Hidden Costs Of Renewable Power Hurt The Poor (From InsideSources) While the prices of most sources of electricity have plummeted over the past decade, electricity prices are still too high for many Americans, especially the poor. One in five households goes without heat or air conditioning in order to be [Read More...]
US Ups Its Game In Catastrophic Grid Protection (From RealClearEnergy) Electromagnetic pulse disturbances are among the most potentially catastrophic and under-addressed vulnerabilities for America’s electric grid. These can occur naturally, or via terrorists and enemy nations. Through a far-ranging executive order, the Trump Administration has launched a game plan to [Read More...]
Don’t Squander America’s Energy Prowess (From InsideSources) America has become a worldwide energy powerhouse. This means millions of middle-class jobs, an improved balance of trade, far less likelihood of wars over oil and a cleaner environment. The biggest threat to these gains is not the Green New [Read More...]
Fueling A Green New Deal With Liquefied Natural Gas (From InsideSources) The Green New Deal promises vast economic and environmental benefits in the decade ahead. But natural gas has already provided such benefits and can provide a great deal more, especially as the U.S. becomes a powerhouse in exporting liquefied natural [Read More...]
Protect The Electric Grid From America’s Enemies (From InsideSources) There have been several recent strong warnings about the dangers of cyberattacks on the electric grid along with positive defensive developments. Continued vigilance is imperative. Lexington Institute’s Paul Steidler has written a commentary for InsideSources about this topic here. [Read More...]
Preventing The Mother Of All Power Outages (From RealClearEnergy) A major report by the Department of Homeland Security warns about catastrophic power outages, such as those that would occur from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. For too long, policy makers have ignored such warnings and action is overdue. Lexington [Read More...]
America’s Grid Upgrades Should Include Fixing EMP Vulnerability (From RealClearEnergy) Major improvements to the electric grid should include addressing the potentially serious risks faced from long-term shutdowns from electromagnetic pulse events. These improvements are affordable, especially when done in conjunction with other grid upgrades. Lexington Institute’s Paul Steidler has written [Read More...]
Fortifying the Electric Grid (From InsideSources) Amid superstorms and hurricanes, Americans are increasingly concerned about the state of the electric grid. There have been many positive, ongoing developments in recent years that are strengthening grid reliability and reducing the likelihood of outages from day-to-day events to [Read More...]
How Electric Vehicles Can Support the Grid Executive Summary Click here to read the full report as a pdf. Many people recognize that electric vehicles benefit the environment, but fewer realize the electric grid can operate more efficiently with these cars. They are cheaper to maintain and [Read More...]
How Can U.S. Help Its Neighbors? Export More Natural Gas (From Investor’s Business Daily) There are many compelling reasons the U.S. is looking to expand energy exports, particularly liquefied natural gas (LNG). Close to home, LNG will help to strengthen the economies of many Caribbean and nearby countries. It will also provide significant environmental [Read More...]
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