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How Many Generals Does It Take To Indict The President’s Counterterrorism Strategy? The answer is three when they happen to be among the best individuals ever to wear stars on their shoulders. In a trifecta of withering critiques, former Army Deputy Chief of Staff, General Jack Keane, former commander of U.S. Central [Read More...]
The One Task Ashton Carter Can Accomplish As Secretary Of Defense You have to admire the commitment to public service of individuals such as the incoming Secretary of Defense, Dr. Ashton Carter. To accept the task of managing the Department of Defense in the final two years of the Obama Administration [Read More...]
Terrorism 3.0 And The Need For 100 Percent Cargo Scanning The threat from global terrorism is mutating and some might even argue advancing far faster than has the world’s response to it. The past year has witnessed the rise of the self-proclaimed Islamic State and its seizure of a large [Read More...]
Chairman Thornberry Sets The Right Tone For HASC In his out-of-the-blocks public statement as the newly minted chairman of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC), Representative Mac Thornberry (R-TX) charted a compelling path to the future for his committee. Most of the Washington buzz about how the new, [Read More...]
What If ISIS Wins? (From Forbes) Conflict in the Middle East is so confusing that it’s easy to miss the big picture.  What’s really happening is that one by one the Arab states in the region are failing, and the borders drawn by Europeans a century [Read More...]
How A Traumatic Tanker Competition Will Shape The Air Force’s Selection Of Its Next Bomber (From Forbes) Sometime later this year, the U.S. Air Force will announce which of two industry teams headed by Boeing and Northrop Grumman has been selected to build its next bomber. If you want to understand how it will go about making [Read More...]
Crisis In Yemen Underscores Value Of ARG/MEU If Yemen is an example of a successful U.S. counter-terrorism operation, as President Obama once claimed, what would failure look like? Not only is this country the quintessential failed state, it is the home base of one of the worst [Read More...]
V-22 Osprey: Navy Looks Poised To Hand Textron and Boeing A Big Victory (From Forbes) The respected web-site BreakingDefense.com reported on January 13 that the Navy has selected the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor as its future airframe for delivering time-sensitive cargo and personnel to aircraft carriers, beating out a modernized version of the venerable C-2A Greyhound.  [Read More...]
Intensifying Cyber Attacks Just The Beginning Cyber attacks on Western targets are coming faster and having more serious effects. We have gone in a period of months from massive data thefts at Home Depot and Target to the assault on Sony pictures to, most recently, the [Read More...]
A Doomsday Plane Reminder: Nuclear Weapons Haven’t Gone Away (From Forbes) Insidedefense.com reports this week that the Pentagon is seeking congressional approval for communications upgrades on the Air Force’s fleet of four E-4B flying command posts — widely known as “doomsday planes.” These are the airborne nerve centers from which a [Read More...]
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