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Fight Inflation, Not U.S. Technology Companies (From RealClearMarkets) With inflation at its highest levels in four decades, the Biden Administration and Congress are more focused on punishing U.S.-based tech companies, which have driven economic growth and vitality for the past two decades, than fighting inflation. Among those acknowledging [Read More...]
Biden Stiff Arms Progressives On The Postal Service (From The Hill) Through two nominees to the U.S. Postal Service’s Board of Governors, President Biden has sent a message to progressives, former Republican Party and Trump fundraiser Louis DeJoy will likely be the Postmaster General for years to come. DeJoy will have [Read More...]
USPS’s Changing Board Of Governors: DeJoy’s Job Is Safe And Four More Things To Know Read the full report as a PDF here.The U.S. Postal Service’s Board of Governors will hold an unusual public meeting this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. where the key agenda item is “Board Leadership.” This follows President Biden’s November 19 [Read More...]
The Reckless Push For Electric Vehicles At The U.S. Postal Service (From RealClearEnergy) As Democrats regroup and forge ahead with plans to implement components of the Build Back Better legislation killed by Senator Joe Manchin, calls for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to be given billions of taxpayers’ dollars to electrify its fleet [Read More...]
The Urgency Of Protecting The Electric Grid From Cyberattacks (From POWER Magazine) The clock is ticking to protect the electric grid from cyberattacks. Adversarial nations, terrorists, and criminal groups have been refining their techniques for years. Lloyd’s has warned a successful, coordinated intrusion could cost $1 trillion. Earlier this year, the Colonial [Read More...]
The Universal Postal Union: A Discussion With Director General Bishar Hussein The Universal Postal Union (UPU), a specialized agency of the United Nations comprised of 192 member countries, plays an important role in international commerce. It sets the framework for rates and regulatory requirements for the international shipment of mail and [Read More...]
Huge Stakes For U.S. Postal Service This Holiday Season Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is leading an upbeat, audacious charge from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for the holiday season, also known as peak season.“We’re going to kill it,” he told The Wall Street Journal in outlining numerous investments [Read More...]
Engage Big Oil For Lower Emissions (From RealClearEnergy) These are heady days for bashing U.S. and European multinational oil corporations while also begging OPEC to increase oil production. While the U.S. House of Representatives is excoriating oil company CEOs, the Biden Administration is pleading for more oil from [Read More...]
Remarks Of Paul Steidler To U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors November 10, 2021 Meeting Thank you for the opportunity to be here today. Thank you to Postmaster General DeJoy, Chairman Bloom, and all the Board members for your service. You do a great deal of work and frankly do not [Read More...]
Drug Cartels Are Poisoning America, Data Analytics Can Stop Them (From The National Interest) The opioid epidemic continues to ravage America. In 2020, 69,710 Americans died from opioid overdoses, up 49 percent from 2018. There is no indication this epidemic is subsiding; rather it appears to be getting worse. Illegal opioids are readily available [Read More...]
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