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Appeal for Release of Cuban Dissidents Letter to Dagoberto Rodriguez, Chief, Cuban Interests Section April 4, 2003 Dagoberto Rodriguez Chief, Cuban Interests Section Embassy of Switzerland 2630 16th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20009 Dear Mr. Rodriguez, We write to express our profound concern at the arrest [Read More...]
Agricultural Sales to Cuba Serve American Farmers The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Thanks to a law passed in 2000, American farmers have made more than $100 million in sales to Cuba since last fall. This week in Havana, farm products from 32 states will be on display at [Read More...]
The Beginning of the End of a Policy? This article was written shortly after the House of Representatives approved the Flake amendments to end the Cuba travel ban and to lift limits on remittances that Americans send to Cuban families. It was published on Cubanet, a Miami-based service [Read More...]
Cuba, the Embargo, and American Travel: The State Department’s Distorted Vision Issue Brief On the eve of Congressional consideration of amendments affecting U.S. economic sanctions against Cuba, the State Department has released a 20-page “white paper” to bolster its point of view. The paper may well reveal the Administration’s real reason [Read More...]
Radio Marti’s Shrinking Audience and What to Do About It Testimony Madam Chairman, members of the subcommittee: I thank you for inviting me here today and I applaud your decision to exercise long-needed oversight of our government’s broadcasting to Cuba. Radio Marti’s audience share has plummeted to five percent in [Read More...]
Cuba, the Terrorism List, and What the United States Should Do Issue Brief Summary Since 1982 Cuba has been named a “state sponsor of terrorism” by the State Department and is accused of supporting terrorism by myriad unofficial sources. In contrast to its depiction of the six other countries on the [Read More...]
U.S. Policy Toward Cuba: Voices from the Island Issue Brief It is tricky to measure Cuban public opinion. Foreigners do not conduct survey research in Cuba based on large random samples, and if this were done on sensitive political topics its results might not be accurate. Yet visitors [Read More...]
Let Yankee Tourists Shower Dollars on Cuba’s Poor In her final press conference as Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright’s message to the Cuban people was succinct. In reference to the aging Fidel Castro she said, “I wish them the actuarial tables.” It was an odd statement on behalf [Read More...]
Let Americans Travel Freely to Cuba Article Published in the Miami Herald This New Year’s Eve in Havana, 74-year-old Fidel Castro celebrated his 42nd year in power. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, especially after the Soviet Union’s demise put Cuba on the brink of [Read More...]
A Policy toward Cuba That Serves U.S. Interests Executive Summary More than a decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Fidel Castro remains in charge in Havana, despising capitalism, taunting the Cuban-American community in Miami, theorizing about the evils of globalization, and keeping up with every imaginable [Read More...]
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