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Why Personalize: Teaching and Learning in Warren Township, Indiana Executive Summary Indiana’s Metropolitan School District of Warren Township is rapidly emerging as a personalized learning leader in the nation’s heartland. The district, one of sixteen winners of federal Race to the Top District grants from the U.S. Department of [Read More...]
Secretary Tillerson Needs to Stop Abuse of Contract Protest Process (From The National Interest) Some companies, particularly losing incumbents on existing contracts, are gaming the protest system. They seek to use the protest process to delay having to relinquish their position and lose the revenues. During these protests, the government has to choose between [Read More...]
The U.S. Postal Service and the Dangers of Monopoly Power From the Examiner When purchasing a 49-cent postage stamp to send a greeting card or pay a bill, most of us probably think that we’re getting a good deal — covering the costs of our friendly neighborhood letter carriers and [Read More...]
Announcing the Lexington Education Leadership Award Winners The Lexington Institute is excited to announce that ten outstanding leaders from across the country have been accepted into the first Lexington Education Leadership Award (LELA) Fellowship. The LELA fellowship is an exciting and highly selective 6-month program designed to [Read More...]
What First-Rate Charter School Authorizing Could Do for the Children of Newark Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ) A group of students and community organizers recently held a four-day sit-in at the Newark public school system’s headquarters — protesting Superintendent Cami Anderson’s leadership and demanding her resignation. Newark Mayor Ras Baraka announced his support for [Read More...]
Tips for Schools to Fund Blended Learning Initiatives With the broad attention that personalized blended learning is receiving around the country, public school superintendents and other decisionmakers are registering increased interest. While the powerful outcomes reported by the early adopters of these models are inspiring to many, responsible [Read More...]
Arming Ukraine: Dubious Logic, Dangerous Consequences (From Forbes) Every U.S. intervention in a foreign conflict begins with a series of rationales aimed at persuading voters that the move makes sense.  Thus it is with Ukraine, where legislators and policymakers are debating whether to provide lethal military assistance.  Much [Read More...]
First An AUMF For ISIS And Then One For Russia The focus in Washington today is on the imminent request by the Obama Administration for a Congressional authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) against ISIS. This will be the first time since the weeks following September 11 that [Read More...]
U.S. Navy Pursuing Its Own Offset Strategy Led By The Rail Gun The Department of Defense is struggling to define a strategy for recapturing the high ground in military technology and countering the proliferation of so-called anti-access/area denial (A2AD) threats. Senior Pentagon officials acknowledge that the military’s ability to project power and [Read More...]
Search And Rescue: Arab Ally In Fight Against ISIS Demands U.S. Deploy V-22 Osprey (From Forbes) Something unusual happened in December, shortly after a Jordanian fighter pilot whose plane had crashed was captured by ISIS militants in Syria.  The United Arab Emirates, an early participant in the anti-ISIS bombing campaign, said it would cease air operations [Read More...]
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