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GOP Leaders: New Coalitions Call for New Cuba Policy Eight prominent Republican leaders in defense, trade, and international policy say U.S. policy toward Cuba would be improved by ending the embargo on food and medicine sales, lifting all restrictions on travel by American citizens, and sunsetting the 1996 Helms-Burton law.
Cuba’s Economy and the Impact of American Engagement Mr. Chairman, members of the Commission: I appreciate this opportunity to testify and would like to focus on sectors of the Cuban economy that have changed significantly in the past decade, and how economic relations with the United States would affect these sectors and U.S. interests.
Where Capitalists and Socialists May Agree: Future Issues in Cuban Economic Policy Remarks at at a conference of the Georgetown University Caribbean Project: "Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Cuban Economy in the Next Decade There is a lot of talk about "transition" in Cuba as if it is a process that will begin some day in the future.
We Can Further Ties With Cuba Without Sacrificing Our Concern For Human Rights” The following article was distributed nationally by the Bridge News syndicate in New York. It appeared with the headline above on May 2, 2000 in the Montgomery Advertiser in Montgomery, Alabama.
Potential for Progress in U.S.-Cuba Relations Remarks of Philip Peters, Vice President of the Lexington Institute, at the Annual Congress of the Latin America Studies Association Miami, Florida
Ryan is Right on Cuba Illinois leaders are of two minds about Cuba. Gov. George Ryan, looking to the future, is going to Havana to deliver food and medical aid and explore trade opportunities.
What If America Engaged With Cuba? The logic and practical impact of U.S. policy toward Cuba are the focus of growing debate. As Americans consider ways to increase contact with Cuba and weigh the effects of different types of engagement, this paper examines the modest economic reforms ...
Ending Embargo of Food, Medicine to Cuba Would Help Many (This article was distributed nationally by the Scripps Howard News Service on May 24, 1999.) If American farmers were permitted to export to Cuba, they would gain access to a market that is eager to do business with Americans...
Ends, Means, and Influence: American Policy Toward Cuba Remarks at the World Policy Institute Forum on U.S. Policy Toward Cuba; The New School for Social Research, New York [These remarks refer to a Cuba policy task force organized by the Council on Foreign Relations. The task force report is at]
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