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Cleaner U.S. Oil & Gas Sector Catalyzes A Cleaner Industry Worldwide (From RealClearEnergy) The staggering pollution from Russia’s pre-war, largely unregulated oil and natural gas industry is getting much worse. To offset this and drive significant environmental improvements in oil and natural gas production worldwide, it is essential to have dynamic, technologically innovative [Read More...]
Remarks Of Paul Steidler To U.S. Postal Service Board Of Governors May 5, 2022 MeetingGovernors, thank you for the opportunity to address you.In an April 12th article in The Washington Post, when talking about the need for many types of capital investments at the U.S. Postal Service, Postmaster General [Read More...]
Time For Conservatives To Hit Restart On Tech Legislation (From InsideSources) The rush by some conservative Republicans to join Democrats in attacking Big Tech merits a rethink. Recent events show that we must assess the future of Big Tech in the context of what America’s adversaries are doing and the role [Read More...]
Postal ‘Reform’ Bill Locks In Slower Mail Service (From InsideSources) While the Postal Service Reform Act is often touted as improving mail delivery times and service, it will have the opposite effect. As Congress was considering the legislation, signed by President Biden on April 6, the U.S. Postal Service was [Read More...]
Ukraine’s Postal Service Is Saving Lives And Needs U.S. Help Read the full report as a PDF here.Since the war began, Ukraine’s Postal Service, Ukrposhta, has valiantly stood up to the Russians and provided vital services. Often wearing helmets, bulletproof vests, and carrying weapons while moving through [Read More...]
Events In Ukraine Change The Calculus On Anti-Tech Legislation (From RealClearMarkets) The United States has a powerful weapon that Ukraine has unleashed on Russia without having to plead or ask for U.S. government permission: the American tech sector. The prompt and voluntary withdrawal of U.S. tech companies from Russia, and their [Read More...]
Once Again, Foreign Energy Reliance Spawns Moral Depravity (From RealClearEnergy) The United States has the resources, skilled workforce, and sophisticated technology to become the world’s dominant producer of all types of energy. Events in Ukraine are the latest illustration of why there is also a compelling moral imperative do so. [Read More...]
Comments To Postal Regulatory Commission On Public Inquiry On Service Performance Dashboard The Lexington Institute appreciates the opportunity to offer the following comments for the above referenced docket, specifically pertaining to Order No. 6104.The Postal Regulatory Commission’s (PRC’s) plan to launch a service performance dashboard is an important and positive initiative. [Read More...]
Postal ‘Reform’ Bill Doesn’t Deliver For America (From InsideSources) While the Postal Service Reform Act has some beneficial provisions, it does not make the fundamental reforms that are needed. It eliminates $57 billion in defaulted debt from the Postal Service, without asking for significant improvements in return. The Act [Read More...]
Ukraine’s Postal Service: Heroically Delivering Aid In-Country And Carrying On Read the full report as a PDF here.Ukraine’s Postal Service, Ukrposhta, has launched a historic program to bring large amounts of humanitarian aid into the country. It is inspiring, essential, and dangerous work. And Ukrposhta is also [Read More...]
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