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U.S. Defense Companies Are World-Class Innovators. Why Doesn’t Washington Know That? (From Forbes) It has become an article of faith among defense experts in both parties that defense companies, even the biggest ones, are not innovative. If you want something creative, the thinking goes, you should turn to Silicon Valley. However, the evidence [Read More...]
Five Reasons The Ukraine War Could Force A Rethink Of Washington’s Pivot To Asia (From Forbes) The Pentagon’s pivot to Asia since the Obama years has been grounded in a belief that China is the greatest challenge to America’s global influence. However, the challenge presented by China in Asia is mainly economic and technological in character, [Read More...]
House Strategic Forces Panel Warns Plan For Airborne Control Of Nuclear Weapons In Wartime Is Lagging (From Forbes) The Strategic Forces Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee is warning that Air Force plans to replace aging E-4B Nightwatch command-post aircraft are lagging. The four modified 747s would be used to command and control U.S. nuclear weapons in [Read More...]
Sending Stingers To Ukraine Has Increased The Urgency Of Developing New Army Air Defenses (From Forbes) The U.S. Army has sent a significant portion of its Stinger inventory to Ukraine. The antiaircraft weapon has acquitted itself reasonably well, but has also shown limitations in coping with threats like Russian drones. U.S. Army leaders recognize they need [Read More...]
Army’s Future Vertical Lift Competition Could Have A Devastating Impact On The Industrial Base (From Forbes) The Army is expected to select a successor for its venerable Black Hawk helicopter in September. Depending on which team wins, the impact on the rotorcraft industrial base could be profound. The reason is that one of the two teams [Read More...]
“21st Century Security” Becomes Lockheed Martin’s Driving Vision Of The Future (From Forbes) Two years into his tenure as Lockheed Martin’s CEO, James D. Taiclet is keeping the world’s biggest arms maker on an even keel. But Taiclet wants to do more than deliver solid financial performance. He wants to redefine what it [Read More...]
Navy’s Robotic Orca Submarine Could Be A Gamechanger In The Pacific (From Forbes) The U.S. Navy is executing a complex campaign to assimilate unmanned warships into its fleet of combat vessels. So far, the most promising candidate is a robotic submarine developed by Boeing called Orca, which can operate autonomously for 30 days [Read More...]
Ukraine Crisis Is Latest Excuse For Attacking Cargo Preferences — And Potentially Undermining U.S. Security (From Forbes) The interruption of food exports caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has spawned two concurrent resolutions on Capitol Hill proposing that cargo preferences reserving food aid for transport by the U.S. merchant fleet be suspended. The thinking is that in [Read More...]
$7 Billion Recompete Of Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Headed For Holiday-Season Award (From Forbes) Seven years after the program was first awarded to Oshkosh Corporation, the contract for future production of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is once again up for grabs. A recompete is being conducted, with the award tentatively scheduled for announcement [Read More...]
Navy’s Latest Shipbuilding Plan Is Not Good News For The Industrial Base (From Forbes) The number of warships in the U.S. naval fleet has not managed to get above 300 for two decades. Meanwhile, the country the Chief of Naval Operations describes as “our pacing threat,” China, is headed for 400 warships in its [Read More...]
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