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Postal Service Gets Favorable Borrowing Terms In Stimulus Bill (From FreightWaves) Lexington’s Paul Steidler was quoted in a December 23rd FreightWaves article about the forgiveness of a $10 billion loan to the Postal Service as part of the COVID-19 stimulus and government funding bill passed by Congress that month.  Once the [Read More...]
Beware Of Politicians Trying To Rescue You From Technology Companies (From RealClearMarkets) During the pandemic America’s large technology companies have been critical to the economy while providing significant health and safety benefits. If America did not have the services of our large technology companies, we would hear calls for the government to [Read More...]
USPS Doesn’t Need Money From Congress, It Needs Financial Reform (From The Detroit News) While there are compelling reasons for Congress and the Administration to provide a fifth COVID relief package, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is today flush with cash. Beginning in April there were many predictions that USPS would collapse because of [Read More...]
Five Reasons Federal Stimulus Money To The Postal Service Is Harmful Congress is moving in the direction of enacting the country’s fifth COVID relief package. And with millions of Americans facing extraordinary life and death challenges, there is clearly a need for targeted emergency relief, especially to our tens of millions [Read More...]
Why We Should Watch The Electric Grid Blow Up For years, a bevy of national security, cybersecurity, energy, and other experts in important government agencies have strongly and clearly warned about the cataclysmic dangers facing America from cyberattacks on the electric grid. Hostile nation-states and others could wipe out [Read More...]
Biden And The Postal Service: Why Conciliation Trumps Combat Joe Biden and his likely incoming administration must make a basic decision about how they will deal with the large and financially troubled U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Option one is to continue, even accelerate, House Democrats’ policy of belligerence toward [Read More...]
Mail-In Ballots: What Matters Most Tonight Read as a PDF here. The U.S. Postal Service reported that on November 2 it delivered 89.59% of ballots on time to election officials. These figures have been reported daily since October 24 to the U.S. District Court for the [Read More...]
Big Data Essential For Oil & Gas Industry To Become Cleaner (From RealClearEnergy) The oil and gas industry has a long track record of making its operations cleaner and more efficient. By unleashing information technology, data analytics, and related cloud storage throughout operations, progress can be accelerated in these areas. This will benefit [Read More...]
First-Class Mail Service is Awful, Admitted Postal Service Late Friday Read as a PDF here.  One of the oldest tricks in Washington, D.C. is to put out bad news late on a Friday in the hopes it will be missed. And the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) did just that when [Read More...]
AED: The Big Postal Issue That Needs More Attention For all the political controversy surrounding the U.S. Postal Service in recent months, there is one issue on which Democrats, Republicans and Independents should be able to come together: the need to better track packages from overseas so that opioids [Read More...]
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