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LPD: The U.S. Navy’s Most Versatile Vessel Isn’t A Destroyer Or A Submarine (From Forbes) Last year, the U.S. Navy decided to buy a second flight of the LPD 17 amphibious dock ship, meaning that by mid-century most of the vessels responsible for moving Marines and their equipment will be of that class. It was [Read More...]
Pratt & Whitney’s F135 Fighter Engine Is Poised To Dominate For Decades To Come (From Forbes) In the ten years since Pratt & Whitney delivered the first production version of its F135 engine, the F-35 fighter program for which it was intended has taken off. It is now clear the fighter will be flown not only [Read More...]
The U.S. Navy Is Pushing Fast Development, Early Deployment Of Unmanned Warships (From Forbes) The U.S. Navy is facing an existential crisis in the Western Pacific as China builds up its military at a much faster pace than other players in the region.  Among the various strategies the U.S. Navy is considering in response [Read More...]
Aging Sealift Fleet Is Achilles Heel Of Pentagon War Plans (From Forbes) America’s military faces a major operational challenge that policymakers have barely begun to notice. The sealift required to move U.S. forces to future war zones is slowly wasting away. The Navy is not building new sealift capacity at an adequate [Read More...]
Army Secretary Reveals Hidden Defect In Modernization Plans (From Forbes) The Army has decided that it does not need a helicopter in its combat fleet capable of lifting the service’s next-generation jeep. Known as the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), the next-gen jeep was designed among other things to protect [Read More...]
Most Powerful U.S. Helicopter Ever, Marine CH-53K King Stallion, Heads For Production (From Forbes) The U.S. Marine Corps wants something nobody else has: a helicopter that can lift 18 tons in a single flight. Sikorsky’s CH-53K King Stallion meets that need, providing sea-based forces with an unprecedented capability to move troops and supplies from [Read More...]
BAE Systems, Inc. Invents A Radically Different Way Of Speeding Defense Innovation (From Forbes) One of the nation’s leading military contractors has come up with a novel way of accelerating the velocity of defense innovation. BAE Systems, Inc. has created an organization called FAST Labs that leverages the commercial innovation ecosystem in places like [Read More...]
Five Reasons U.S. Maritime Supremacy In The Western Pacific May Be Doomed (From Forbes) China is seeking to displace America as the dominant military power in the Western Pacific, and that puts U.S. maritime capabilities in Beijing’s cross hairs. Although the U.S. Navy has launched an ambitious program of innovation and investment to foil [Read More...]
Trump Sanctions Against European Aircraft Subsidies Are Long Overdue, Fully Supported By WTO Rules (From Forbes) The Trump Administration disclosed on Monday that it has commenced the process of levying tariffs against European countries for illegally subsidizing Airbus.  This move is long overdue, and is the end result of 14 years of legal wrangling before the [Read More...]
FAA’s System For Certifying The Boeing 737 Max Wasn’t Flawed And Doesn’t Need To Be Fixed (From Forbes) In the aftermath of two Boeing 737 Max accidents, some observers are speculating that the company and its air-safety regulator are too close for comfort. It is hard to reconcile that suspicion with the fact that the Max took five [Read More...]
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