U.S. Manufacturers of Small, Light-Weight Products And E-Commerce Companies Have Been Hit Hard By the International Postal System (Michigan Talk Radio) Under rules set up by the Universal Postal Union, a United Nations-affiliated organization, it costs less to send a small package from Beijing to Michigan than to send that same package from Ann Arbor to Lansing. Lexington’s Paul Steidler discusses this situation and how the Trump Administration plans to fix it.
New Law Will Cut Off Drugs From China (Richmond Times-Dispatch) In a letter to the editors of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Lexington’s Paul Steidler praised the federal government for passing the bipartisan STOP Act, which would help prevent foreign drug dealers from using the U.S. Postal Service to deliver their products into the United States. The legislation will require that all inbound mail from China has advanced electronic data.
Postal Task Force Seeks To Remove USPS Compensation From Collective Bargaining (FederalNewsNetwork) In a FederalNewsNetwork report on suggestions concerning the collective bargaining rights of postal unions, Lexington Senior Fellow Paul Steidler said that the USPS Board of Governors needs to be at full strength to implement changes recommended by President Trump's task force. The task force, in an effort to improve the financial stability of the Postal Service, offered several suggestions, including limiting the collective bargaining rights of postal employees.
America Needs NASA’s Space Launch System (Newsmax) Loren Thompson’s July 2018 Forbes piece is quoted in Travis Korson’s Newsmax article outlining the need for continuing the necessary Space Launch System (SLS), specifically as it pertains to how China is working to replicate such necessary technology. “Having a rocket comparable in size to NASA’s Space Launch System could materially enhance the warfighting capabilities of China’s military,” Thompson wrote in his post.
Pentagon Drops Record Bombs On Afghanistan This Year (Talk Media News) Lexington's Loren Thompson is quoted in Tom Squitieri’s Talk Media News article on increased air-strike fighting in Afghanistan. “They really pulled back U.S. ground troops from much of the fighting,” he said. When it comes to winning a conflict, he also noted “it’s hard for anyone using air power alone.”
AF Wants Assurance That Ejection Seats Are Safe (FEDweek) Loren Thompson and his November 2018 Forbes article are referenced in a FEDweek article detailing concerns from the Armed Forces Human Systems Office over the safety of ejection seats, particularly for diverse body types of its crew members. As Thompson wrote, the Air Force “is committed to providing airmen with the best warfighting technology in the world,” including top notch protections for their safety.
The New Space Race: Trumps Versus China And Russia (American Thinker) In writing about space policies for the United States, China, and Russia for The American Thinker, Ian Bugbee links to Loren Thompson’s July Forbes article when discussing threats from China and their Long March 9 rocket, seen as competition to the U.S. Space Launch System.
Would New Cabinet Post Protect WPAFB? Analyst Says Yes (Dayton Daily News) Lexington’s Loren Thompson is quoted extensively in Thomas Gnau’s article for the Dayton Daily News with regards to protecting military installations in Ohio, including Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, an installation Thompson believes is well-protected due to its size and diverse missions. “In terms of its future security, I would bet on Wright-Patt above any other Air Force installation,” Thompson said.
How The Midterms Will Shape Defense Spending; Lockheed Gets F-35 Upgrade Deal; AIA Kills Media Luncheon; And More. (Defense One) On the issue of cutting defense spending, Marcus Weisgerber for Defense One quotes Loren Thompson. “Modernization and expansion of the U.S. military is not going to progress at the pace that defense hawks had hoped,” Thompson wrote in a November Forbes article.
Almost Two Years Into Trump Presidency, Pentagon’s Revolving Door Still Spins (The Washington Post) Lexington’s Loren Thompson is quoted in Aaron Gregg’s article for The Washington Post on U.S. defense contractors hiring former government officials. He noted that “obviously senior military officers have very specialized skills, and they have many years ahead of them when they retire from military service,” he explained. “Where are you supposed to put those skills to work once you retire?”
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