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Qualcomm Antitrust Case Raises Far-Reaching National Security Concerns (From Forbes) On February 13th, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will hear oral arguments concerning whether chip maker Qualcomm should be forced to license its hard-won patents to competitors such as Huawei. A lower court ruled that the [Read More...]
How Top Military Contractors Raytheon And BAE Systems Are Drawing Non-Traditional Suppliers Into Defense (From Forbes) There is concern in the Pentagon that China and Russia are catching up with U.S. warfighting capabilities. Many policymakers are convinced that a solution lies, at least in part, in tapping a wider range of sources for military technology–especially commercial [Read More...]
How The U.S. Navy’s Aging Sealift Fleet Could Lose America’s Next War In Eurasia (From Forbes) No matter how well trained America’s military is, it can’t win overseas wars unless it has a way of getting to the fight.  Troops can be flown to war zones, but equipment and supplies need to go mainly by sea.  [Read More...]
Five Reasons The Army May Have Finally Found A Formula For Modernization That Works (From Forbes) In the years since the Cold War ended, the U.S. Army has faced repeated setbacks in trying to modernize its weapons.  Several major initiatives were canceled, and counter-insurgency campaigns in Southwest Asia distracted planners from the threat posed by near-peer [Read More...]
Five Features That Make Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser Spaceplane Unique (From Forbes) Sierra Nevada Corporation is developing a spacecraft for NASA that could change the face of America’s space program.  Called Dream Chaser, the spacecraft is a lifting body that can maneuver within the atmosphere — sort of like a scaled-down Space [Read More...]
Ten Reasons The F-35 Fighter Is Poised To Have A Super Year In 2020 (From Forbes) There was a time when the Pentagon’s biggest weapons program, the F-35 fighter, was assailed on all sides by critics.  Those days are long gone.  Today the program is a smashing success, and 2020 looks likely to be another step [Read More...]
Top Five Steps Trump Has Taken To Prepare The U.S. Military For Whatever Comes Next (From Forbes) Nobody knows what’s coming next for America’s military.  What is known is that President Donald Trump has made the military more prepared for a diverse array of potential contingencies.  Since he was inaugurated, Trump has increased funding for readiness; invested [Read More...]
2019 Wasn’t Boeing’s Worst Year. Not Even Close. (From Forbes) The year just ended was not kind to Boeing. Two crashes of its new 737 Max jetliner resulted in continuous criticism of Boeing management, products and culture. But 2019 was far from being the worst year in the company’s history. [Read More...]
Trump Reelection Likely Despite Impeachment, Buoying Defense Industry Outlook (From Forbes) President Trump is certain to avoid removal from office when the Senate holds its trial early next year pursuant to articles of impeachment. Not only that, he is likely to win a second term as chief executive, because incumbents seeking [Read More...]
Air Force’s Future Clouded With Space Force On Track To Separate (From Forbes) It now seems certain that the nation will be getting a sixth branch of the military, the Space Force. Initially housed within the Department of the Air Force, it will eventually be completely autonomous–depriving the Air Force of its former [Read More...]
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