Electric Grid Cyber Protection: Six Key Recent Developments Below is a synopsis of six particularly notable developments since November 2019 re: steps being taken to protect the U.S. electric grid from cyberattacks and the evolving nature of these threats. National Security Council Report. On December 12 the President’s [Read More...]
Mike Bloomberg’s Leadership Test On Nuclear Power (From InsideSources) For decades there has been strong bipartisan support for nuclear power plants among state and federal elected officials. These plants do not emit pollution, provide cost competitive electricity and have many other regional economic benefits. Among those supporting nuclear power, [Read More...]
Stop China’s Theft Of U.S. Government Research (From InsideSources) A recent bipartisan U.S. Senate report documents that China is systematically infiltrating U.S. research programs, co-opting scientists and others in order to steal large amounts of important, cutting-edge information. The U.S. must be especially vigilant about energy programs as the [Read More...]
After Decades Of Warnings, U.S. Gets Serious About EMP Dangers For decades government policy experts and scientists have known about the dangers of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) events which could cripple large sections of the power grid for long periods of time. EMP disturbances occur naturally, through solar storms. They could [Read More...]
New York’s Reckless Gamble On Offshore Wind Power (From Crain’s New York Business) Governor Cuomo is looking to aggressively build offshore wind power to serve New York City and Long Island, despite its high cost and threat to grid reliability. In fact, the U.S. currently has just one, yes one, offshore wind facility. [Read More...]
Smart Energy Policies Improve Families’ Lives (From InsideSources) When energy policies work, American families benefit. An October report from the White House Council of Economic Advisers finds that the increased domestic production of natural gas and oil is saving a family of four $2,500 a year. Yet, much [Read More...]
Electric Grid Cyber Protection: Seven Recent Developments To Know Protecting America’s electric grid from cyberattacks is a formidable and evolving challenge, requiring continuous evolution and improvement. In recent weeks there have been seven notable developments. While there is no single solution or “silver bullet” to ensure the electric grid [Read More...]
Warnings From California’s Blackouts (From InsideSources) The planned blackouts that left two million California residents without power should be a wake-up call to modernize and protect America’s power grid. This includes major investments in transformers, circuit breakers and transmission lines, 70 percent of which are more [Read More...]
Vigilance Essential For Electric Grid Protection (From InsideSources) America’s electric grid is the lifeblood of our economy – and our enemies are continuously looking for ways to infect it. Russia, China and other adversaries want to be able to cause catastrophic damage to the electric grid and the [Read More...]
Offshore Wind Mania Grips Governors (From RealClearEnergy) In the United States and worldwide, offshore wind power is fledgling, at best. Despite this the Governors of New York and New Jersey have made it the cornerstone of their states’ future electricity supplies and ambitious carbon reduction goals. This [Read More...]
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