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Sanctions Won’t Bust Russia-Venezuela Relationship (From RealClearWorld) Washington recently issued new sanctions against the Venezuelan state airline, CONVIASA, and Russia’s state oil company, Rosneft, in the hope of severing some of Venezuela’s ties to Russia as one of the authoritarian Maduro government’s major financial supporters and political [Read More...]
U.S. Indifference Has Helped China Gain A Foothold In Brazil (From RealClearDefense) Even without the recent drift in Venezuela, it should be obvious Washington needs to pay closer attention to security concerns in Central and South America. The Trump administration’s focus elsewhere (the Middle East, East Asia) has helped China to gain [Read More...]
Why Italy Is Pivotal To U.S. Strategy In The Mediterranean (From Real Clear Defense) As founding members of NATO, the United States and Italy have enjoyed a productive security relationship since the end of World War Two. But in recent years, the post-Cold War strategic status quo in the Mediterranean has been eroded by [Read More...]
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