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A First Step To Cut The China Trade Deficit (From InsideSources) With or without China’s cooperation, the U.S. is poised to soon notch an important victory in the trade war against China and send a firm message that we will cut our trade deficit. Winners will include U.S. e-commerce businesses, manufacturers [Read More...]
Postal Reform Negligence Threatens Public Safety (From InsideSources) Postal reform is important for public safety. This has been largely overlooked as postal reform legislation languishes. With the Postal Service’s financial position becoming increasing untenable, and the threat of a liquidity crisis rising, it is important to take stock [Read More...]
U.S. Postal Service’s Plummeting Cash Position: Key Things To Know The U.S. Postal Service’s cash position is rapidly deteriorating, making a near-term liquidity crisis increasingly likely. This means mail and package delivery would be disrupted or even grind to halt, among many other problems. The Postal Service has 29 percent [Read More...]
Hidden Costs Of Renewable Power Hurt The Poor (From InsideSources) While the prices of most sources of electricity have plummeted over the past decade, electricity prices are still too high for many Americans, especially the poor. One in five households goes without heat or air conditioning in order to be [Read More...]
Frozen Federal Debt Ceiling Perilous For Postal Service The U.S. Postal Service loves to say it “receives no tax dollars for operating expenses” and relies on sales to fund operations. It shies away, though, from discussing a $15 billion low-interest line of credit from the U.S. Department of [Read More...]
Hit Back At Chinese Opioid Cartels That Scoff At U.S. Law Enforcement (From InsideSources) Six months after major opioid legislation was enacted, Chinese crime syndicates still send opioids into the US at will through the U.S. Postal Service. More than 47,000 Americans are dying from opioids annually and the fabric of our society is [Read More...]
Congress To Postmaster General: Provide A Turnaround Plan By July As a result of bipartisan demands at a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing today, the Postmaster General will provide a turnaround business plan by early July. Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) began his questioning of Postmaster General Megan Brennan [Read More...]
US Ups Its Game In Catastrophic Grid Protection (From RealClearEnergy) Electromagnetic pulse disturbances are among the most potentially catastrophic and under-addressed vulnerabilities for America’s electric grid. These can occur naturally, or via terrorists and enemy nations. Through a far-ranging executive order, the Trump Administration has launched a game plan to [Read More...]
Northern Virginia In Dire Need Of Postal Reform (From Fairfax County Times) If the U.S. Postal Service were a company, it would be the third largest headquartered in the Washington, D.C. region. The Postal Service’s finances are in dismal shape and without Congressional action it will face a liquidity crisis, which will [Read More...]
The Strong International Push for E-Commerce Shipping Reform Executive Summary Click here to read the full report as a PDF. The international postal system governing the shipment of small packages (4.4 pounds or less) is causing significant financial losses for many countries, distorting markets, and it must [Read More...]
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