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Light Amphibious Warship: A Mistake For The U.S. Marine Corps And Navy? (From 1945) The Marine Corps and Navy are moving aggressively to redefine how they will conduct amphibious operations and reshape their fleets of amphibious warships. Perhaps they are moving too fast. The Sea Services are conducting wargames, exercises, and experiments to validate [Read More...]
Cancelling JEDI Contract May Not Solve DoD’s Cloud Migration Woes (From 1945) The Department of Defense (DoD) has mercifully put the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) out of its misery. Along with the announcement of JEDI’s cancelation, the Pentagon said that it would begin the process of implementing a new, enterprise-wide cloud. [Read More...]
The Navy Needs To Acquire A Lot More Arleigh Burke Destroyers Now The U.S. Navy is facing a crisis: it is too small to meet the operational requirements being imposed on it. Furthermore, in terms of overall capacity, it is falling behind China, which is building warships and submarines at a prodigious [Read More...]
Providing Poland With The M1 Abrams Would Help Secure NATO’s Eastern Flank (From The National Interest) The 2021 NATO summit put members on the record that they would build a flexible, agile, and resilient force architecture “with the right forces in the right place at the right time.” U.S. and NATO forces along the eastern flank [Read More...]
AFSOC’s Unique Array For Armed Overwatch Competition (From RealClearDefense) Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), Armed Overwatch program is, to say the least, unusual. This is an effort to acquire 75 light aircraft to provide a combination of tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), communications, and strike from bases [Read More...]
Recapitalizing Strategic Sealift Should Be DoD’s Number One Modernization Priority (From CIMSEC) The Department of Defense (DoD) has focused heavily on modernization and its associated concept, innovation. Each of the services has ambitious acquisition programs in place intended to radically change their force structures by adding new, advanced capabilities. These vary from [Read More...]
How Misguided Antitrust Concerns Pose A Threat To The Nation’s Security And Health (From The National Interest) Mergers and acquisitions will continue to be an important tool for defense and aerospace companies in accelerating change, improving their performance, reducing costs, and providing the rapid innovation demanded by the Pentagon. Mergers and acquisitions may be particularly significant is [Read More...]
DoD Is Leading the Way in Creating a Federal Zero Trust IT Architecture (From RealClearDefense) The phrase “DoD is leading the way” is one that has been largely absent from conversations having to do with information technologies and cybersecurity. Commercial sectors such as banking are more frequently described as being on the “cutting edge,” while [Read More...]
The JLTV And The 21st Century American Way Of Land Warfare (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. Army and Marine Corps are looking to change how they will fight near-peer adversaries in the future. Both Services are focused on becoming more lethal, distributed, mobile and survivable. When it comes to fielding new capabilities, this requires [Read More...]
Defunding Trump’s Wall Halted Deployment Of Advanced Surveillance Systems (From The National Interest) When President Joe Biden terminated funding for former President Donald Trump’s controversial border wall, an unintended consequence of that decision was to stop deployment of several advanced electronic surveillance capabilities. Ironically, on many parts of the border, these systems provide [Read More...]
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