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A Stealthy Anti-Ship Missile Could Help U.S. Turn The Table On Chinese Navy (From Forbes) The U.S. Navy faces a tough challenge in containing Chinese military forces in the Western Pacific, in part because it has under-funded anti-ship weapons since the Cold War ended.  But it is about to get a potent new weapon called [Read More...]
Delay In U.S. Army Upgrade Of Chinook Helicopter Would Devastate Boeing Workforce In Pennsylvania (From Forbes) The Boeing helicopter plant in Ridley Township, PA is one of the last vestiges of heavy industry in the lower Delaware Valley. But it could suffer a devastating blow if the Army goes forward with a proposal to delay production [Read More...]
Air Force Push For Better Pilot Protection Upsets Competitive Landscape In Ejection Seats (From Forbes) As the Air Force’s flying community becomes more diverse and its headgear becomes heavier, the service is seeking to improve the protection provided to combat pilots by ejection seats. Ejection seats have saved hundreds of lives, but they subject the [Read More...]
If America’s Military Loses World War III, Low Readiness Will Likely Be The Reason (From Forbes) A congressionally-mandated commission on defense strategy has released its report, warning that the U.S. might lose a multi-front war in the future if it does not restore its military edge. One area that needs close attention is readiness, which seems [Read More...]
BAE Systems Leverages Industrial Network As Ramp-Up Of Armored Vehicle Production Approaches (From Forbes) In recent years, BAE Systems has won so much armored-vehicle work from the U.S. Army and Marine Corps that a government study recently speculated it might be facing capacity constraints at its main assembly plant.  However, the company has long [Read More...]
Democratic Takeover Of House Could Be End For Trump Defense Buildup (From Forbes) The successful Democratic Party bid to gain control of the House of Representatives in Tuesday’s elections is not good news for President Trump’s planned defense buildup. Even before the election, there were signs the administration would curb military outlays to [Read More...]
How President Trump Saved The Last Tank Plant In America (From Forbes) The Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio is the last tank plant in America.  In fact, it’s the last such facility in the Western Hemisphere.  Nonetheless, the Army proposed shuttering the plant during the Obama administration, and the White [Read More...]
F-35 Fighter: Why Recompeting The Electronic Warfare System Could Backfire Bigtime (From Forbes) The prime contractor for the F-35 fighter’s airframe, Lockheed Martin, is implementing a range of measures aimed at reducing the life-cycle cost of the program. One such measure is to recompete key subsystems, with an eye to finding subcontractors that [Read More...]
Five Reasons The U.S. Air Force Should Be Buying F-35 Fighters Much Faster (From Forbes) The Air Force is not moving fast enough to buy its version of the tri-service F-35 fighter.  It only requested 48 of the planes in 2019, even though it needs to take delivery of at least 66 each year to [Read More...]
How Inflation Might Kill Modernization Of The U.S. Military (From Forbes) U.S. military planners are ready for just about anything. Anything, that is, except a fiscal crisis driven by rising interest rates. The federal government has accumulated so much debt that even a moderate rise in rates could drive the annual [Read More...]
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