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Leidos Discovers Its Business Model Adapts Surprisingly Well To Coronavirus (From Forbes) If you were going to invent an enterprise that could cope well with a global pandemic, it would probably look a lot like Leidos. The $12 billion provider of IT, science and engineering services to federal customers is largely insulated [Read More...]
How Coronavirus Could Permanently Transform The U.S. Military (From Forbes) Much of official Washington seems to believe that once the coronavirus crisis passes, the nation can get back to normal. That might turn out to not be the case. There may never be a reliable vaccine to ward off COVID-19, [Read More...]
Coronavirus Makes The National Security Case For Rebuilding U.S. Maritime Power Compelling (From Forbes) The coronavirus crisis will lead to a great deal of reflection on how America deals with the rest of the world, particularly China.  One area where Washington needs to reclaim lost ground is the commercial shipbuilding and shipping industry, where [Read More...]
Five Reasons Pentagon Weapons Spending Won’t Be Cut To Help Washington Cope With Coronavirus (From Forbes) With the economy seemingly brought to a standstill by the coronavirus crisis, it is easy to believe that military modernization plans will be undercut by changing national priorities. However, there are multiple reasons to doubt that big cuts in weapons [Read More...]
Why The Air Force’s Latest Flight Plan For Its KC-46 Tanker Looks Likely To Finally Deliver Success (From Forbes) Earlier this month, the Air Force disclosed amendments to the contract it has with Boeing for developing its next-generation aerial refueler. The planes are badly needed to replace aged Cold War tankers, without which many combat aircraft in the joint [Read More...]
Despite Coronavirus, Textron’s Defense Business Got Two Big Boosts In March (From Forbes) Providence, Rhode Island-based Textron is a major player in aerospace. It dominates manufacture of small and medium-size business jets, it provides aircraft simulation and training services, it develops reconnaissance drones, and it is one of three large integrators of rotorcraft [Read More...]
Air Force Technology Chief Roper Responds To An Unfolding Crisis In The U.S. Industrial Base (From Forbes) The Air Force’s assistant secretary for acquisition & technology, Will Roper, has taken a series of steps to shore up the defense industry since he established a COVID-19 task force within the service’s acquisition community on March 25. Perhaps the [Read More...]
Five Reasons Raytheon Technologies Is Destined To Dominate Aerospace & Defense (From Forbes) On April 3, the merged enterprise of Raytheon and United Technologies begins trading of shares, minus legacy non-aerospace and non-defense properties. The entity, called Raytheon Technologies, will be an electronics and propulsion powerhouse, ranked number-one or number-two in virtually all [Read More...]
Coronavirus Highlights U.S. Strategic Vulnerabilities Spawned By Over-Reliance On China (From Forbes) The coronavirus crisis has renewed concern about whether the U.S. has become too dependent on China for manufactured goods, particularly goods with potential defense applications. The most immediate concern is drugs such as antibiotics; even when they are not made [Read More...]
Lockheed Martin Shores Up Supply Chain, Continuing Hiring Amid Coronavirus (From Forbes) Lockheed Martin, the nation’s biggest military contractor, disclosed steps this week to cope with the spread of coronavirus. Chairman & CEO Marillyn Hewson said the company will sustain production of defense items while protecting workers and making its capabilities available [Read More...]
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