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U.S. Sanctions Against Cuba: A Just War Perspective “U.S. Sanctions Against Cuba: A Just War Perspective” Presented to the XVI Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (Miami) by Philip Peters August 5, 2006 A friend who worked in the Administration told me [Read More...]
El club de los enganados Para ”proteger nuestro sistema de educación” del espionaje cubano, el representante estatal David Rivera propone prohibir los viajes académicos de las universidades floridanas a Cuba. No importa que los dos profesores de la Universidad Internacional de la Florida que preocupan [Read More...]
Ambiguous Policy Has Clearly Bad Results Now that lawyers for two deceased Cuban migrants may sue the U.S. Coast Guard in federal court, it is worth looking at migration across the Florida straits from the Coast Guard’s point of view. The loss of Isabel Menendez, 74, [Read More...]
New Moves Could End Investment Slump Article Published in The Miami Herald The diplomatic thaw between Cuba and the European Union has received lots of attention, but its impact is not likely to be dramatic. Official contacts will resume and European contacts with Cuban dissidents will [Read More...]
Seeking Votes by Injuring Cubans Events in Iraq have overshadowed a new, 500-page Bush Administration plan to bring about regime change closer to home: in Cuba. It’s a remarkable plan that casts aside a tool that Democratic and Republican Presidents have long used to open [Read More...]
The Value of Engagement with Cuba Presentation Statement before the Committee on Finance United States Senate Mr. Chairman, Members of the Committee: Thank you for inviting me to testify on a subject of great importance to American foreign policy in this hemisphere: United States relations with [Read More...]
Preparing for a New Reality Article Published in the Latin Finance A post-Castro Cuba is an opportunity for the United States to fill a void for people living in an economic limbo. Washington should emphasize freer communication now to prepare for life without Casto, writes [Read More...]
Models of Engagement: How Foreign Projects Work in Cuba Research Study International engagement with Cuba is limited by many factors: the relatively narrow scope of projects of interest to Cuban authorities, the lack of independent Cuban organizations that can enter international partnerships on their own, Cuban centralization and bureaucracy, [Read More...]
What to Do About Cuba? Op Ed Published in The Miami Herald The Bush Administration is a bind over Cuba. President Bush is preparing to announce a policy response tomorrow, which is Cuban Independence Day. But with 75 dissidents recently jailed in Cuba, Bush’s goal [Read More...]
Ban Undercuts Our Influence On Cuba Op Ed Published in The Dallas Morning News In many meetings in Havana over the past two years, I have come to know and admire the top activists in Cuba’s fledgling democratic opposition – people who struggle to be heard [Read More...]
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