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Army Breakthroughs In Long Range Fires Raise Novel Questions About Targeting, Organization & Command (From Forbes) The U.S. Army’s top modernization priority is increasing the range and lethality of its fires. That effort is going so well that it is now generating options for the future beyond what would have been imaginable a decade or two [Read More...]
Ten Performance Gains The Ford-Class Carrier Will Deliver That A Nimitz Never Can (From Forbes) The USS Gerald R. Ford, lead ship in a new generation of large-deck, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, is a lot more capable than the Nimitz class which it will replace. It can launch a third more aircraft sorties each day, including [Read More...]
Impact Of Pentagon Weapons Spending On Jobs (And Votes) In Four Battleground States (From Forbes) U.S. presidential elections tend to be decided by small numbers of voters in a handful of battleground states. Partisan sentiment is so evenly split in those states that seemingly minor factors can decide who wins all of a state’s electoral [Read More...]
Aerojet Concentrates Solid Rocket Motor Work At Camden, Arkansas In Bid To Bolster Competitive Positioning (From Forbes) Aerojet Rocketdyne has shifted production of large solid rocket motors to Camden, Arkansas from its heritage headquarters site in Sacramento, California. Camden isn’t the most likely place to locate a hub of aerospace innovation, but that is what the company [Read More...]
Why Boeing Believes It Will Win The Competition To Supply Heavy-Lift Helicopters To Germany And Israel (From Forbes) The Boeing Company is competing head-to-head with the Sikorsky unit of Lockheed Martin to supply a new generation of heavy lift helicopters to Germany and Israel. Both countries are looking to replace aged CH-53D helicopters, which in effect makes Sikorsky [Read More...]
Potential Arms Control Violation Could Derail Pentagon’s Next-Generation Missile Defense Interceptor (From Forbes) The Pentagon is developing a new interceptor missile to counter long-range ballistic weapons that North Korea might field in the future. It is a necessary step to defend the U.S. homeland against a rogue country that might not be deterrable [Read More...]
Inventing Bogus Antitrust Arguments To Bring Down Big Tech Is Bad For National Security (From Forbes) On July 27, the House Judiciary Committee will host the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Alphabet as part of an ongoing antitrust inquiry. The need for such an inquiry is doubtful, since each of these companies achieved market dominance [Read More...]
Hanging New Engines On 60-Year-Old B-52 Bombers Will Raise Some Serious Risks (From Forbes) The Air Force has begun a program to install new commercial engines on the venerable B-52 bomber, as part of its plan to operate 76 of the aircraft through 2050. Successfully installing new engines on such an old aircraft–each bomber [Read More...]
Raytheon Technologies Leverages Merger Synergies To Mount Bid For FAA Network Transformation (From Forbes) The Federal Aviation Administration is planning a series of modernization initiatives that will integrate national airspace using digital tools. The cornerstone of this effort is the FAA Enterprise Network Services (FENS) project, which provides an information framework for implementation of [Read More...]
Expanded Cargo Preferences May Be The Easiest Way To Rebuild The U.S. Maritime Industry (From Forbes) The U.S. commercial shipbuilding and shipping industry is in a secular decline. Aside from domestic routes reserved by the Jones Act, U.S.-made and manned merchant vessels have nearly disappeared from the world’s oceans. The decline began because of generous government [Read More...]
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