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The West Needs To Unleash Sanctions Hell On Russia Or Risk A War With NATO (From 1945) The conflict between Russia and Ukraine appears to be broadening and deepening. While Moscow’s initial strategy of a swift coup de main to decapitate the Ukrainian government failed, Russia has had significant successes in the South and East. Some observers [Read More...]
Raytheon’s SPY-6 Radar Family Will Revolutionize U.S. Navy Operations (From 19FortyFive) The U.S. Navy’s new operational approach to winning a high-end fight with a peer competitor is called Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO). The essence of DMO is found in three core tenets: making U.S. forces (particularly naval platforms but also land-based forces) hard to find, hard [Read More...]
GSA’s Power Grab Over DFTS Puts Critical Defense Transportation Contracts At Risk (From 1945) For more than a decade, the Department of Defense (DoD) struggled to find the right contracting mechanism that would allow it to take advantage of the enormous logistics capabilities resident in the private sector. Third-party logistics providers have the experience, [Read More...]
The New Arsenal Of Democracy: The U.S. Commercial High-Tech Industry’s Role In Countering The China Threat Read the full report as a PDF here. The character of the international order is changing. These changes encompass all elements of national power – economic, technological, social/cultural, political, and military. The United States and its democratic friends and allies [Read More...]
JADC2 Will Require Automated Cybersecurity (From RealClearDefense) The defense digital terrain is changing rapidly. The growth in defense networks and the systems on them is already explosive. This will increase exponentially with the introduction of the Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) system. If successful, it [Read More...]
The Ukraine War Proves The U.S. Army Needs New Mobile 155mm Howitzers (From 1945) Artillery may again become the King of Battle. The Russia-Ukraine conflict is turning into a brutal slugfest. Using tactics reminiscent of those employed in both World Wars, the Russian Army is relying on massive artillery barrages to drive back Ukrainian [Read More...]
3 Good Reasons Why The F-35 Was Not Featured In Top Gun: Maverick (From 1945) One of the most noteworthy features of Top Gun: Maverick is the absence (beyond a few seconds at the beginning of the movie) of the F-35C, the Navy’s premier, and only, fifth-generation aircraft. If the F-35 had been the centerpiece of [Read More...]
A ‘Big’ Mistake: The US Government Declaring War On Big Tech (From 1945) For the first time in decades, this country faces a significant challenge from another country’s technological ambitions. Should this country, China, win the technological competition with the United States it would have untold ramifications for our economy, political system, personal liberties, global [Read More...]
TRAX: The One Capability That Can Make JADC2 Successful (From RealClearDefense) The program that is supposed to achieve the U.S. military’s vision for seamless, real-time interoperability at the tactical edge is called the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) system. The problem for JADC2 and all its Service components is that [Read More...]
To Help Ukraine, The Administration Needs To Get Abrams Tanks To Poland Faster (From RealClearDefense) The transfer of weapons, ammunition, and other supplies from the U.S. and NATO countries to Ukraine has been the lifeline that allowed Kyiv to hold off Moscow’s assault. The U.S. alone has provided to date some $4 billion in assistance. [Read More...]
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