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Is Renewable Energy Investment Set to Recover its Momentum? Global investment in renewable energy has declined in recent years, down 23 percent since 2011 to total $214 billion last year (excluding large hydro-electric projects). Only $5 billion of that investment came from direct government R&D spending, according to Bloomberg [Read More...]
Will 60th Anniversary of Korea Armistice Just Bring More Of The Same? Saturday, July 27th will mark the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War armistice. Sixty years is a long time, but the pace of progress in resolving tensions on the Korean Peninsula has been glacial. The U.S. is still strongly allied [Read More...]
China Should Stop Delaying Resolution Of Territorial Disputes In The South China Sea The 2013 ASEAN summit is currently taking place and one of the top issues needing to be discussed is competing territorial claims in the South China Sea; however, China appears to be adamantly opposed to discussion of the matter. The [Read More...]
Is China’s Relationship With North Korea Souring? China and North Korea’s seemingly unwavering friendship goes back many years. In the Korean War it is estimated that China lost 110,000 soldiers on the battlefield and another 35,000 died from wounds and disease. The friendship did not stop there. [Read More...]
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