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Why A Lockheed-Aerojet Merger Is Good For Defense (From Forbes) Lockheed Martin is proposing to merge with Aerojet Rocketdyne, one of the two remaining producers of rocket engines in the U.S. On balance, the combination would be good for America’s military. First, it would preserve competition in a vital sector [Read More...]
Air Power Advocates Are Attacking Army Long-Range Strike Plans. Here’s Why They’re Wrong. (From Forbes) Air power proponents have been assailing the Army’s plans to develop missiles with ranges well beyond what is customary for conventional ground systems. They say the planned capability duplicates what the Air Force already can do, is the antithesis of [Read More...]
The Navy’s Future Large Surface Combatant Is A Slow Boat To China. Too Slow. (From Forbes) The Navy wants to develop a new large surface combatant, but Congress isn’t buying its rationale. Authorizers and appropriators alike slashed the 2021 funding request, citing inadequate explanation of requirements and plans. And with good reason. The service already has [Read More...]
The Army Needs To Rethink Its Opposition to Upgrading the Chinook Helicopter (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. Army has no plan to replace its CH-47F Chinook. The heavy-lift helicopter isĀ  expected to remain in the active fleet for another four decades. Any yet, for some inexplicable reason, Army leaders decided not to proceed with upgrades [Read More...]
Textron Bets Big On Next-Generation Weapons (From Forbes) Rhode Island-based Textron is making a series of bets on next-generation weapons systems that could significantly shift its business mix in the years ahead. In 2020 it won a competition to supply the Army with robotic combat vehicles, won down-selects [Read More...]
Taiwan Tripwire: A New Role For The U.S. Army In Deterring Chinese Aggression (From Forbes) A potential Chinese occupation of Taiwan has become the most pressing concern facing U.S. military commanders in the Western Pacific. Washington needs to raise the stakes for Beijing in a way that more effectively deters aggression against the island nation. [Read More...]
Lockheed Martin And Aerojet: A Merger That Will Make The U.S. Military Stronger (From National Interest) Lockheed Martin is seeking to acquire propulsion innovator Aerojet Rocketdyne, in a deal similar to Northrop Grumman’s 2018 acquisition of Orbital ATK. The Federal Trade Commission is assessing whether the transaction might potentially reduce competition in the rocket and missile [Read More...]
Uncertain Outlook For Chinook Helicopter Endangers 18,000 Jobs–Especially In Pennsylvania (From Forbes) The U.S. Army’s only heavy-lift helicopter, CH-47F Chinook, is expected to stay in service through 2060. Nonetheless, Army leaders have been trying to cancel an upgrade of the helicopter without which it will not be able to transport the service’s [Read More...]
NASA Completes Testing Of Space Launch System Core Stage; Missions To Moon And Beyond Beckon (From Forbes) On March 18 NASA successfully completed the final of eight tests assessing the performance of the core stage for the space agency’s super-heavy lifter. Called the Space Launch System (SLS), it will return humans to the Moon and then evolve [Read More...]
Recent Media Coverage Gets F-35 Fighter Mostly Wrong (From National Interest) The national media have recently rediscovered that the F-35 fighter is the Pentagon’s costliest weapons program, and with herd-like predictability indulged in a feeding frenzy of misinformation. One account of the program’s cost to date from a usually respected outlet [Read More...]
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