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Five Signs The F-35 Fighter Is A Smashing Success (From RealClearDefense) This week’s performance by the F-35 fighter at the Paris Air Show underscores the progress that program has made in assuring America’s joint force will retain global air dominance through mid-century. This year the F-35 will wrap up the most [Read More...]
Air Force Rethinks Military Space Plan After Bezos Rocket Component Blows Up (From Forbes) The Air Force’s plan for developing next-generation launch vehicles has been dealt a setback with the explosion during testing of a key component on the Blue Origin BE-4 rocket engine.  Blue Origin is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and [Read More...]
Boeing, Biggest U.S. Exporter, Streamlines Defense Ops As New Services Unit Launches (From Forbes) Boeing announced Tuesday that it was flattening the organization of its defense and space unit to save money, in the process wiping out an entire layer of management.  The move is part of a broader corporate transformation launched by Chairman [Read More...]
How Raytheon Will Unlock The Value Of Its Cybersecurity Business For Shareholders (From Forbes) Raytheon, one of the nation’s largest defense contractors, has built up an extensive business in cybersecurity by growing its internal cyber skills and making over a dozen carefully chosen acquisitions.  Cyber was a logical adjacency to expand into for a [Read More...]
WTO Rules U.S. In Compliance With Trade Rules While Europe’s Airbus Relies On Illegal Subsidies (From Forbes) The World Trade Organization reported today that the U.S. government is substantially in compliance with rules regarding support of commercial transport manufacturers. Specifically, the WTO found that 28 of 29 state and federal programs that the European Union had alleged [Read More...]
Critics Of Army Battlefield Network Are Attacking The Wrong Target (From Forbes) The Army’s Warfighter Information Network – Tactical (WIN-T) has been taking heat recently for problems that exist elsewhere in the tactical network.  A recent study by the Institute for Defense Analyses has identified serious vulnerabilities and performance shortfalls in the [Read More...]
Navy’s D5 Missile, Most Powerful U.S. Weapon, To Provide Backbone Of Nuclear Deterrent Through 2040 (From Forbes) You don’t hear much about the Navy’s Trident II D5 missiles, since they never seem to be having any problems. However, D5 is arguably the most important weapon in the entire U.S. military arsenal. It definitely is the most powerful [Read More...]
One-Year Waits For Security Clearances Are Costing Washington Billions (From Forbes) The backlog of security clearances being processed by the Office of Personnel Management has grown to 570,000.  On average, it takes over 500 days for OPM to make its initial determination as to whether it will grant a Top Secret [Read More...]
What Would A President Pence Mean For America’s Military? (From RealClearDefense) If the troubled presidency of Donald Trump ends early, vice president Mike Pence would presumably become president. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what that would mean for domestic policy, because Pence is a movement conservative who has [Read More...]
Boeing’s T-X Could Be Good News For Struggling St. Louis Economy (From Forbes) Boeing disclosed Monday that if it wins the competition to build the Air Force’s T-X trainer, the plane will be built at the company’s manufacturing complex in St. Louis. Boeing is the biggest manufacturing employer in Missouri, and its continued [Read More...]
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