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Air Force ‘Digital Century Series’ Fighters: Technologically Exciting, Operationally Unworkable (From Forbes) The Air Force has a vision of future fighter development that involves buying many different aircraft with limited service lives in small lots. Called the Digital Century Series, it is an attempt to leverage developments like digital engineering to stay [Read More...]
Think You Know Where Defense Spending Is Headed After Coronavirus? Guess Again. (From Forbes) There’s a lot of speculation about where defense spending is headed in the aftermath of the worst pandemic in a century, most of it negative. But the truth of the matter is that we have no idea where military outlays [Read More...]
Raytheon Technologies Is Posturing To Be The Pentagon’s Top Cyber Supplier–Both Offensive And Defensive (From Forbes) Raytheon Technologies, the merged aerospace and defense operations of Raytheon and United Technologies, is a very big enterprise. So big, in fact, that it will take analysts a while to sort out all of the company’s diverse competencies. When they [Read More...]
Early Lessons From The U.S. Army’s Campaign To Conquer COVID-19 (From Forbes) The U.S. Army has done a remarkably effective job of responding to COVID-19. It has minimized the spread of the viral infection within its ranks, and helped local communities to cope with a surge in cases. So what lessons have [Read More...]
How Aerojet Rocketdyne Manages To Play An Outsized Role In The U.S. Defense Supply Chain (From Forbes) U.S. policymakers in recent years have become increasingly concerned about the fragility of the defense supply chain. Critical suppliers can become choke-points in the production process if their operations are impaired and no alternate source exists. A case in point [Read More...]
How The Navy’s CMV-22B Osprey Helps Make Distributed Maritime Operations A Reality (From Forbes) The Navy is implementing a warfighting concept called Distributed Maritime Operations that disperses its warships over vast areas in order to optimize their offensive and defensive options. That will required it to change how it provides logistical support to the [Read More...]
Pentagon Study Would Cut Aircraft Carriers, Undermining Most Useful U.S. Warfighting System (From Forbes) The Pentagon’s cost assessment and program evaluation shop, widely known as CAPE, has apparently proposed that the number of aircraft carriers in the U.S. fleet be reduced from eleven to nine. That would effectively reduce the number of carriers that [Read More...]
Leidos Discovers Its Business Model Adapts Surprisingly Well To Coronavirus (From Forbes) If you were going to invent an enterprise that could cope well with a global pandemic, it would probably look a lot like Leidos. The $12 billion provider of IT, science and engineering services to federal customers is largely insulated [Read More...]
How Coronavirus Could Permanently Transform The U.S. Military (From Forbes) Much of official Washington seems to believe that once the coronavirus crisis passes, the nation can get back to normal. That might turn out to not be the case. There may never be a reliable vaccine to ward off COVID-19, [Read More...]
Coronavirus Makes The National Security Case For Rebuilding U.S. Maritime Power Compelling (From Forbes) The coronavirus crisis will lead to a great deal of reflection on how America deals with the rest of the world, particularly China.  One area where Washington needs to reclaim lost ground is the commercial shipbuilding and shipping industry, where [Read More...]
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