediate goal of this program is to restore the Army’s erstwhile advantage in indirect fires, both artillery and rockets/missiles. Even more importantly, the program has a [Read More...]
High-End Warfare in the Indo-Pacific Theater Will Require Distributed Sensing (From RealClearDefense) The United States’ military is evolving towards a new way of warfare designed to counter adversaries’ efforts to develop a dominant anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capability. This new approach focuses on the proliferation of land units and  air, sea and space [Read More...]
Michigan Companies Are Helping To Modernize The World’s Best Tank First produced in 1980, the U.S. M1 Abrams is still the best main battle tank in the world. While the U.S. Army is working on a replacement for the venerable Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, the Abrams will remain in service [Read More...]
The Power Of A Growing International F-35 Community (From RealClearDefense) The United States is rapidly building an international community based around the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The military value of such a community is indisputable. The F-35 will be one of the pillars supporting the creation of a new, sensor-rich [Read More...]
Helmet Mounted Displays Are a Key Combat Advantage for U.S. and Allied Pilots (From RealClearDefense) What are the capabilities or technologies that distinguish advanced fighter aircraft from their predecessors? Any list should include electronically-scanning radar and other sensors, high-performance engines, advanced avionics, and maybe precision munitions. For fifth-generation aircraft, the F-22 and F-35, supercruise power, [Read More...]
Can Japan Continue To Grow Into The Military Ally The U.S. Needs? (From The National Interest) The security environment in the Western Pacific is becoming more challenging for the U.S., its friends and allies. China seeks to dominate the region and project power globally. North Korea is expanding its arsenal of ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads. [Read More...]
The Marine Corps’ New Way Of Operating Will Still Require The LCAC And SSC (From RealClearDefense) The Marine Corp is looking to transform itself. In his Planning Guidance, the Commandant, General David Berger, lays out a vision for his Service to make it more relevant to meeting the military challenges associated with great power competition. Making [Read More...]
U.S. CBP Deploying Advanced Surveillance Technologies To Secure The Border President Trump’s wall has received the overwhelming amount of public attention in discussions of security on the Southwest border. The focus has been on the idea of a physical wall. However, the responsible federal agency, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol [Read More...]
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