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Army Signals The Abrams Tank Is Here To Stay (From Forbes) The U.S. Army has designated the M1A2 Abrams main battle tank as an “enduring capability,” indicating that (1) it will remain central to the Army’s warfighting plans and (2) it is unlikely to replaced anytime soon. Thanks to the digital [Read More...]
Why The Air Force’s Plan For Fighting China Could Make Nuclear War More Likely (From Forbes) The U.S. Air Force is planning to modernize its heavy bomber force by fielding a super-stealthy strike aircraft designated B-21 and equipping aged B-52 bombers with stealthy cruise missiles. Both aircraft will be capable of conducting nuclear and non-nuclear missions, [Read More...]
Future Vertical Lift: Army Aviation’s Master Plan To Defeat China and Russia Without Breaking The Budget (From Forbes) The U.S. Army is leading a rotorcraft development program called Future Vertical Lift that aims to transform the way it conducts tactical air operations. Its immediate goal is to replace Cold War scout and assault helicopters with aircraft that are [Read More...]
The Russian Submarine Threat In The Atlantic Is Growing, But A Low-Cost Solution Is Available (From Forbes) The Russian Navy has recently resumed large-scale submarine exercises in the North Atlantic after a long hiatus. The U.K.’s defense secretary says Russian subs are “circling Britain’s entire coastline.” Unfortunately, the maritime patrol aircraft of America’s European allies have declined [Read More...]
The Good News About Boeing’s KC-46 Tanker (From Forbes) Boeing’s KC-46 tanker has been getting some bad press lately due to lengthy delays in fielding the next-generation aerial refueler. However, the only real showstopper is a remote vision system that airmen use from the cockpit to guide refueling booms [Read More...]
When It Comes To Weapons, The Biden Administration’s Budget Is Just Like Trump’s (From Forbes) It you were expecting the Biden administration to propose a raft of changes in the weapons plans inherited from the Trump years, then you are in for a surprise. Biden’s weapons plans are nearly identical to those of the Trump [Read More...]
First Look: Air Force 2022 Budget Is All About Technology, Much Of It Secret (From Forbes) The Air Force released its first budget request of the Biden years on May 28, and most of what’s interesting is in the R&D accounts. The service is spending many billions of dollars developing next-generation solutions to long-range strike, nuclear [Read More...]
Five Reasons Vertical Integration Is Not A Valid Basis For Blocking A Lockheed-Aerojet Merger (From Forbes) The Federal Trade Commission is reviewing Lockheed Martin’s proposed merger with rocket-engine maker Aerojet Rocketdyne. The merger would result in Lockheed absorbing part of its supply chain in a fairly typical example of vertical integration. There are at least five [Read More...]
CACI Steadily Grows Leadership In Emerging Security Missions (From Forbes) Arlington, Virginia-based CACI International is making steady progress growing its footprint in the national security sector. Revenues and earnings have increased at double-digit annual rates over the last two decades, and 2020 saw record bookings for the firm. Although CACI [Read More...]
Seven Reasons The U.S. Navy Needs To Rethink Its Plan For A Next-Generation Destroyer (From Forbes) The U.S. Navy’s idea to develop a successor to the DDG-51 Arleigh Burke destroyer is facing high seas and heavy winds on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers aren’t convinced that plans for what the Navy calls DDG(X) are ready for primetime. They [Read More...]
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