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Raytheon-United Technologies: A Powerhouse Whose Size Shouldn’t Matter To Regulators (From Forbes) The proposed merger of Raytheon and United Technologies would create a vast aerospace and defense enterprise, but it would have no negative impacts on the competitive landscape.  Raytheon Chairman & CEO Tom Kennedy told me on June 10 that he [Read More...]
Defense Contractor L3 Technologies Surges As It Prepares To Enter Big Leagues (From Forbes) After spending much of its corporate history as a very-low-visibility supplier to America’s military, L3 Technologies is stepping out on the eve of its merger with Harris Corporation.  The resulting combination will be the sixth-biggest military contractor in the world, [Read More...]
Philly Shipyard’s Struggle Signals Jones Act Isn’t Enough To Secure U.S. Sealift (From Forbes) Philly Shipyard, one of the few shipbuilders in America focused on making large commercial vessels, has run out of orders.  Most of its workforce has been furloughed.  This is bad news for America’s military, which relies on the domestically-built and [Read More...]
Gamechanger For U.S. Navy Against China: New Anti-Ship Missile Dramatically Boosts Firepower (From Forbes) Many of the U.S. Navy’s surface combatants lack the capability to engage hostile warships. That capability hasn’t been needed much since the Cold War ended, but now China is surging in the Western Pacific and the Navy must respond. One [Read More...]
Ten Reasons A U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Is One Of The Safest Places To Be In A War (From Forbes) Large-deck, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are the signature expression of U.S. military power. However, many pundits seem to think they are becoming more vulnerable to disabling attacks. In fact, the opposite is probably true. Carriers are always moving, they have unlimited [Read More...]
How Boeing Got Here: It’s Not The Story You Have Been Hearing Lately (From Forbes) Boeing, the biggest aerospace enterprise in history, is facing a crisis due to two accidents involving its 737 jetliner. The media coverage has been merciless. Perhaps some historical perspective is needed on what Boeing has meant for America. For starters, [Read More...]
The F-35 Isn’t Just ‘Stealthy’: Here’s How Its Electronic Warfare System Gives It An Edge (From Forbes) Just about everybody who follows military affairs knows that the tri-service F-35 fighter is stealthy — in other words, it is nearly impossible to track using radar. What many observers do not realize is that F-35 is also equipped with [Read More...]
Navy/Raytheon SPY-6 Radar Boosts Sea-Based Defense Against Ballistic, Hypersonic Threats (From Forbes) This week Raytheon delivered the first SPY-6 radar that it has been developing since 2013 for the U.S. Navy’s Arleigh Burke destroyers. It is a true breakthrough, using new materials and modular design concepts to provide a three-fold gain in [Read More...]
LPD: The U.S. Navy’s Most Versatile Vessel Isn’t A Destroyer Or A Submarine (From Forbes) Last year, the U.S. Navy decided to buy a second flight of the LPD 17 amphibious dock ship, meaning that by mid-century most of the vessels responsible for moving Marines and their equipment will be of that class. It was [Read More...]
Pratt & Whitney’s F135 Fighter Engine Is Poised To Dominate For Decades To Come (From Forbes) In the ten years since Pratt & Whitney delivered the first production version of its F135 engine, the F-35 fighter program for which it was intended has taken off. It is now clear the fighter will be flown not only [Read More...]
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