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To Defend Europe, NATO Must Deploy More and Better Armored Forces (From RealClearDefense) Just a few years ago, Western military leaders were all but certain that the era of the tank was over. As a result, they unwisely did away with the world’s foremost armored fighting force. But now Russia is back and [Read More...]
Getting The Most From The Army’s Humvee Fleet (From The National Interest) The tragedy of Hurricane Harvey provided a clear demonstration of the National Guard’s role in responding to natural disasters and domestic crises. The entire Texas Guard contingent has been deployed along with units from more than a dozen states. Nearby [Read More...]
United Parcel Service Is On The Forefront Of The Revolution In Healthcare Most of us interact with package delivery companies such as the United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx at our front door, as these companies bring our online purchases and whisk away items that looked better on eBay. Without the efficient, [Read More...]
Why the Landing Craft Air Cushion is Crucial to the U.S. Marines’ Amphibious Operations (From The National Interest) For the foreseeable future, in order to get significant forces from ship-to-shore the Marine Corps will rely on the Navy’s fleet of specialized vessels, the Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC). First deployed in 1984, the LCAC revolutionized amphibious operations. The [Read More...]
A-29 Super Tucano – A Force Multiplier in COIN (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. Air Force recognized the need to rebuild an Afghan Air Force (AAF) and provide it with a Light Air Support (LAS) aircraft suited to both that country’s operational environment and its limited financial, technical and human resources. The [Read More...]
Air Force’s New ICBM Plans Could Damage Defense Industrial Base (From RealClearDefense) The United States is not currently producing and deploying any new strategic nuclear delivery systems. There are programs in development for a new bomber, the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) to replace the Minuteman ICBM and a new ballistic missile submarine. [Read More...]
ISIS’ Terrorist Revolution: Sophisticated Drone Operations Pose Grave Threat to American Forces (From The National Interest) One reason it has proven so difficult to defeat terrorist organizations such as ISIS, al Qaeda and the Taliban is that they are free of the burden imposed by a stultifying acquisition bureaucracy. Terrorist organizations don’t have military academies, national [Read More...]
U.S. Army Stryker Upgrades Show Just How Fast Industry Can Move (From The National Interest) A poster child for fast acquisition of relevant capabilities for the Army is General Dynamics’ Stryker Combat Vehicle Program. The Stryker was initially intended as an interim solution to the need for a light yet lethal armored vehicle that could [Read More...]
The U.S. Army’s All-But Forgotten Vehicle Fleet (From RealClearDefense) The U.S. Army possesses many vehicles. There are fleets of main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, engineering support vehicles, mobile artillery, mine-protected vehicles, prime movers and trucks, light tactical vehicles and light utility vehicles. Of the Army’s [Read More...]
UPS’ Innovation Culture Is A Model For Industry And Defense (From The National Interest) There is a myth in the land that the source of innovation in the products and services that will drive the U.S. economy and modernize the U.S. military is to be found in small startup companies, particularly those involved in [Read More...]
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