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After Decades Of Warnings, U.S. Gets Serious About EMP Dangers For decades government policy experts and scientists have known about the dangers of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) events which could cripple large sections of the power grid for long periods of time. EMP disturbances occur naturally, through solar storms. They could [Read More...]
Prepared Remarks Of Paul Steidler To U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors November 14, 2019 Meeting Postmaster General Brennan, members of the Board of Governors, thank you for your service. You face harder, more consequential and important challenges than a corporate board. As was discussed earlier, and a related reminder, Title 39 [Read More...]
New York’s Reckless Gamble On Offshore Wind Power (From Crain’s New York Business) Governor Cuomo is looking to aggressively build offshore wind power to serve New York City and Long Island, despite its high cost and threat to grid reliability. In fact, the U.S. currently has just one, yes one, offshore wind facility. [Read More...]
Smart Energy Policies Improve Families’ Lives (From InsideSources) When energy policies work, American families benefit. An October report from the White House Council of Economic Advisers finds that the increased domestic production of natural gas and oil is saving a family of four $2,500 a year. Yet, much [Read More...]
Electric Grid Cyber Protection: Seven Recent Developments To Know Protecting America’s electric grid from cyberattacks is a formidable and evolving challenge, requiring continuous evolution and improvement. In recent weeks there have been seven notable developments. While there is no single solution or “silver bullet” to ensure the electric grid [Read More...]
The Next Postmaster General: Three Must Haves The next Postmaster General, who will be appointed by the Board of Governors of the Postal Service, faces formidable challenges, the likes of which few CEOs or political appointees today must confront. An iconic American institution, the Postal Service is [Read More...]
Warnings From California’s Blackouts (From InsideSources) The planned blackouts that left two million California residents without power should be a wake-up call to modernize and protect America’s power grid. This includes major investments in transformers, circuit breakers and transmission lines, 70 percent of which are more [Read More...]
Lessons From America’s September Trade Win Over China (From InsideSources) The United States just won a significant trade victory over China. No longer will we and other countries subsidize the international shipment of e-commerce and other small packages from China. This helps U.S. manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce companies and the U.S. [Read More...]
UPU Statement From The Lexington Institute In conjunction with today’s agreement at the Universal Postal Union on international postal rates, Paul Steidler, Senior Fellow with the Lexington Institute, issued the following statement. “This agreement will significantly help U.S. manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce companies and others. It is [Read More...]
Seven Reasons Leaving The UPU Won’t Impact Overseas Voting A handful of special interests who benefit from our trade deficit with China have joined with some progressive advocates to stoke fears that overseas troops and other Americans may not be able to vote this year if the U.S. leaves [Read More...]
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