Electric Grid Cyber Protection: Key Recent Developments Below is a synopsis of six particularly notable developments since March 2020 pertaining to threats against the U.S. electric grid from cyberattacks and related preventative actions. Presidential Executive Order on Securing the Bulk Power System. This May 1 directive determined, [Read More...]
Another Critical Supply Chain America Must Bring Home (From InsideSources) In recent weeks, Americans have been aghast and disgusted to see the dangerous extent to which we rely on China for personal protective equipment so vital to healthcare workers. The United States electric system has also become increasingly dependent on [Read More...]
Sequester Key Workers And Make This The Power Industry’s Finest Hour (From POWER Magazine) It is important for power producers, utilities and grid operators to make sure critical employees, such as control room operators, are healthy and to have them live on-site until the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. These highly skilled workers must work [Read More...]
More Heroes In The COVID-19 War (From InsideSources) Far from the public view is an important part of the COVID-19 fight: electricity-sector professionals have sequestered themselves at grid facilities for weeks at a time to keep the power on. Hospitals and homes depend on the constant energy supply [Read More...]
The U.S. Department Of Energy’s Office Of Electricity: A Discussion With Bruce Walker, Assistant Secretary Bruce Walker is the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Electricity at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Confirmed by the U.S. Senate in October 2017, he is responsible for leading national efforts to develop technologies that enhance the security [Read More...]
Three Vital Steps For Keeping Electricity Flowing During COVID-19 Blackouts during COVID-19 would be especially disastrous. And there is an unacceptable, heightened risk that they will occur if the skilled professionals at power plants, utilities and grid operators become infected and spread COVID-19 to their colleagues, with whom they [Read More...]
The Double Disaster We Must Avoid – Blackouts During The COVID-19 Pandemic (From InsideSources) The electric grid is essential for every aspect of modern life. Blackouts during the COVID-19 pandemic would be especially disruptive and must be avoided. Many of the highly skilled professionals who keep the grid up and running cannot work from [Read More...]
Mucking Up America’s Competitive Electricity Markets (From InsideSources) America’s competitive electricity markets, coupled with sensible regulation, have helped ensure that the United States has abundant, reliable and affordable electricity. That system is today threatened by the Green New Deal and, more immediately, by actions that numerous states have [Read More...]
Alarm Bells About The Electric Grid (From InsideSources) The U.S. electric grid is under attack. And it is an unfair fight because hostile nations are taking aim at individual electric utilities. The race is on to see whether the United States will properly coordinate its resources to mitigate [Read More...]
States Need To Answer For Stubbornly High Electricity Bills (From RealClearEnergy) Over the past two years natural gas prices are down 50 percent, but consumers’ electricity bills are up an average of 4 percent per kilowatt hour. In some states, like California, Massachusetts and New York, bills are up much more. [Read More...]
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