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If Ukraine Military Aid Is Cut, Some GOP Districts Will Be Big Losers (From Forbes) A growing contingent of House Republicans opposes further military aid to Ukraine. If it successfully blocks the Biden administration’s request for more money, many GOP-held congressional districts will suffer economic fallout. U.S. munitions plants, whether publicly or privately operated, increasingly [Read More...]
Israel Crisis Signals Need To Bolster U.S. Homeland Security–Including Internet Infrastructure (From Forbes) The Israel-Hamas conflict has created a new spawning ground for terrorists intent on attacking America. Washington will need to spend more time thinking about the security of its critical infrastructure. One cluster of activity deserving special attention is the servers, [Read More...]
Pentagon Plans For Networked Warfare Will Falter Without Better Access Controls (From Forbes) The centerpiece of Pentagon modernization plans is an ubiquitous network called the Joint All-Domain Command and Control system–JADC2. It’s a way of providing all warfighters with robust, reliable information enabling optimum responses to threats. However, because JADC2 contains so much [Read More...]
Boeing Focuses On European Defense As Equipment Sales Surge (From Forbes) Boeing has long been an iconic American brand, the nation’s leading exporter of aerospace products. But it wants to be something more–a member of the hometown team in places like Europe and the Indian subcontinent when military equipment is being [Read More...]
Israel Crisis Highlights Value Of U.S. Sea-Based Forces (From Forbes) The Biden administration has mounted a multifaceted effort to support Israel in the aftermath of mass atrocities committed by Hamas. The most potent aspect of that effort has been the dispatch of two carrier strike groups and an amphibious ready [Read More...]
Leidos Reinforcement Learning Exercise Illuminates How AI Can Automate Military Ops (From Forbes) Earlier this year, Leidos and Domino Data Lab conducted a digital wargame applying machine learning to a combat scenario. What made the game different is that the software they used was for Reinforcement Learning, an approach to machine learning that [Read More...]
Record-Fast Victus Nox Mission Demonstrates U.S. Space Force Will Be Able To Turn On A Dime In Future Conflicts (From Forbes) An experimental mission funded by the Space Systems Command points to the prospect for a more responsive military-space operation in the future. Dubbed Victus Nox (“conquer the night”), an industry team led by Boeing’s Millennium Space and Firefly Aerospace succeeded [Read More...]
Early Lessons For U.S. Domestic Security From Israel’s War With Hamas (From Forbes) It is early days in Israel’s latest conflict, but a few tentative implications for U.S. domestic security are already emerging. That isn’t surprising because although the geopolitical circumstances of America and the Jewish state are very different, in other ways [Read More...]
As Foreign Demand For U.S. Weapons Surges, Biden Adm. Moves To Expedite Sales (From Forbes) The U.S. dominates global arms sales with a 40% share of weapons exports. Now the Biden administration sees an opportunity to permanently relegate Russia to second-tier status in that market–a market where Moscow traditionally has been a big player. Russia [Read More...]
Which Companies Will Benefit Most From Modernization Of The U.S. Nuclear Arsenal? (From Forbes) The U.S. government is modernizing every facet of its strategic nuclear force, the first comprehensive update to its strategic nuclear arsenal since the Cold War ended three decades ago. The fundamental goal of all such activity is to minimize the [Read More...]
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