On The Subject of Global Shipping, Peter Navarro Has A Winning Hand (From RealClearMarkets) For decades the U.S. has tolerated an international postal system that helps Chinese manufacturers, retailers and e-commerce companies at the expense of their U.S. counterparts. Chinese shippers pay 50 percent or less to send small packages to the U.S., than [Read More...]
The Universal Postal Union: Why Its Upcoming Extraordinary Congress Is A Big Deal The Universal Postal Union sets the rates and regulatory requirements governing the shipment of packages internationally. The Lexington Institute’s Paul Steidler spoke with postal expert Jim Campbell about the organization’s September 24-26 Extraordinary Congress at which the U.S. is pushing [Read More...]
A Stopgap For Congress’s Reluctance To Tackle Postal Reform The U.S. Congress is weary of the heavy lift of postal reform even though a smooth functioning Postal Service is vital to American commerce. Fixing the debt-ridden and chronically troubled government agency with unfunded liabilities of more than $140 billion [Read More...]
The President Is Right – China’s Fentanyl Is Killing Too Many Americans (From The Daily Caller) When it comes to China, all Americans should be able to agree that China must do much more to stop the flow of deadly opioids to the United States. This is not a trade issue; it is an issue of [Read More...]
Prepared Remarks of Paul Steidler to U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors, Temporary Emergency Committee August 9, 2019 Meeting Governor Duncan, Postmaster General Brennan, Governors Williams and Stroman, thank you for this opportunity. I will be addressing the Universal Postal Union situation. For decades US businesses have faced a significant competitive disadvantage to China, and [Read More...]
Use Small Ball To End Washington’s Gridlock (From InsideSources) Small ball is when a baseball team employs a strategy to grind out a run or two. It is particularly valuable for helping teams break out of slumps. On August 1, the Senate took an important step in overcoming the [Read More...]
U.S. Must More Aggressively Combat Counterfeit Products (From InsideSources) Counterfeit products cost U.S. businesses more than $100 billion annually. They exploit consumers and pose health and safety risks, especially to children. With e-commerce accelerating, and 70 percent of counterfeit products originating in China and Hong Kong, it is important [Read More...]
The Postal Service Is Undercutting US Trade Interests — It’s Time To Level The Playing Field (From The Hill) Because of international postal rates, it costs far less to send small packages (4.4 pounds or less) from China to the United States than to send those packages within the U.S. This means U.S. manufacturers, retailers and e-commerce companies lose [Read More...]
Postal Service Losses Sharply Accelerate The U.S. Postal Service had a net loss of $5.2 billion through May for fiscal year 2019, nearly $2 billion, or 61%, worse than budgeted. Even more disconcerting, the Postal Service, whose fiscal year ends September 30, is on track [Read More...]
Terminal Dues v. U.S. Domestic Postage – 2019 How much of a discount do foreign-based shippers receive when sending mail and small packages (aka terminal dues items) to the United States? It is as much as 65 percent compared with U.S. domestic Postal Service customers. We thank renowned [Read More...]
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