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Will The Pentagon’s Bold Battle Force 2045 Plan Finally Fix Sealift? (From Forbes) There are reasons to suspect that the Battle Force 2045 plan for remaking America’s Navy will not come to much. It’s too ambitious and the timing is all wrong. However, there are elements of the plan that are both affordable [Read More...]
Why Secretary Esper’s Call For Light Carriers Would Make The U.S. Navy Weaker (From Forbes) On October 6, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper unveiled his outline of what the future U.S. naval fleet should look like. Called Battleforce 2045, there would be more of everything, except for large-deck, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. When it comes to [Read More...]
Report: A Robust Tech Sector Is Critical To U.S. National Security (From Forbes) Technologies spawned by the information revolution are transforming every facet of the global economy. Like any other upheaval, the information revolution will produce winners and losers. If Washington does not want its military to be one of the losers, it [Read More...]
Why U.S. National Security Requires A Robust, Innovative Technology Sector Read the full report as a PDF here. Introduction: America is facing the most serious challenge to its security in a generation. Every nation strives for security. Although the phrase “national security” in common usage has military overtones, there are [Read More...]
Why The President Is The Weakest Link In U.S. Nuclear Strategy (From Forbes) The president of the United States has unilateral authority to order the launch of nuclear weapons. It is a paradox of the modern age that the most fearsome power the nation’s chief executive possesses is the one power not subject [Read More...]
Raytheon Defines First Principles For Building A Space Sensor Layer (From Forbes) The defense department plans to build a Space Sensor Layer to track hypersonic weapons. It will likely be concentrated in low earth orbit and be able to track hundreds of incoming weapons simultaneously. Raytheon Technologies is among the companies vying [Read More...]
Why Taiwan Has Become The ‘Geographical Pivot Of History’ In The Pacific Age (From Forbes) As China’s economic and military power has grown, Taiwan has come to occupy a pivotal position in the geopolitics of the Pacific era. If Beijing were to gain control of Taiwan, it would in the process break out of the [Read More...]
Five Ways GAO Fails To Understand Defense Industry Independent R&D (From Forbes) Independent research and development (IR&D) is a type of defense innovation in which companies are reimbursed for work that the government did not request. Its goal is to give companies broad latitude to innovate, exercising judgment and expertise the government [Read More...]
Raytheon Presses Case For Replacing Lockheed Martin Radar In Missile Defense Of Japan (From Forbes) Japan’s decision to cancel construction of a land-based missile defense for the home islands has opened up a new competitive battleground between rivals Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies. Both companies manufacture state-of-the-art missile defense radars, but Raytheon’s SPY-6 is the [Read More...]
When It Comes To Military Launches, SpaceX May No Longer Be The Low-Cost Provider (From Forbes) On August 7, United Launch Alliance and SpaceX won the competition to provide launch services to the Space Force through 2027. However, a curious thing happened with pricing. ULA got $337 million to perform two missions during the first year, [Read More...]
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