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Boeing Has Bottomed. It Could Recover Quickly. (From Forbes) Boeing’s second-quarter results, released Wednesday, were a mixed bag. However, looking beyond the numbers, there is evidence that recovery from its recent rough patch is well under way. The company will likely deliver 400 737 narrowbody jetliners this year, and [Read More...]
Suddenly, The F-35 Fighter Is Everywhere (From Forbes) July is shaping up to be a good month for the F-35 fighter. Greece disclosed it wants to buy 20 of the stealthy aircraft, maybe more. The Czech Republic revealed it wants 24. And the Pentagon reached a handshake deal [Read More...]
How Unmanned Warships Might Provide A New Paradigm For Naval Shipbuilding (From Forbes) The Navy has identified unmanned systems as a high-priority investment area, and is developing a diverse array of robotic sea vehicles. Some of these vehicles are genuinely autonomous warships, but with no crews. The Navy’s main focus to date has [Read More...]
How To Slash The Time And Money Needed To Build Warships–Without Cutting Capabilities (From Forbes) The U.S. Navy has been struggling unsuccessfully for 20 years to increase the number of warships in its fleet above 300. If wants to keep up with China–which will have 400 warships by the end of the decade–it will have [Read More...]
Why Reining In Big Tech Could Be Bad News For U.S. National Security (From Forbes) The U.S. government is contemplating a raft of initiatives for regulating Big Tech, meaning the largest digital enterprises such as Apple and Amazon. There are valid reasons for regulating the sector more tightly such as protecting privacy and suppressing illegal [Read More...]
COO Chris Calio Says Raytheon Technologies Is Proving The Value Of The Merger (From Forbes) When Raytheon and United Technologies disclosed their intention to merge three years ago, they laid out a vision of a consolidated enterprise that would be nearly unstoppable in aerospace and defense. It did not take long for that vision to [Read More...]
How HIMARS Rockets Can Help Turn The Tide In Ukraine (From Forbes) The Biden administration disclosed in late May that it would share the U.S. Army’s High Mobility Artillery Rocket System with Ukraine. HIMARS, as it is usually called, is a super-accurate, highly survivable and reliable weapon with over twice the range [Read More...]
U.S. Defense Companies Are World-Class Innovators. Why Doesn’t Washington Know That? (From Forbes) It has become an article of faith among defense experts in both parties that defense companies, even the biggest ones, are not innovative. If you want something creative, the thinking goes, you should turn to Silicon Valley. However, the evidence [Read More...]
Five Reasons The Ukraine War Could Force A Rethink Of Washington’s Pivot To Asia (From Forbes) The Pentagon’s pivot to Asia since the Obama years has been grounded in a belief that China is the greatest challenge to America’s global influence. However, the challenge presented by China in Asia is mainly economic and technological in character, [Read More...]
House Strategic Forces Panel Warns Plan For Airborne Control Of Nuclear Weapons In Wartime Is Lagging (From Forbes) The Strategic Forces Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee is warning that Air Force plans to replace aging E-4B Nightwatch command-post aircraft are lagging. The four modified 747s would be used to command and control U.S. nuclear weapons in [Read More...]
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