DARPA Research Leads Grid Security Solutions (From The National Interest) The U.S. electric grid is vulnerable to a cyber-attack that could take electricity offline if successful. Protecting against cyber threats requires staying ahead of technology, maintaining transparency and sharing information. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is one government [Read More...]
California Approves Pilot Program For More Reliable Electricity Demand is increasing on the nation’s electric grid and electricity shortages, power quality problems, rolling blackouts and electricity price increases have motivated many customers to seek more reliable electricity through a variety of sources and technologies. Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) [Read More...]
Making the Grid Great Again From Domestic Preparedness As the dust from the recent election settles, one of the first orders of business for the incoming Trump administration is a massive public infrastructure investment plan. Although the economic benefits associated with improved infrastructure are popular [Read More...]
California To Decide Fate of Independent Energy Providers The California Public Utilities Commission will vote December 15 on a proposal encouraging utilities to embrace distributed energy resources. Changes in consumer preferences, technological progress, and legislative and regulatory shifts have created an environment for the expansion of distributed energy [Read More...]
How California Is Protecting Its Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats (from The National Interest) To protect power grid integration from cyber threats in California, the California Public Utilities Commission has funded a cyber information sharing program, California Energy Systems for the 21st Century (CES-21). According to Jamie Van Randwyck, project lead for Lawrence Livermore [Read More...]
Connecting Microgrids With Public-Private Partnerships To Meet Critical Needs Click here to download the full study at PDF. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Moving forward with plans to address the modernization needs of the nation’s electric grid is a vast undertaking, estimated to require some $2 trillion of investment over the next [Read More...]
Our National Guard – A Treasure for Cybersecurity Assistance Since 1636, the citizen soldiers of our National Guard have been the first line of defense in protecting our freedom. Today, the National Guard continues that legacy with a dual purpose of supporting both the state and federal missions, domestically [Read More...]
The Need for a National Energy Grid Strategy from Government Security News, July 2016 U.S. energy consumers have been able to count on reliable, always-on and relatively resilient electrical power for so many decades that for most people the availability of electrical power is essentially taken as a [Read More...]
Six Principles for the National Guard’s Cybersecurity Role Protecting the Grid (from National Interest) With its recent but growing investments in cyber capabilities, the National Guard is well positioned to play a larger role in protecting critical infrastructure from cyber as well as physical attacks.  Some 13 states now have cyber units within their [Read More...]
Today’s Decisions Drive Tomorrow’s Power Grid (From Domestic Preparedness) For more than a century, the U.S. electrical power grid has dramatically improved the health, safety, and economic productivity of hundreds of millions of people. Although this grid stands as an ingenious accomplishment, experts fear that, as the 21st century [Read More...]
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