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How Do U.S. Soldiers Prepare For An Unpredictable Future? Army Leaders Have A Plan. (From Forbes) The U.S. Army today is headed by an unusually thoughtful and experienced group of senior leaders. But they will need all of their skills to keep the Army’s campaign plan to win the future on track through the very difficult [Read More...]
Why 2019 Needs To Be The Year The U.S. Army Picks Up The Pace On A New Long-Range Assault Aircraft (From Forbes) It has been decades since the U.S. Army fielded a genuinely new combat rotorcraft. During that time, aerospace technology has advanced by leaps and bounds while threats have changed dramatically. The Army needs to get moving on fielding new airframes, [Read More...]
F-35 Will Cost Less To Operate Than Older Fighters. Here’s Why Some Policymakers Don’t Get That. (From Forbes) Having successfully completed the most extensive flight tests in history, the F-35 fighter is well on its way to setting the global standard for tactical air power. Nearly 500 of the planes in three different variants will be delivered by [Read More...]
Army Plan To Delay Chinook Helicopter Upgrades May Have Big Jobs, Political Consequences (From Forbes) The Army has decided to delay by five years upgrading its Chinook heavy helicopters to a planned Block II configuration. As a result, there will be a big gap in the production line at Boeing’s rotorcraft plant near Philadelphia, and [Read More...]
Five Reasons The Navy’s D5 Missile Is The Most Important Weapon In The U.S. Arsenal (From Forbes) The Navy’s Trident II D5 missile isn’t just a vital part of the nation’s nuclear triad, it is arguably the most important part. Enemies can target our bomber bases and missile silos in a surprise attack, but they can’t find [Read More...]
Leading Aviation Service Provider AAR Corp Launches Campaign To Reverse Erosion Of Sector Workforce (From Forbes) The nation’s leading independent provider of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services has launched a major initiative to attract more talent to the sector. Called the Eagle Pathways program, the initiative is aimed at facilitating access to technical careers in [Read More...]
Why Raytheon May Be The Biggest Winner In The Pentagon’s New Missile Defense Plan (From Forbes) The Trump Administration’s plan to expand U.S. missile defenses is complicated, but one common thread that runs through it is the pervasive role played by Raytheon. The Massachusetts-based military contractor seems to be involved in every facet of the missile [Read More...]
Trump’s Strategic Vision Is More Coherent Than His Critics Imagine (From Forbes) News coverage of President Trump is so reflexively negative that many observers think he has no ideological core. In fact, he not only has a a firm foundation of convictions concerning America’s place in the world, but those convictions are [Read More...]
Why The Pentagon’s Missile Defense Plan Leaves The U.S. Unprotected From Russian Missile Attack (From Forbes) President Trump today unveiled a new Pentagon missile-defense plan that is more robust than what he inherited from the Obama Administration. However, in one key respect it is unchanged: the United States will not attempt to defend its homeland against [Read More...]
The F-35 Fighter Is A Success. So How Do We Keep It Ready & Reliable For The Next 50 Years? (From Forbes) The F-35 fighter program has successfully completed developmental testing, and begun entering the military fleets of three U.S. services and a dozen allies.  It is a highly survivable, versatile warfighting system that will preserve U.S. air superiority through mid-century, but [Read More...]
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