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Growing Cyber Threats Require U.S. Allies To Implement A Zero Trust Strategy (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. military cannot fight a high-end conflict without a coalition of friends and allies. In order to conduct effective joint operations, all parties must be able to share information rapidly across secure networks. Unfortunately, adversaries such as China and [Read More...]
Five Reasons Navy Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers Will Play A Key Role In A War With China (From 1945) In an age of global surveillance and long-range precision strike weapons, recent wargames have reanimated an old argument about the survivability of aircraft carriers. Critics have long asserted that large surface ships, especially aircraft carriers, are too vulnerable to play [Read More...]
Lessons From Ukraine: Command Posts Must Be More Agile (From 1945) Without question, the war in Ukraine is full of lessons for observers and analysts willing to learn. Many of the takeaways focus on the impacts on warfare of new or advanced technologies and systems. These include the effects of long-range [Read More...]
A War On Big Tech Is A Mistake: The FTC Is About To Repeat Mistakes Made During AT&T Breakup (From 1945) The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), under the leadership of Lina Khan, has essentially gone to war against U.S. big tech. In the center of their target circle sit leading U.S. firms such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. These companies are [Read More...]
Finland Must Prepare To Defend NATO’s Longest Border With Russia (From RealClearDefense) Finland’s entry into NATO significantly alters the security environment in Europe. Now that it and Sweden (provisionally) are members of the alliance, the Baltic Sea has been turned into a NATO lake. In addition, NATO proximity to Russia’s Kola Peninsula [Read More...]
America Is Closing The Hypersonic Weapons Gap (From 1945) The U.S. is in a race to develop and deploy hypersonic weapons. It is a race in which it seeks to catch up to its great power competitors, Russia and China. Hypersonic weapons are complex systems. Developing them requires not [Read More...]
Congress Pushes For Much-Needed Reforms Of The Foreign Military Sales Process (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. is still the arsenal of democracy, providing well over $150 billion in security cooperation assistance to some 58 countries in 2021. One of the main avenues for providing friends and allies with needed military capabilities is the Foreign [Read More...]
Will The Contest Between UAS And C-UAS Capabilities Lead To A New Military-Technological Revolution? (From 1945) Recent twenty-first-century wars suggest that the outcomes of future conflicts could be determined by the contest between unmanned aerial systems (UASs), also known as drones, and the means deployed to counter UASs (C-UASs). More than 30 nations have either fielded [Read More...]
The U.S. Army Needs To Fix Its Remaining ‘Fires’ Gap (From 1945) In recent years, the U.S. Army’s top modernization priority has been long-range precision fires (LRPF). As the war in Ukraine demonstrates, this was a prescient decision. But when it comes to addressing the need for an entirely new portfolio of [Read More...]
Ukraine War Makes The Case For Affordable Mass Fires (From 1945) The war in Ukraine has been consuming munitions, both conventional arms and so-called “smart” weapons, at a prodigious rate. The use rate, particularly for the more capable (but also more complex and expensive) long-range precision weapons, has far exceeded pre-war [Read More...]
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