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The Army Needs To Extend Active Protection To Bradley Fighting Vehicles (From 1945) The Russian invasion of Ukraine shows that the world is not finished with industrial-age warfare. It also underscores the critical role of heavy armor in at least some future high-end conflicts. The large losses in armored fighting vehicles suffered by [Read More...]
The New War In The Air Littorals: Implications For Future Integrated Air And Missile Defenses (From 1945) The Russia-Ukraine conflict has caused many defense experts and military leaders to posit the existence of a new “mini-domain:” the air littorals. This is the region from the ground to approximately 1,000 ft. As the current conflict demonstrates, this new [Read More...]
The U.S. Needs To Harness Big Tech To Compete With China (From The National Interest) The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is the democratic world’s most significant strategic challenge and the United States’ pacing military competitor. Beijing has achieved this status primarily because of its growing economic power and enormous technological progress over the past [Read More...]
Implementing Comply-To-Connect Is Critical To DoD’s Drive To Zero Trust Cybersecurity (From 1945) The size and complexity of both private and public networks – and the number of devices on them – are growing at a rapid pace. It is apparent to all that the old way of providing security for Department of [Read More...]
Are The Wheels Coming Off The JADC2 Bus? (From RealClearDefense) The Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) framework is intended to support a new way of warfare by exploiting the vast amounts of information available to warfighters on the future battlefield. This will allow elements of the Joint Force [Read More...]
It Only Gets Better: The F-35 Is Becoming More Lethal And Affordable (From The National Interest) The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) is the world’s premier fifth-generation air platform. Its performance is unmatched by any existing fourth-generation aircraft as well as the so-called fifth-generation systems being deployed by Russia and China. After some significant teething pains [Read More...]
The U.S. Navy Should Deploy The Medium Unmanned Surface Vessel Now (From 1945) The U.S. Navy has a vision for a future fleet that involves deploying as many as 150 unmanned platforms, both unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) of diverse sizes and weights. The technology for USVs is well-developed with several USVs, [Read More...]
Not Enough M1 Abrams? Poland Is Buying K2 Black Panther Tanks (From 1945) Poland has become the linchpin of NATO’s eastern defenses. Recognizing Poland’s important geostrategic position, the U.S. has deployed significant forces to that country, including a rotationally deployed Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) and the prepositioned equipment for a second ABCT. [Read More...]
An Aging Amphibious Warfare Fleet Will Not Deter China (From RealClearDefense) Events of recent weeks have underscored the correctness of the Biden administration’s view that China is this country’s pacing threat, one that is racing to create a military that would challenge that of the United States. The U.S. military is [Read More...]
Why An Antitrust War Against Google And Big Tech Is A Big Mistake (From 1945) There is a clear consensus among defense and intelligence officials across the globe that China has moved from being a competitor to the West to a threat not only to the U.S. but the entire liberal democratic world. One aspect [Read More...]
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