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Critical U.S. Military Sites Can’t Cope With A Prolonged Power Outage (From Forbes) In 2008, the Defense Science Board warned that vital U.S. military installations were too dependent on a fragile commercial power grid, and that backup plans in the event of a prolonged outage were inadequate.  Today, ten years later, nothing much [Read More...]
Boeing’s Big Day: WTO Clears Way For Massive Penalties In Long-running Aircraft Subsidies Case (From Forbes) On May 15, the World Trade Organization issued its final and definitive ruling on a case brought by the U.S. Trade Representative against European aircraft subsidies in 2006.  The ruling is a huge win for Boeing, America’s biggest exporter, opening [Read More...]
What Does It Take To Be A Top Operative For The Defense Industry In Washington? (From Forbes) The defense industry depends on the federal government for all of its sales, so contractors are very careful about picking who will run their Washington offices.  A look at the top operatives at Boeing, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin suggests [Read More...]
Rocket Motors On Nuclear Missiles Become A Test Case For Trump Industrial Policy (From Forbes) The White House will soon release a comprehensive study of the defense industrial base that warns against letting domestic sources of vital military items shrink to a “single point of failure.”  However, that is precisely where the industrial base for [Read More...]
Time Is Already Running Out On The U.S. Army’s Long-Delayed Modernization Surge (From Forbes) The U.S. Army is missing the opportunity that President Trump’s election has provided to thoroughly modernize its combat systems.  Rather than moving out quickly to accelerate the procurement of new weapons already in the pipeline, it is frittering away time [Read More...]
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg Has A Strategy That Will Work In Good Times And Bad (From Forbes) Boeing’s impressive earnings beat in the first quarter of 2018 reflects a company that is operating at the top of its game.  However, there is a lot more to the Boeing story than what is happening right now.  CEO Dennis [Read More...]
As Space War Looms, Air Force’s Biggest Weakness May Be How It Buys Satellites (From Forbes) Air Force leaders are expressing grave concern about recent Russian and Chinese initiatives aimed at negating America’s national-security space capabilities.  The satellite constellations on which the U.S. currently depends for communications, recon and warning of attack are not equipped to [Read More...]
Trump Drone Decree Signals Arms Exports Are Now A Key Feature Of U.S. Economic Policy (From Forbes) On April 19, the White House gave the defense industry long-sought relief from regulations limiting the export of drones.  A presidential memorandum loosened restrictions and committed the federal government to playing a more active role in promoting U.S. arms exports.   [Read More...]
Mega-Base: What Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Means For The Economy of Ohio (From Forbes) Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio is the largest single-site employer in the Buckeye State and the center of Air Force innovation.  It is also a driver of regional growth, accounting for 14% of economic activity in the Dayton [Read More...]
How Boeing’s KC-46 Next-Gen Tanker Will Set The Global Standard For Aerial Refueling (From Forbes) Boeing is developing a versatile aerial refueling tanker for the U.S. Air Force that will be a game-changer for the joint force and overseas allies.  The tanker is critical to future military operations because many key destinations in Europe and [Read More...]
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