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Pentagon Discloses Plan For Defending Space Systems (From Forbes) After many years of assuming that U.S. space systems were safe from attack, the Pentagon has now changed its tune. Russia and China are both acquiring tools for disabling U.S. satellites and ground stations, at a time when America’s joint [Read More...]
Why China Would Be Hard-Pressed To Target U.S. Aircraft Carriers In A Pacific War (From Forbes) Large-deck, nuclear-powered aircraft are the signature expression of American military power. However, some observers fear the carriers are so big that they could be easily targeted by China in a Pacific war. The concern about survivability seems warranted. With roughly [Read More...]
Looming Budget Cuts Could Devastate Air Force, Undermine Deterrence (From Forbes) Air Force officials say that the ongoing budget impasse in Congress could result in their service delaying modernization plans and canceling training exercises critical to readiness. The problem extends beyond the possibility of operating for part of fiscal 2024 under [Read More...]
The President’s Power To Launch Nuclear Weapons Highlights A Troubling Paradox In U.S. Strategy (From Forbes) The U.S. president possesses sole authority to launch the nation’s nuclear weapons. That power is absolute; there is no test of competency, and no one beneath the president in the chain of command has the authority to countermand a launch [Read More...]
The Army’s Most Important Warfighting Tool Isn’t A Weapon, It’s A Network (From Forbes) The U.S. Army is in the midst of a generational transformation that will carry it from the industrial age into the digital era. The centerpiece of this shift isn’t a weapon system, it’s a warfighting network that enables what the [Read More...]
Army Heeds Lessons Of Ukraine, Rethinks How Abrams Tank Will Fight And Win Tomorrow’s Wars (From Forbes) On July 28, Army acquisition chief Douglas Bush signed a decision memorandum signaling that his service will embark on an aggressive upgrade of the Abrams tank. When it begins fielding, the M1A3 variant of Abrams will be more lethal, more [Read More...]
SNC Celebrates 60 Years As A Defense Industry Disruptor (From Forbes) This year marks the 60th anniversary since the Sierra Nevada Corporation was founded. Halfway through the intervening timespan, it was taken over by Eren and Fatih Ozmen, who transformed it into one of the Pentagon’s most unusual suppliers–a privately-held, woman-owned [Read More...]
Indonesia’s Purchase Of F-15EX Fighters Is A Breakthrough For Boeing And The Biden Administration (From Forbes) Indonesia has announced its intention to purchase 24 F-15EX fighters from Boeing. It may buy more later. This is a breakthrough for Biden administration policy in the Indo-Pacific region, and also for Boeing as it seeks to keep its engineering [Read More...]
Why China’s Bid To Become A Superpower Is Doomed To Failure (From Forbes) Beijing makes little secret of its desire to overtake and surpass America in the mastery of forces driving global influence. In other words, it aspires to be a superpower. However, that does not look likely. Its economy is slowing. Its [Read More...]
Five Reasons Software Is Eclipsing Hardware In Pentagon Technology Plans (From Forbes) The Defense Department’s modernization plans are increasingly driven by software rather than the hardware that once defined military power. There are numerous reasons for this trend, the most obvious of which are that software enhances the performance of hardware, it [Read More...]
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