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Faster: What U.S. Air Force Modernization Would Look Like Without Space (From Forbes) If President Trump succeeds in creating a Space Force “separate but equal” from the Air Force, the latter service will lose its satellites, its ballistic missiles and many of its networks.  It will be mainly about “things with wings.”  But [Read More...]
A “Space Force” Will Make The F-35 Fighter Indispensable To Air Force Relevance (From Forbes) The Pentagon’s new Space Force will be largely carved out of the Air Force, leaving the latter service much diminished.  The Air Force won’t just lose its satellites, it will probably lose its ICBMs, its most valued networks, and a [Read More...]
Competition In Rocket Motors At Risk As Northrop Absorbs Orbital (From Forbes) Northrop Grumman’s acquisition of Orbital ATK is raising doubts about the future of competition in the market for large solid rocket motors.  The Federal Trade Commission has conditioned approval of the transaction on implementation of measures aimed at protecting Northrop’s [Read More...]
U.S. Navy Boosts Submarine Plans As Tensions With Russia And China Worsen (From Forbes) The Navy’s Virginia class of attack submarines is one of the Pentagon’s most successful weapons programs.  It consistently delivers the world’s most capable multi-role submarines on time and on budget.  But the Navy doesn’t have enough attack subs, and that [Read More...]
Why Marine Aviation Is Leaping Into The Future And Army Aviation Isn’t (From Forbes) Over the last two decades, the U.S. Marine Corps has transformed its aviation arm.  The U.S. Army has not; instead, it has upgraded helicopters that debuted during the Cold War.  Efforts to introduce new Army combat helicopters have failed.  Now [Read More...]
Navy’s Aegis Combat System Takes Center Stage As Missile Threats Proliferate (From Forbes) The U.S. Navy’s Aegis combat system is the most advanced air and missile defense architecture in the world.  It is also the most survivable, given the fact that it is mobile at sea rather than sitting at a fixed site [Read More...]
How The Air Force Could Become The Biggest Threat To The F-35 Fighter’s Success (From Forbes) The tri-service F-35 fighter is turning into a great success, not just for America’s military but for nearly a dozen allies.  What could go wrong?  The biggest danger is that the U.S. Air Force will be distracted just as two [Read More...]
Putting Interceptors On Trucks Is The Fastest Way Trump Can Bolster Missile Defense Of America (From Forbes) The Trump administration wants to bolster defenses of the U.S. homeland against ballistic missile attack.  The only program the Pentagon has capable of intercepting intercontinental ballistic missile warheads headed for America is the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, or GMD.  GMD [Read More...]
Raytheon’s Pathfinder Program For Next-Gen GPS Has Become A Breakthrough Success (From Forbes) The Global Positioning System is one of the signature technological successes of this generation.  Google Maps, Uber and your smart phone couldn’t work without it.  But GPS satellites don’t operate on autopilot.  They must be monitored and managed continuously by [Read More...]
A Quick Fix For U.S. Navy Surveillance Gaps In Asia (From Forbes) The U.S. Navy has difficulty identifying remote threats in the Indo-Pacific region, whether they be distant warships or military units operating under jungle canopies.  It appears the Air Force has a solution: a multi-spectral infrared sensor designated MS-177A that flies [Read More...]
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