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Why Lloyd Austin Is A Superior Pick To Run The Defense Department (From Forbes) President-elect Biden’s reported decision to nominate retired Army general Lloyd Austin to become Secretary of Defense is a wise move. Neither Biden nor the other announced members of his national security team have any intimate understanding of what modern war [Read More...]
Pratt & Whitney’s Geared Turbofan Is Poised To Emerge From The Pandemic In Great Shape (From Forbes) Nobody at Pratt & Whitney, the engine business of Raytheon Technologies, is going to remember 2020 as a good year for the company. Commercial sales are way off. But the military side of the house is going gangbusters with engines [Read More...]
Five Reasons Return Of Boeing’s 737 MAX To Service Is Important To National Security (From Forbes) Aerospace is one of the few technology areas where America still unquestionably leads the world. Maintaining that edge is vital to national security. However, many observers don’t grasp the connection between the return of Boeing’s 737 MAX to service and [Read More...]
Why Slow Construction Of The Navy’s ‘Fabulously Successful’ DDG-51 Destroyer When Plans For A Successor Are Unclear? (From Forbes) The DDG-51 Arleigh Burke class of destroyers is one of the most successful naval construction programs in modern history. It is the most versatile destroyer ever built, and on any given day dozens are deployed around the globe. But the [Read More...]
How A Low-Cost Upgrade Could Make Hundreds Of Air Force C-130s Safer And More Useful (From Forbes) The U.S. Air Force’s C-130 transport has remained versatile and relevant for seven decades through the timely implementation of upgrades to the original airframe. Today, it is time for another such upgrade: an enhanced vision system to amplify the value [Read More...]
Four New Weapons That Will Define The Biden Defense Posture (From Forbes) Predicting the priorities of a new presidential administration is risky business–especially when it hasn’t even taken office yet. However, President-elect Biden has a long and fairly consistent track record on defense, so when it comes to weapons programs some of [Read More...]
Airbus Wants To Sell Space Services To U.S. Spy Agencies. That Raises Some Questions. (From Forbes) The U.S. arm of Airbus Space & Defense reorganized last summer to bid for classified intelligence work. An early target reportedly will be the opportunity to sell commercial imagery to the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). But such work is highly [Read More...]
Biden Win Would Be A Mixed Blessing For Aerospace, But A Trump Win Could Be Worse (From Forbes) President Trump has been a friend of the domestic aerospace sector during his first term, increasing Pentagon weapons outlays and promoting overseas arms sales. However, a second Trump term could be problematic if he tries to decouple from China, withdraws [Read More...]
Will President Biden Make The Same Mistake On Missile Defense That President Obama Did? (From Forbes) When Barack Obama became president in 2009, he almost immediately set about scaling back missile defense efforts for protecting the American homeland that he had inherited from his predecessor. In the end, he killed almost everything. The only program that [Read More...]
Get Ready For President Biden To Throw U.S. Security Policies Into Reverse (From Forbes) President Trump’s national security policies are very different from the bipartisan posture that has prevailed in the postwar era. Having played a central role for decades in fashioning that postwar consensus, Joe Biden has left an extensive political record of [Read More...]
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