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Production Of The V-22 Osprey Is Ending. The Pentagon Needs To Be Sure It Has Bought Enough. (From Forbes) Production of the revolutionary V-22 Osprey tiltrotor is beginning to wrap up, with shutdown of the line likely sometime in the next several years. The aircraft has proven to be as versatile as its backers predicted, supporting distinctly different missions [Read More...]
The Nuclear Delusion At The Heart Of the 2022 National Defense Strategy (From Forbes) The Biden administration has delivered its National Defense Strategy (NDS) to Congress. It will remain mostly secret, but mirrors the defense goals of the previous administration. That is unfortunate, because it continues to favor a nuclear posture that relies solely [Read More...]
Five Reasons Cutting Back On The F-35 Stealth Fighter Is A Big Mistake (From 1945) The Biden administration has confounded defense observers by proposing a 35% cut in F-35 fighter orders from the plan for fiscal 2023.  F-35 is the only next-generation combat aircraft the U.S. currently has in production, and it is expected to [Read More...]
Army Sticks With Modernization Plan, But Budget Trends Are Not Encouraging (From Forbes) The U.S. Army’s proposed 2023 budget is not adequate to sustain its ambitious modernization plans. The service is in the midst of a fundamental transformation to great-power conflict that requires replacing much of its Cold War kit, but it cannot [Read More...]
Air Force Confirms It Plans To Slash F-35 Buy In 2023–But Can’t Explain Why (From Forbes) The Air Force publicly confirmed on March 28 that it intends to buy a much smaller number of F-35 fighters in 2023 than previously planned. It says it still intends to eventually buy 1,763 of the stealthy fighters, but at [Read More...]
HII Evolving Into A Data-Driven Tech Enterprise As Navy Customer Embraces New Warfighting Concepts (From Forbes) Huntington Ingalls Industries, the nation’s biggest builder of warships, is evolving into something more: a leading provider of artificial intelligence, unmanned systems, digital reconnaissance, simulations and training for its military customer. In a effort to keep up with the Navy’s [Read More...]
Biden Adm. Fumbles F-35, Free World’s Fighter, Despite War In Europe (From Forbes) Slashing your country’s top tactical-aircraft program in the midst of a war isn’t the way nations usually operate, but that’s what the Biden administration apparently is getting ready to propose. When its 2023 budget request is released next week, all [Read More...]
Putin’s Biggest Ukraine Blunder: Energizing German Rearmament (From Forbes) Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is turning into an epic disaster–for Russia. Its economy has been severely impaired and the reputation of its military is in tatters. However, that is not the biggest problem Putin’s ill-advised move has created for [Read More...]
How To Defend America Against A Russian Nuclear Attack (From¬†RealClearDefense) The conventional wisdom among nuclear experts has long held that defense against a large-scale nuclear attack is not feasible. Nuclear warheads are so destructive that anything less than a perfect defense probably isn’t worth the effort–and no defense is perfect. [Read More...]
Kristin Robertson Takes Helm At Raytheon Space As Company Bids To Lead Technological Revolution (From Forbes) The U.S. space sector is in a period of unusual technological ferment, especially in the national security segment of the business. Orbital and ground assets are being fortified to make them more resilient. Small satellites are supplementing and may soon [Read More...]
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