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The Thirty-Year Success Story Of The V-22 Osprey Must Continue (From RealClearDefense) It has been three decades since the V-22 Osprey first flew. Over that time, the V-22 has confounded its critics and more than proven itself in operations from Southwest Asia to the Western Pacific. Originally designed and built for the [Read More...]
A Handful Of Biden Defense Picks Are Guiding The Pentagon Through Perilous Times The transition period of a new administration can be particularly challenging for new appointees at the Department of Defense (DoD). The FY2022 defense budget, written by the Trump administration, needs to be reviewed. Work needs to be initiated on the [Read More...]
America Must Secure Its Geospatial-Intelligence Information Supply Chain (From The National Interest) The United States is in a competition with China on multiple fronts: economics, technology, geography, politics, and military power. A major battleground between the two countries is in the field of information. Both sides are racing to gain an advantage [Read More...]
Is The Pentagon Serious About Implementing Open Systems Architectures? (From RealClearDefense) One of the most prevalent trends in defense acquisition is that modernizing and upgrading platforms and systems need to be based on open systems architectures, which is now called a modular open systems approach (MOSA). The central thesis of MOSA [Read More...]
The ScanEagle And Blackjack UASs Will Reshape Maritime Surveillance (From National Interest) The world’s oceans and seas are vast. Maritime challenges occurring to U.S. interests and international legal and humanitarian responsibilities are increasing in both quantity and quality. But the number of Navy and Coast Guard ships available is relatively small, and [Read More...]
Hypersonic Weapons Really Matter to U.S. Deterrence of Russia (From RealClearDefense) Hypersonic weapons could dramatically change the balance of conventional military power between the United States and its major competitors, Russia, and China. Russia is investing heavily in hypersonic systems and is on the verge of deploying a variety of strategic [Read More...]
Defeating Small Drones: The U.S. Army’s Next Big Challenge (From RealClearDefense) The proliferation of armed unmanned aircraft systems (UASs), also known as drones, presents a growing threat to maneuver ground forces, headquarters, logistics and critical infrastructure. This is particularly true for the explosion in the availability of small, increasingly sophisticated UASs. [Read More...]
Upgrading The Air Force’s New CSAR Helicopter With An HMD Will Save Lives (From RealClearDefense) One of the most important, yet often underappreciated, missions in the U.S. Air Force is combat search and rescue (CSAR). For more than half a century, aircrews have flown in harm’s way sustained by the knowledge that should they be [Read More...]
Enhancing U.S. Commitment To NATO by Selling Poland The M1 (From RealClearDefense) One of the first foreign policy actions taken by the Biden administration was to reaffirm this nation’s belief in the NATO Alliance as the cornerstone of U.S. global security relationships. The Biden administration needs to put action behind its words. [Read More...]
U.S. Companies Can Help Friends And Allies Improve Their Border Security Countries around the world are being challenged to secure their borders, natural resources and territorial sovereignty. A priority over the last year has been preventing the movement of people infected with the COVID-19 virus. But long standing problems seem to [Read More...]
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