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Why U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers Are Irreplaceable (From 1945) There is a school of thought in academic circles that aircraft carriers may soon become obsolete due to the nature of the threat posed by China. The long-range reconnaissance systems and missiles being developed by the People’s Liberation Army Navy [Read More...]
How Authoritarianism May Weaken The NATO Alliance (From RealClearDefense) With Turkey’s veto no longer an obstacle, Sweden and Finland now have a clear pathway to NATO membership. On June 28, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the alliance had reached an agreement allowing the two countries to quickly join [Read More...]
InfluenceWatch Podcast #221: Anti-Trust and Distrust (From Capital Research Center) Lexington’s Paul Steidler was interviewed by Michael Watson to discuss the argument against Congress cracking down on big tech companies. “There are a lot of proposals out there that would break up big tech companies,” he explained. “I think one [Read More...]
Finland Joining NATO Is A Game Changer (And Russia’s Fault) (From 1945) On May 12th, Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced that Finland would officially apply to join NATO. Finland joining NATO is a tectonic shift in the strategic balance of the alliance’s eastern flank, because now Russia [Read More...]
The Baltic States Need Advanced NATO Weapons To Compensate For Their Geographical Disadvantages (From RealClearDefense) There are several reasons why the Baltic states are uniquely vulnerable to Russian invasion. The prime reason why they might be the Kremlin’s next target is that each of them, particularly Estonia and Latvia, has an ethnic Russian minority population. [Read More...]
For Finland And Sweden, The Time For Neutrality May Be Over (From RealClearWorld) Preventing NATO expansion is one of Vladimir Putin’s primary justifications for invading Ukraine. The war appears likely to backfire on this front, as Finland and Sweden seriously consider joining the alliance. On April 13, Finnish officials said there would be [Read More...]
How Geography Will Shape U.S. Military Options In Eastern Europe (From RealClearDefense) The full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces changed Europe overnight. Still, questions remain about what would happen if Vladimir Putin decided to invade a neighboring NATO country, such as one of the three Baltic States. Ultimately, though, the essential [Read More...]
Are The Baltic States Defensible? (From RealClearDefense) NATO is committed to defending the Baltic States, but it remains unclear what such a defense would actually look like, nor how effective it would be against a Russian attack. The geography of Europe makes the defense of the Baltics [Read More...]
Oil, 5G And More: How Much Of Brazil Can China Buy? (From 1945) Former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is likely to formally announce his candidacy for another term in March. If he wins the presidency, another Lula term is expected to accelerate the trend of increased Chinese involvement in Latin [Read More...]
Chile Can Push Back On China’s Economic Dominance (From RealClearWorld) Chinese investment in lithium and copper mining has significantly benefitted Chile’s private sector, but the extent of China’s economic control is seen by many as a clear erosion of Chilean sovereignty. Nowhere is this more true than Chile’s electric grid, [Read More...]
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