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Five Reasons An Economic Recession Could Be Bad News For The Defense Industry (From Forbes) There is a longstanding theory that defense stocks are an effective hedge against recessions because the defense business does not follow the rhythms of the commercial business cycle. However, every recession is different, and if one were to begin over [Read More...]
Contract Award Confirms BAE Systems Status As World’s Leading Electronic Warfare House (From Forbes) F-35 airframe integrator Lockheed Martin has awarded BAE Systems a contract to execute Block 4 upgrades to the fighter’s electronic warfare system. This move ensures that BAE will remain the electronic warfare source for the foreseeable future on what is [Read More...]
How Budget Games In Congress Endanger The Lives Of U.S. Troops (From Forbes) Congress has not managed to complete a federal budget in time for the new fiscal year even once in this century. So there’s a good chance that fiscal 2020 will commence on October 1 with yet another continuing resolution. If [Read More...]
JLTV, Successor To Humvee, Tests U.S. Army’s Ability To Stick With A Plan (From Forbes) The Army and Marine Corps are buying a successor to the venerable Humvee light truck that is more survivable, versatile and reliable. Called the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, it is a response to threats encountered fighting insurgents in Southwest Asia [Read More...]
How The U.S. Army Can Play A Much Bigger Pacific Role Deterring China (From Forbes) In the Pentagon’s planning for great-power conflict, Europe is generally considered an Army-Air Force arena, while East Asia is considered a Navy-Marine Corps arena. But the U.S. Army may have a bigger role to play in deterring Chinese aggression than [Read More...]
Why China Can’t Target U.S. Aircraft Carriers (From Forbes) Critics of U.S. aircraft carriers have been warning for decades that the warships were becoming vulnerable to attack by long-range anti-ship missiles. The latest source of this threat is said to be China. However, the missiles aren’t of much use [Read More...]
A Boeing-Northrop Team May Be The Only Way To Fix The Air Force’s Flawed ICBM Competition (From Forbes) Boeing has informed the Air Force it will not bid on a contract to develop the nation’s next ICBM, leaving only Northrop Grumman in the running. That won’t do: most of the nation’s relevant expertise resides within Boeing, and the [Read More...]
Aerojet Rocketdyne Cuts Costs, Builds Infrastructure To Compete For Engines On Future ICBM (From Forbes) Aerojet Rocketdyne is one of only two companies left in the U.S. that can build large solid rocket motors. Whether it is able to remain a high-rate producer depends on winning a berth as supplier for the Air Force’s Ground [Read More...]
Defense Against Hypersonic Attack Is Becoming The Biggest Military Challenge Of The Trump Era (From Forbes) Russia and China are testing weapons that can fly several times faster than the speed of sound — in other words, over a mile per second.  In addition to their extreme velocity, these “hypersonic” weapons fly below sensor horizons, are [Read More...]
Eight Reasons NASA Needs To Stick With Its Plan If It Wants To Get Back To The Moon — Or Beyond (From Forbes) There’s a great deal of political pressure on NASA’s program for returning astronauts to the Moon. Some players want a rethink, which could be fatal to the whole effort. Artemis, as it is now called, may be NASA’s last chance [Read More...]
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